Maosonon Island For Sale Palawan Philippines


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Maosonon Island For Sale El Nido, Palawan Philippines 46 Hectares of virgin beach, no developments thus far. Ideal for a high end or exclusive resort hotel.

Interested parties may contact Mike at +63932.7108003 or email at

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  • A Warrant of Arrest has been issued for Rovel Desierdo Tomambo, aka Coach Rovel who is marketing this island despite losing his real estate licence for fraud on June 23, 2008 On May 19, 2014 he was finally convicted of Estafa and sentenced to 4 years and 2 months jail. Please report his whereabouts to Police or the NBI.
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Maosonon Island For Sale Palawan Philippines

  1. 1. Mystery IslandDescription: Maosonon (Mystery) IslandLocation: Barrio of Sibaltan, Municipality ofBacuit (now El Nido), Province ofPalawanArea: 45.389 HectaresOffer Price: PhP 250,000,000.00
  2. 2. Located in the famedsanctuary paradiseisland of Palawan,Mystery Island (orknown locally asMaosonan Island) canbe found in Sibaltan,municipality of El Nido.
  3. 3. Heavily-foliaged and with amost dramatic shape, thistropical-green island sits ina coral shelf teeming withabundant marine life and issandwiched between thevast enveloping bluenessthat is the Philippine skiesand seas.
  4. 4. Geographically diverse,Mystery Island is notable for itsvarious, lovely land and waterfeatures ranging from privatenatural harbors, rocky inlandslopes, windy elevations, clearand stunning surroundingwaters, and strips of beachesleading to an interior ofcoconut forests and soft bedsof tropical grasses.
  5. 5. Generally triangular and longish inappearance from an aerial view, this45.389-hectare property is composed ofa main island characterized by a widerear area of rolling hills, hidden rockycoves and elevated woods, stretchingout further into the water as a narrowerpromontory of vegetated plains withpristine beaches on the fringes, finallyclimaxing as a sharp powdery-white tippointing to another much smallernearby island jutting out of the waterlike a teardrop.
  6. 6. Interestingly, at a certain aerialangle, the island resembles ahawk or bird on flight about toswoop down on a prey, withthe island’s expansive rear areaas the outspread wings, thenarrow and sharp promontoryas the beak, and the muchsmaller separate other islandas the prey.
  7. 7. Mystery Island sits in closeproximity to the other islandsof the El Nido municipality andis easily accessible fromManila. An excellent getawayfor sun-seekers who cravespectacular light and warmweather all-year long, MysteryIsland offers a diversity of landand water adventures for thefinicky vacationer and plentifulbusiness opportunities fordiscerning investors.
  8. 8. Mike