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This document details a case study on Asurion's Mama Know Best campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to address customer concerns and queries, as well as provide important information, in a light-hearted, friendly way. The objectives were to cut down customer handling time in call centres, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

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Mama Knows Best - Asurion

  1. 1. Asurion: Mama Knows BestCase StudyAll images and content © Copyright Twist & Shout Communications Ltd. 2013Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)844 335 6715
  2. 2. No one reads the terms and conditions.For anything.Ever.This often leads to false expectations and upset customers. They don’tunderstand why they must pay an excess. They don’t understand why theydon’t just get a new phone. They don’t know what they have agreed to andwhat they have been paying for.In a busy call centre, this can take up an awful lot of time which could beput to better use.The challenge is to help diffuse this tension, to give simple, rational answersthat explain why this is the way it must be while not alienating or belittlingthese already unhappy customers.Insurance provider Asurion asked Twist and Shout to create memorablecharacters that gave customers important information while actuallyentertaining them. The aim was to reduce call centre time spent onexplanations and complaints, and foster a better relationship with thecustomer.
  3. 3. We needed to explain to the customer that:• We are aware that you have questions and are trying to answer them.• You are not stupid for not getting this intuitively.• There are good reasons why insurance works this way.• It is not different from how insurance works on your car or your house.• Asurion really is trying to help you get connected again as fast as possible.We created Mama, a no-nonsense woman giving advice on a phone-in adviceshow. Web cams allow us to see the callers, who are humorously drawn, withoutbeing made to look ridiculous.Watch The Videos HereWhy Film?Talk to your CustomersSocial Media has become dominated by film. Short clips sent around the world onFacebook and Twitter can have a greater impact than a ream of studies. And sincethey are so easily shareable, if you make something truly funny then your customersbegin to distribute it for you.If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you connect with yourcustomers, give us a shout.
  4. 4. © Copyright Twist & Shout Communications 2013Web: • Email: • Blog: • Tel: +44 (0)844 335 6715Twist & Shout Communications Ltd, LCB Depot, 31 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RECompany Number - 4495187 VAT Number - 862 0153 51