Grey's Anatomy Marketing Plan


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The television marketing plan for Grey's Anatomy I created during my Semester in LA. My objective was to create audience awareness and stronger viewer loyalty after the season finale, that would carry the audience through the summer. After the brief hiatus over the summer we want the loyal audience to return. We also want a 10% increase in new viewership.

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Grey's Anatomy Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Season 7 Finale
  2. 2. Research is a medical drama focusedon the personal and professional lives of ateam of surgical interns and their supervisorsat Seattle Grace hospital. Throughout theshow you see different parts of eachcharacters lives, whether its their sex life, ortheir life as a doctor at seattle gracehospital. Created and Executive produced byShonda Rhimes Grey’s Anatomy fits into thegenre of medical drama television show.
  3. 3. Past Season ReviewDeclining Average total viewers per episode!
  4. 4. TARGET MARKETDemographics*Men and Women 18-34*Heavy Up of Mature women 35-54 becauseof mature cast members.*College Educated*$30,000 or more incomePsychographics*Heavy television viewer*Heavy Internet Usage*Uses Disposable Income*Regularly attends events out of the home
  5. 5. DistributionDvd*Seasons 1-6 Currently moving to Season 7Syndication*Lifetime Cable ChannelStreaming*Hulu*ABC.Go.Com
  6. 6. Setting
  7. 7. Competition
  8. 8. CAST
  9. 9. CREATIVE
  10. 10. ONE SHEET This One Sheet would run in:Enter to win a walk on role at Grey’s.ABC.Com
  11. 11. win a walk on role Info at Grey’s.ABC.Com
  12. 12. Enter to win a walk on role at Grey’s.ABC.Com
  13. 13. Enter to win a walk on role at Grey’s.ABC.Com
  14. 14. Publicity
  15. 15. Publicity for the season finale would include:*Bus tour *It Gets Better Videos*Press Junkets *Alzheimers foundation events*CD Signings*Charity Appearances (also tie into the show)*Radio interviews and hosting*Television talk show Interviews
  16. 16. MediaBuy ABC:*Dancing with the stars**Modern Family*Private Practice*Sunday Night shows: Desperate housewives, Brothers and SistersBuy ABC Family:*Pretty Little liars*Secret life of the American Teenager
  17. 17. Website*Need More interactive features *Better Layout and things to draw audience backlike : *Fan Fiction, *Map of Seattle Grace, *WebMD health connection
  18. 18. Promotions*Win passes to *Fan Art DisplayedShonda Rhimes Fan on Season Premier.Fiction event. *Chance to go*Win a walk on behind the scenes.role for theseason finale. *Meet McDreamy, McSteamy, or Jesse*Mystery party. Williams.(Based offHalloween episode)
  19. 19. New Media*Augmented *CD/SoundtrackReality Map of Available onlineSeattle Grace only partner withbuildings in your phone. *Fan Fiction Live*iPad Surgery and read with ShondaiPad viewers live Rhimes partneredviewers Guide. with