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Texas Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers & Attorneys in Houston


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Truck accidents result in serious injury or death so an experienced lawyer is crucial. Call Our Attorneys in Houston on 713-957-2030.

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Texas Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers & Attorneys in Houston

  1. 1. CALL US NOW FOR A FREE PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM REVIEW Houston: 713-957-2030 (TOLL FREE: 888-777-6391)Texas Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers & Attorneys in Houston
  2. 2. Truck Accidents Result in Serious Injury or Death so an ExperiencedLawyer is CrucialThose who are fortunate enough to survive a serious truck accident maysustain broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, or seriousburns that can require long-term or life-long care.
  3. 3. » The truth is the average passenger vehicle weighs 3,000 pounds, making it no match for a tractor trailer or 18-wheeler that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds or 40 tons.» This makes truck accidents the most lethal of all road vehicle accidents in Texas and across the United States. The amount of weight and momentum an 18-wheeler truck possess means any crash will result in very serious injuries and very often death.
  4. 4. » While some truck accidents are just accidents, most occur due to neglect, which can make the driver, the truck company, or other parties liable for your injuries and medical treatment.Texas Truck Accident Statistic:For 2008 the number of large trucks (18-wheelers, semi-trucks, tractortrailers, etc) involved in fatal vehicle traffic accidents was 421. This was9.1% of all fatal vehicle accidents in Texas that year. So almost 1 in 10fatal vehicle accidents in Texas for 2008 was a fatal truck accident.
  5. 5. If you, or a loved one, have suffered serious injuries in a truckaccident, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Houstontruck accident attorney from Kennedy Hodges & Solomon to learnabout your legal options and how to receive fair compensation for yourinjuries. FREE CONSULTATION: CALL 713-957-2030 TOLL FREE: 888-777-6391
  6. 6. Determining Truck Accident LiabilityOne of our experienced Houston truck accident lawyers can investigateyour case to determine if the trucking company, truck driver, truckmanufacturer, or truck repair company is liable for your accident.Your truck accident attorney will review:• Accident scene evidence;• Police reports;• Witness statements;• Truck driver log books;• Insurance policies;• State and Federal trucking regulations.
  7. 7. Your Texas truck accident attorney will also investigate if a defective ormalfunctioning truck was the cause of your injuries in addition to driverfatigue, improper cargo loading, and other negligent acts that oftencause serious or fatal truck accidents.
  8. 8. Claiming for Compensation After a Texas Truck AccidentThe amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive after atruck accident will depend on several factors including the extent ofyour injuries; if one or more parties are liable for the truck accident; thesize of the truck that caused the accident, as well as what materials theywere hauling at the time; and if they were in violation of State andFederal truck industry regulations, among other considerations.
  9. 9. • The highly experienced Houston truck accident attorneys at Kennedy Hodges & Solomon will review the evidence and help you file a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering.• Our personal injury attorneys are committed to defending your best interests against the insurance companies to ensure you receive a fair settlement or positive court verdict.
  10. 10. Schedule a Free Truck Accident Case Consultation with an AttorneyTodayHaving a skilled Texas accident lawyer on your side can help you get youback on track after a serious truck accident. FREE CONSULTATION: CALL 713-957-2030 TOLL FREE: 888-777-6391
  11. 11. CALL US NOW FOR A FREE PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM REVIEW Houston: 713-957-2030 (TOLL FREE: 888-777-6391)Kennedy Hodges & Solomon Personal Injury Lawyers 510 Bering Drive, Suite 300, Houston, Texas 77057