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Standard plus Case


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Standard+Case is about applying a body of knowledge called Case Management to ITSM, synthesising it with our existing process approach. This is an exciting new concept from the IT Skeptic that will radically improve the way we handle responses to any sort of "tickets". Standard+Case is applicable to Problem Management and Change Management (and Event Management...) as well as Service Desk activities. S+C applies to anything that requires a human response: there's either a standard response or there isn't.

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Standard plus Case

  1. 1. Standard+CaseImproving service responsev5Picture ©
  2. 2. Issues addressed• Customers see IT asbureaucratic, inflexible• Staff feel process bound• Process doesn’t adapt toa changing worldPicture ©
  3. 3. Issues addressed• Real world falls off the page• Request catalogue onlyhandles half• Long running ticketsPicture ©
  4. 4. Fireman’s conundrumPicture ©
  5. 5. Doctor’s conundrumPicture ©
  6. 6. Standard+CaseStandard+Case=Standard+Case approach
  7. 7. Generic “response” process
  8. 8. Standard Models• Request• Incident• Problem• Change
  9. 9. CaseManagement• medical• crime• legal• social work• audits• emergency responses• military attacks
  10. 10. CaseManagement
  11. 11. • a series of execution states• states are determined dynamically• external events can change the state.• options for action at each state• actions are chosen dynamically• Inputs and outputs decideddynamically• resources chosen dynamicallyo templates, checklists, content,policy, procedures, tools,people...• states and actions are unpredictable• goals will change as the casedevelops• planning is part of executionCaseManagement
  12. 12. Standard+CaseStandard models+Case Management=Standard+Case approach
  13. 13. Standard+Casetheres either a standard model or there isntStandardCase
  15. 15. PeopleProcess PracticesTechnology ThingsProcessTechnology
  16. 16. People• Collaboration• Empowerment• Skills• MotivationPicture ©
  17. 17. GamificationService DeskPlayOptionsConfigureProfileYou have 23 requests remainingLevel up to Request HotshotUnlocked Network Ninja3 incidents will exceed SLA today7 callbacks will get you to Best Friend statusYou are 2nd top resolver for the month6 unassigned requests on queueBoost your queue to 29You need 30 to unlock Power ResponderLevel 3 hotshot
  18. 18. Practices / Process• Emergent• Diversity• Knowledge-centric• Policy and controls• Review
  19. 19. Process
  20. 20. Process
  21. 21. Improvement
  22. 22. Things / Technology• Resources• Templates• Workflow•
  23. 23. Tools• Knowledgemanagement• Content management• Collaboration andcommunication• Ticketing
  24. 24. More…
  25. 25. Standard+Case• Clarifying and expanding the theory• Improving performance• Empowering knowledge workers• Improving morale• Empowering the customer
  26. 26. Standard+CaseS+C applies to anything that requires a humanresponse:theres either a standard response or there isnt