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Let's Build A Particle Accelerator


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I talk briefly about some of the things that you must consider when you want to build a particle accelerator.

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Let's Build A Particle Accelerator

  1. 1. Let’s Build A ParticleAcceleratorA nerd’s-eye view
  2. 2. What kind?LinacElectron - photon?Proton-Antiproton
  3. 3. How about a...Alternating gradient synchrotron? - Sure!(you can keep your cyclotrons)
  4. 4. Magnets - F = q(E + v× B)Dipole - bend the beamQuadrupole - focus the beam (h or v)Sextupole - correct the focusOctupole - correct the chromaticity
  5. 5. BeamPhase space - stabilityDispersionTune, chromaticityA real-world application for irrational numbers
  6. 6. TriviaCheck out this logo:
  7. 7. VacuumBetter than the moon, much betterVacuum pumps Roughing Turbo Ion Diffusion Very low temps capture gasses
  8. 8. CoolingLN2 - cheapish: nice beerLHe - expensive: med/nice champaign meh, we’ll make our own a big refrigerator (hex, cooling cycle)Nb-Ti likes about 4K (close to abs zero)
  9. 9. AccelerationEverything is very close to cMainly adding energySpace chargeRamp - synchronize magnet strength w/ beammomentum/energy
  10. 10. Size/SuperconductingOpposition: machine size vs. max beam energyElectricity: you need lots. CURRENT! ~4K ampsConductor ~1cm squareNb-Ti
  11. 11. Machine SafetyQuench (real bad) beam hits pipe & adds energy heats superconducting magnet magnet goes sub-superconductingSafety system warm magnet uniformly vent coolants (expanding gas) dump current
  12. 12. People SafetyInterlocksKeys - controlled entryRadiationElectricity