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Room 13’s olympic inquiry


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We inquired into the sports and events featured in the modern Olympic games. We had to try and collect, relevent information including, text, video and images. We had to design the layout to make it clear and easy to read. We shared our ideas in pairs.

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Room 13’s olympic inquiry

  1. 1. What athletesand sports were in the London 2012 Olympics?WALT: Ask questions, research answers, share our learning in a slideshow.
  2. 2. The History of the Ancient Olympic games• The Olympic Games begun over 2,700 years ago in Olympia in southwest Greece. The Greek Olympics have to begun in 776 BC, inspired the modern Olympic games (Begun in 1896)
  3. 3. James Naismith invented basketball. James was born in 1861 and died in 1939. Basketball started at 1968 in the Olympics. Nearly 4000 people participated in London. USA has won 2 gold medals. Australia won 1 bronze medal.
  4. 4. USA vs Brazil
  5. 5. London 2012 basketball medal count. TotalUnited States 2 - - 2Spain - 1 - 1France - 1 - 1Australia - - 1 1Russia - - 1 1
  6. 6. Blossom and Caylens inquiry on canoeing. The histories of the canoe and the kayak go back hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until the middle of the19th century that the first official canoe and kayak races were held. At the Olympic Games, the sport now takes two forms, the older of which is the power-packed, History of Canoe Sprint at the fiercely completive Canoe Sprint discipline – head-to- Olympic Games head races over still water. Canoeing first featured as a demonstration sport at the Paris 1924 Games. It became a full Olympic sport in 1936, when races were held over distances of 1,000m and 10,000m. Since then, the Olympic events have shortened: the 10,000m events were last held at the Melbourne 1956 Games.
  7. 7. Canoeing The canoe slalom competition will call for speed , control and precision on the daunting white water rapids at the new lee valley white water centre.The Canoe Sprint 200m race makes its Olympic In June 2009 Lisa Carrington won adebut at London 2012. bronze medal at the world cup in , Hungary , competing alongside Teneale Hatton in the women’s k-2Lisa Carrington 1000 metres event. Lisa Carrington got a gold medal in the canoeing for New Zealand in the 200 meter canoe
  8. 8. Sarah Walker BMX is a type of off-road bicycle racing. Sarah Walker came 2nd in BMX in 2012 Olympics.Four years after missing a medal in Beijing, Sarah Walker has won silver in the womens BMX at the London Olympics. Sarah Walker was inspired to become an Olympian when she was 18. Walker spoke openly of her mental battle to get here, after finishing fourth in Beijing four years ago."Going into Beijing I did doubt myself a lot and I didnt really believe I could win or believe I deserved to be on that podium. Ive worked a lot over the last two years to build up the confidence and myself and the belief in myself that I can do this and that I can push myself and to not be afraid of losing."
  9. 9. BMXSarah Walker Personal informationFull name Sarah Louise WalkerNickname Sez 10 July 1988 (age 24)Born New ZealandHeight 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)Weight 74 kg (160 lb) Team informationCurrent team Team NZDiscipline BMXRole RacerRider type Off road
  10. 10. Medal count ›Sarah Walker is an Olympic Silver-medalwinning BMX racer who was born inWhakatane, New Zealand, and lives inKawerau. In the 2008 season UCI Rounds,Sarah won seven races, came 2nd in one raceand didnt race two races. Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 Colombia 1 0 1 2 2 Latvia 1 0 0 1 3 Australia 0 1 0 1 3 New Zealand 0 1 0 1 5 Netherlands 0 0 1 1
  11. 11. "I could hear them yelling for me, and I knew they wereso passionate they just really, really wanted me to win,"she said."I could hear almost the hurt in them when I didnt winand also that sympathy. I tried not to think about thattoday - I didnt want that pressure."I didnt feel like I let them down. They say theyreproud of me no matter what. I know they wanted me tohave this just as much as I do. It was pretty cool theywere here for it.“ Said Sarah.
  12. 12. Medal Winners for Womens BMXGoldMariana PajonColombiaSilverSarah WalkerNew ZealandBronzeLaura SmuldersNetherlands By Ava and Nathan
  13. 13. Diving made it Olympic debut inThe diving pool Diving events 1904, where medals were awardedthe pool, or a fixed platform, for men in the 10m Platform andset at a height of 10m. the Plunge for Distance (a DivingSpringboards must be at least long jump event, which never4.8m long and 50cm wide, again appeared on the Olympicwhile platforms should be at program). Women’s Diving wasleast 6m long and 3m wide. introduced in 1912 and Synchrony nized Diving made its first Olympic appearance at Sydney in 2000.`
  14. 14. Diving pool  The diving pool is 25m long and 5m deep. The eight Diving events feature either a springboard, 3m above the pool, or a fixed platform, set at a height of 10m. Springboards must be at least 4.8m long and 50cm wide, while platforms should be at least 6m long and 3m wide.
  15. 15. These are the london Olympic 2012 divingmedals.
  16. 16. The term Artistic Gymnastics was first used in the 19thcentury. Between its appearance at the Athens 1896Games and the 1920s, the event evolved into what werecognise as modern Gymnastics. Gymnastics for girls and boys. Gymnastics equipment includes bars of varying heights, mats, vaults, pommel horses, balance beams and trampolines.
  17. 17. Shawn Johnson is an American gymnastwho won a gold medal Shawn Machel Johnson (born January 19, 1992) is a retired American artistic gymnast. She was the 2008 Olympic balance beam gold medalist and all-around, and floor exercise silver medalist, the 2007 all-around World Champion, and the 2007 and 2008 U.S. all- around champion.
  18. 18. Each fencer tries toscore five touchesagainst his or heropponent within thetarget area
  19. 19. Athletics it is not one sport it is a lot ofsports.Athletes:Emma TwiggNick WillisValerie AdamsSarah walkerAlison shanksMahe Drysdale Lily and Valerie Adams Luca. won a gold medal for New Zealand in shot put 2012.
  20. 20. This is the Athletics Lots of people are famous in Athletics but logo. not every one in Athletics. Because some people want to go and have fun and they might winners, And the ones who want to win probably lose.Athletics is the perfect expression of theOlympic motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ (‘Faster,Higher, Stronger’) – the competition requiresathletes to run faster, throw further, jumphigher and leap longer than their rivals. With2,000 athletes competing in 47 events,Athletics is the largest single sport at theGames. Athletics is lots of sports because you don,t want to have to many different sports in the Olympics. That’s why Athletics is a lot of sports in it. And it might be because you don’t want to say all the sports and there has so many sports.
  21. 21. This is the athletics running track on the Olympic ground. GO! NZ. Athletics is a lot of peoples favourite thing but not every ones. And athletes know that some people are not aloud to watch the athletics or the Olympics . They also know that some hate athletics. And they have gold medals.But are theyfrom nz. These are the Olympic leaders.
  22. 22. Height : 199cmWeight : 100kgAge : 33Gender : maleCountry : New Zealand This is how many medalsSport : Rowing Mahe Drysdale has won in the 2012 Olympic Games.Birth date : 19/11/1978Born : Melbourne AustraliaHe has got two sisters and a brotherGrandpa is his nickname.He practises two or three times a day, six days a week.He started rowing when he was 18 years old.West End Rowing Club is his club.Richard Tonks (NZL) is his coach.He was a Commerce student at University of Auckland.
  23. 23. Mens Single ScullsWenlock Mandeville
  24. 24. Winners for the men’s single sculls 2012 Olympic games. NZL 1st G CZE 2nd S GBR 3rd B Mahe Drysdale Ondrej Synek Alan Campbell
  25. 25. The history of Rowing• The world’s best rowers came to New Zealand in 2010 to compete in the FISA World Rowing Championships at Lake Karapiro, Waikato. Rowing has evolved over thousands of years from a way to get around on water into a sport with its own rules and disciplines. Competitive rowing came to New Zealand with British settlers, and the first local club was established in 1861. Including the London 2012 Games, 21 of New Zealand’s 103Olympic medals have been won by rowers, the same number as athletics. By Amie and Mason.
  26. 26. Sailing (also known as yachting until 1996) has been one of the Olympic sports since the Games of the I Olympiad, held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. Despite being scheduled in the first Olympic program,. Sailing made its Olympic debut in Paris 1900 with both men’s and women’s competitions. With the exception of St Louis 1904, the sport has appeared at every Olympic Games since. Ollie and NataliaSailing
  27. 27. The most successful Olympic sailor ofall time is Denmark’s Paul Elvstrom. Hewon the first of his four gold medals atconsecutive Games in 1948, and wasstill competing in 1988 at the age of60. August 6, 2012 - Weymouth,England - Peter Burling and Blair Tukeracing in the 49er - Weird as it mayseem the thinking is that it is better forthem both to come out with a Goldand Silver medal each, rather than goalone and maybe both miss out to theBritish machine.
  28. 28. 2012 London Olympicsthese are two of the winnersof sailing from New Zealand.
  29. 29. Kiwi star Valerie Adams wantsto be presented with herOlympic gold medal in Europeat a major international Valerie Adams is a kiwi starathletics meet - "sooner at shot put. She won a silver mead but then whenrather than later" - even if they tuock the jrug test onthat means the ceremony the gorle that got goldhappening in Switzerland fownd som jrogs so Valeriebefore she returns to New Adams got gold.Zealand late next month.
  30. 30. Boxing has been around for ages By James and William History of Boxing at the Olympic GamesSince the first Olympic Boxing competition in St Louis 1904, many of the sport’s biggest names have come to prominence at the Games: Cassius Clay (later known as Muhammad Ali; 1960), George Foreman (1968) and Oscar de la Hoya (1992) have all won Olympic gold in the past. Find out more about Boxing at the Olympic Games on the International Olympic Committee website.
  31. 31. Holly and Josephs medal work The Gold Medal is not made entirely from gold. It must be 92.5% silver USA and plated with at least six grams of gold. The 49 gold last time first-place medals were made 23 bronzes entirely out of gold wasAnd 109 total at the 1912 Games in Stockholm.