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Texas Fatal Accident Lawyers & Attorneys In Houston


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Houston attorneys dealing with the legal side of Fatal Accidents for you.

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Texas Fatal Accident Lawyers & Attorneys In Houston

  1. 1. CALL US NOW FOR A FREE PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM REVIEW Houston: 713-957-2030 (TOLL FREE: 888-777-6391)Texas Fatal Accident Lawyers & Attorneys In Houston
  2. 2. Texas Fatal Accident Lawyers & Attorneys in Houston• Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very difficult, especially if your loved one was killed due to an unexpected accident.• If you have recently lost a family member in a fatal accident such as a car, truck, or motorcycle collision, work site accident, or other incident due to the negligence of another, you should contact a Texas fatal accident lawyer to seek justice and damages for your loss.
  3. 3. The fatal accident lawyers at Kennedy Hodges & Solomon canprovide expert legal representation in cases where a loved onehas been killed in any of the following or other types of accidents:• Car accident• Truck accident• Motorcycle crash• Head-on collision• Boating accident• Drunk-driving crash.Criminal charges may or may not accompany a civil lawsuit, but filing a Texasfatal accident claim helps ensure that you receive the compensation you andyour family need in order to move on with your lives.
  4. 4. Texas Fatal Accident CompensationIf a family member dies in a fatal accident, you may be compensated for:• Funeral expenses• Medical expenses• Pain and suffering• Loss of the deceased’s income• Loss of companionship and/or• Punitive damages.
  5. 5. • It is important to speak with one of our Houston accident attorneys as they are highly experienced in Texas fatal accident cases.• Our fatal accident lawyers at Kennedy Hodges & Solomon have experience with investigating fatal accidents to prove negligence and secure a favorable outcome for the deceased’s family members.
  6. 6. Negotiating a Settlement after a Fatal Accident» One of our Houston fatal accident lawyers will work with you and your family to gather and examine evidence as well as secure expert testimony to help prove your claim.» In the case of a motor vehicle accident, an accident reconstruction expert may be brought in to evaluate the scene of the collision to map out how the events unfolded.» Physicians, economists, and other experts may also be called upon to determine the full amount of damages you are entitled to should your case go to trial.» In many cases, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement with the negligent party’s insurance company.
  7. 7. » If the insurance company does not offer you a fair settlement, your Texas fatal accident lawyer is prepared to go to court in order to recover damages for your loss.» Whether you are negotiating with an insurance company or preparing a civil lawsuit for court, it is imperative to seek the assistance of a qualified Texas fatal accident lawyer who can walk you through these often complicated and frustrating legal proceedings while looking out for your best interests.
  8. 8. Our Lawyers Work for the Fatal Accident Compensation Your CaseDeservesHaving an experienced Texas fatal accident lawyer on your side can helpget you back on track after losing a loved one to a devastating andpreventable accident.Contact us today and set up a FREE consultation to discuss your fatalaccident case. For a FREE Personal Injury Claim Review: Call Our Attorneys in Houston on 713-957-2030 (Toll Free: 888-777-6391) CONTACT OUR ATTORNEYS TODAY
  9. 9. CALL US NOW FOR A FREE PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM REVIEW Houston: 713-957-2030 (TOLL FREE: 888-777-6391)Kennedy Hodges & Solomon Personal Injury Lawyers 510 Bering Drive, Suite 300, Houston, Texas 77057