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Costa rica power point


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Costa rica power point

  1. 1. • A little note about Tico’s (Costa Rican’s) is their love for life and free spirit. They have a saying called “Pura Vida” meaning “Pure Life” that is used in all types of positive responses.
  2. 2. • In 1502, on his fourth and last voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus made the first European landfall in the area. Settlement in Costa Rica didn’t begin until 1522. Not finding many valuables, the Spanish turned to
  3. 3. Tourism is theirnumber oneindustry.Agriculture issecond with theirpineapple andcoffee exports.Third(believe itor not) is Intel.
  4. 4. • Costa Rica has not had a Military since 1948. In many of the small towns they do not even have any police. Lots of immigrants have come over to live an “easy life” there. The reason you see the barb wire on top of the school’s fence is because of stealing Intel computers.
  5. 5. • Costa Rica is in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama.
  6. 6. Geography• Costa Rica has a dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November). The coastal plains separated by rugged mountains including over 100 volcanic cones, of which several are major volcanoes.
  7. 7. Natural Hazards• With every great country there are hazards. Like in Costa Rica there are, occasional earthquakes, hurricanes along Atlantic coast; frequent flooding of lowlands at onset of rainy season, landslides; and active volcanoes.
  8. 8. Animals• Inhabiting the reef are other species of • Costa Rica is one of the tropical fish you most bio-diverse might encounter regions in the world. diving in Costa Rica Costa Rica animals are sharks, include four species of barracudas, eagle monkeys, two types of mantas, and giant sloth, and even jaguars sea turtles and other and tapirs. The tropical fish. endangered animals are…leatherback sea turtles, the squirrel monkey, the jaguar, and both the great green and the scarlet• This is a Tapir . macaw.
  9. 9. Things to Do Tours Costa Rica Beaches Surfing Costa Rica Fishing Costa Rica Rafting Scuba Diving Zip Line Tours Canopy Tours Costa Rica Cruises Or ride down a freezing jungle water slide!
  10. 10.  Their president’s name is  Candy and cookies Laura CHINCHILLA manufactured here are to Tico In Costa Rica, it is not tastes and have a LOT less uncommon to give coffee sugar . to babies and to young  The machete is the Costa Rican children. equivalent of Duct Tape. It is used for almost everything. Instead of saying "my other  Water faucets imported from half", Ticos often refer to the USA almost all have a "C" their significant other as on them. If your Hot Water their other half of their never seems to get HOT in orange. Costa Rica, try the handle with the "C“ because the Spanish Generally, meat is kinda word for hot is “caliente.” crummy here. Just not enough fat cows.
  11. 11. Mr. Crandall• Bird watchers have the chance to see over 800 species of birds including two species of macaws, over fifty species of hummingbirds, and a number of species of toucans.
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