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Data communication (simple explanation)


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this presentation shows some simple knowledge of data communication.

Published in: Education
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Data communication (simple explanation)

  1. 1. Presented by:Md. Akid Sultan Khan ID:1104067 CSE,CUET.
  2. 2. ObjectiveExplain Data Communication.Show some simple diagram for Data Communication.Explain about modems.Explain various wireless communication.
  3. 3. AimShow some aspects of Data Communication& types of varieties in this extra-ordinarysector of communication.
  4. 4. DefinitionRefers to the moving or transferring of databetween two electronic devices.
  5. 5. Simple DataCommunication system
  6. 6. Data Communications over Standard Telephone Lines - ModemsMost telephone lines are analog, not digital.modem converts it from analog format to digital format.
  7. 7. ` The analog signal (audible) is sent through telephone lines. 011010001 MODEM MODEM 011010001 Digital signal Digital signal This modem converts This modem converts digital to analog. analog to digital.
  8. 8. Internal ExternalModem Modem
  9. 9. Using Digital Data ConnectionsDedicate to transmitting data in digital format.Transmit data at much higher speeds than standard analog phone lines.
  10. 10. Diagram of digital data connections 1 2 4 3
  11. 11. Broadband Connectionstransmit data faster than is possible through a standard dial up connection using a modem. The most commonly used digital telephone services are:  ISDN,T1 and T3  DSL  Cable Modems  ATM
  12. 12. Wireless communicationUse RF or IR to transmit data between devices on LAN.Wireless signals are electromagnetic waves that can travel through a vacuum of outer space.
  13. 13. Categories of wireless Communication WiFi WIMAX WANWLAN
  14. 14. Local Area Networks (LANs)Connected by a cable, infrared link, or small transmitters.Transmits data by breaking it into small pieces.Every LAN uses a protocol.
  15. 15. LAN Communication Sample
  16. 16. Wide Area Networks (WANs)transmit data over leased high-speed phone lines or wireless links such as satellites.
  17. 17. LAN 2LAN 1 WAN
  18. 18. WiMAXProvide 30 to 40 megabit-per-second data rates. Enable to delivery of last mile wireless broadband access .
  19. 19. Simple WiMAX Communicationsystem
  20. 20. Wi-Firadio waves to provide wireless high-speed internet and network connectionseasily accessible in the corporate infrastructures
  21. 21. Simple WiFi System
  22. 22. Conclusion In this presentation weExplain how computer data travels over telephone lines.Explain a modem’s function.Differentiate four types of digital data connections.Describe how wireless networks functions.
  23. 23. AnyQuestions???