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Twist’s -n- Turn’s


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Mission small business

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Twist’s -n- Turn’s

  1. 1. A business built by a family thatincrease it’s family one customer ata time.
  2. 2. Our Beautiful Store
  3. 3. Future Home Of twist’s –N- turn’sIncreasing our store size and location is the key. We arecurrently inthe back of a courtyard and while it helped us to grow our business to what we are today, we have now out grown thatspot. The next step in success is to move our location and
  4. 4. Amityville Village We support our police Our Children Our Churches All forms of dance. OurOur Firefighters Schools Our Community
  5. 5. As you can see, year after year we have increased our customer base as well as our sales With the grant helping to expand our business, the growth potentialMonth of June 2012 website hits endless.By increasing the number of jobpositions at our store will not onlyallow us to grow but to create a fullyfunctioning online business as well.From our website growthI would predict more success. The growth of visit’s to our website
  6. 6. We have created an ambassador program to get students excited about being at our store. There is one ambassador per studio per year. Thatchild is our VIP. They bring information from the studios to our store and bring all sale flyers to the students and studios. This keeps us involved in all our studios. We run special contest and promotions during the year. It keeps the children involved and parent in getting this store to continue growing! Some Of Our 2012/1213 Dance Ambassadors Expressions in Dance: Sarah Hynes Center Stage: Brianna Great South Bay: Gaberiella DeVecchis World Class Peformance Center: Nicolette Pirrello Precision Dance Center: Dominique Manzolillo Venettes: Jelise Nimmons JNPA: Adrianna Minio The Dream Center Dance Academy : Kianna Escobedo Dance Odyssey: Gloriann Cozier South Shore School of Dance:Alexandra Laudisio LIDF:Colleen Werner
  7. 7. At Twist’s –N- Turns wework with many differentpeople. We support ourdancer with their fundraising.We help out senior groups,liturgical groups, preschools aswell as all the new studios whenthey open their studios.
  9. 9. Deborah Auguriolove this place......always go out of their way for you!Margaret Wolff Valentinethe owner is very nice....Carol Koeniggreat place to buy anything dance!!!! “My family and I love twists and turns and get all of our dance shoes, leotards, tights, and everything there. Having discounted items would be great for our family. This Christmas during my fathers passing, even the Angels gave us gifts from your store, and it meant so much.” Listen to the words of the people. All I can say is with out them I wouldn’t be as successful as I am.