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Ir slideshow no music

  1. 1. History and fun facts
  2. 2. Julian Friedman Stuart Thorson Goodwin Cooke G. Matthew Chair Director and Chair Director Bonham Chair
  3. 3.  Julian Friedman helped create and then served as chair of the nascent undergraduate International Relations Program until his death in 1983 Every year in his honor, one outstanding undergraduate IR student is awarded the Julian R. Friedman Award for Internationalism
  4. 4.  Goodwin “Goody” Cooke served as Director from 1991 to 2004. Every year in his honor, one outstanding undergraduate IR student is awarded the Goodwin Cooke Award for Leadership in International Relations. G. Matthew Bonham served as Chair from 1992-2008. Every year in his honor, one outstanding undergraduate IR student is awarded the Bonham Scholar of the Year Award.
  5. 5. Mary Lovely ChairFrancine D’Amico Deanna Phillips Director of Senior Advising Administrator Terrie Northrup Kristine Clay Academic Advisor Academic Advisor
  6. 6. Africa2005-2006: 4% 2010-2011: 13% Asia 2005-2006: 12% 2010-2011: 13% Europe 2005-2006: 65% 2010-2011: 30% Latin America and the Caribbean 2005-2006: 10% 2010-2011: 30% The Middle East2005-2006: 9% 2010-2011: 14%
  7. 7. Stephen Cooper, Class of 2005, during his time as a Peace Corps volunteer
  8. 8. Model United Nations, held inside the General Assembly Hall at UN Headquarters, NYC
  9. 9.  2010-2011: 80% study abroad— 23% in more than one location Top destinations 2010-2011: 1. Maxwell in Washington 2. Madrid, Spain 3. Strasbourg, France 4. Santiago, Chile 5. London, United Kingdom 6. Beijing China 7. Hong Kong, China 8. Florence, Italy 9. Israel 10.South Africa 11. Cameroon 12.Ecuador 13. Ghana 14.Lebanon
  10. 10. International Security and Diplomacy2005-2006 : 65% 2010-2011: 31% International Political Economy 2005-2006: 20% 2010-2011: 27% Intercultural Communications 2005-2006: 11% 2010-2011: 25% International Law and Organizations2005-2006: 4% 2010-2011: 17%
  11. 11.  Syracuse University became the Alpha Chi Chapter of the National Sigma Iota Rho Honors Society for International Studies in March 1996. Eligibility requirements include a 3.4 cumulative GPA, 3.5 major GPA, and completion of 3 semesters of language study
  12. 12. Every year, 4 graduating seniors are selectedfrom among our Sigma Iota Rho members forspecial awards, including the Harlan ClevelandAward for Excellence in Global Policy Issues
  13. 13.  The current IR Club was started in the Fall of 2011. During the first month of meetings, the Club wrote a charter, elected officers, and established an Executive Board. The Club sponsors Conversations in International Relations, an informal speaker series held monthly.
  14. 14.  A Conversations in IR event during September 2011
  15. 15.  2011 Delegation Modeling the Republic of Kazakhstan
  16. 16.  MUN Team members spend weeks preparing for their roles through training and practice sessions and also earn academic credit for participation
  17. 17.  Syracuse University has participated in Model United Nations conferences since at least 1983. The 2011 Delegation was awarded “Distinguished Delegation” in the New York City Model United Nations Conference, the largest in the US. In 2011, the Model United Nations Club was formed to increase opportunities for students to learn about this international organization and to recruit new participants to the team.
  18. 18. Peru, 2010 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, 2009 Belgium, 2008Guinea, 2007 The Philippines, 2006 Nicaragua, 2005
  19. 19.  The Club was established in 2011 to complement the selective and competitive Model United Nations Team. It is open to all interested undergraduate students and meets year-round to teach them about the United Nations as well as debate techniques and conference procedures
  20. 20. IRLC members view a traveling UN exhibit documenting forms and causes of genocide
  21. 21. Every year, in coordination with SU-UNICEF, The IRLCsponsors a fundraiser to aid child soldier rehabilitation
  22. 22.  Established in 2002 for students interested in pursuing a degree in international relations. Students live on the same floor, share a course (PSC 124 Intro to International Relations) and participate in fieldtrips to Ottawa, Canada and the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.
  23. 23. IRLC students observe an exhibition of Tibetan sand painting
  24. 24. Then Graduate Assistant Kristine Clay counts funds raised from Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
  25. 25.  1999-2000: 57 2010-2011: 108