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Charleston2010 atb-forupload

  1. 1. P A R T T W O : S E V E N T O O L S F O R H I G H L Y E F F E C T I V E L I B R A R I A N S A N D R E A T W I S S - B R O O K S C O - D I R E C T O R , S C I E N C E L I B R A R I E S U N I V E R S I T Y O F C H I C A G O ( I N C L U D E S B O N U S M A T E R I A L , I N C L U D I N G T O O L S N O T P R E V I O U S L Y R E L E A S E D A T T H E C H A R L E S T O N C O N F E R E N C E L I V E L Y L U N C H ! ) Seven and Seven: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Publishers and Seven Tools for Highly Effective Librarians
  2. 2. Highly Effective Librarians Learn from One Another  Pick up the telephone! Despite all the other communication tools out there, this is still one of the most effective ways to gather good information in a profession that shares information readily.
  3. 3. Highly Effective Librarians Learn from One Another  Discussion lists  CHMINF-L  GEONET-L  AAHSL  LIBLICENSE-L  MEDLIB-L The more focused on your subject or interest area, the better. The community has a shared sense of trust and there is usually quid pro quo, making for a great resource
  4. 4. Managing Time and More…  Smart phone  E-mail, calendar, maps, address book, password keeper*, etc., etc.  This is not just a tool, but a toolkit!  More productive in intervals between meetings  Doodle polling site  Schedule meetings and more…  * Essential when you have a bad memory!
  5. 5. Embrace technology and be where your patrons are  IM/Chat reference   Jing (make quick demos and videos and embed into chat) 
  6. 6. 2:24 Hello 2:24 Hi 2:24 what's up? 2:24 I would like to ask your opinion on using EndNote vs. RefWorks 2:24 sure 2:24 Especially for keeping the NIH biosketches formatted properly 2:24 and updated regularly (i.e. import new references for a given author from PubMed or similar online databases) 2:24 concerning the NIH biosketches, you might want to talk to a librarian at Crerar 2:24 I can transfer you to one 2:24 That would be wonderful! Thank you so much! [TRANSFER FROM ONE REFERENCE DESK TO ANOTHER] 2:24 me HI, looks like you have a question about RefWorks and NIH biosketches? 2:25 Hi! 2:25 I just wanted to ask your opinion on what's the best software to use, e.g. EndNote vs. RefWorks 2:25 We are trying to get a designated person to maintain all of our publication lists 2:26 me Each one has its advantages, but it sounds like you have a very specific "project" in mind 2:26 You are right 2:26 me Do you expect different people to contribute references and have them coordinated centrally? 2:26 So, there are multiple people, each with many publications and still publishing. The NIH biosketch requires upto 15 publications 2:27 so ideally the software that we use would allow us to (1) keep separate libraries per author; (2) easily import new publications from online sources; and (3) easily select subsets of publications for the biosketch and allow easy formatting in MS Word 2:29 me I am primarily an Endnote user/instructor, and I can think of a couple of ways of handling this type of activity, but I'm not sure whether or not refworks will do the same kind of thing. 2:30 me would you consider having one of us from Crerar come to do a one-on-one consultation (or even for a few folks in your group) to try and figure out your best option or options? 2:30 that would be wonderful! 2:30 or we could come to you [PATRON DIRECTED TO LIBRARIAN WHO SET UP A CONSULTATION] IM chat also allows for real-time referrals and a better user experience.
  7. 7. Embrace technology and be where your patrons are  Mobile optimized tools  We also need to know what mobile options are out there for our patrons in the resources we license and purchase!
  8. 8. And a few bonus tools for being effective…*  Tools for collaboration within and across organizations  Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Docs  PB Works -- (web-based Wiki tools)  Communication and presentation options  -- alternative to PowerPoint  Google Chat  Management tools  Director’s Station -- station *Thanks to colleagues Dana Roth, Laura Briggs, Joshua Wilson, Robert McFarland, and Norah Xiao for contributing their favorite tools!