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  1. 1. Physical or Chemical Change?  Rusting iron nails C.  Dissolving sugar into iced tea P.  Cutting paper into smaller pieces P.  Plastic becoming brittle when left out in the sun C.
  2. 2. Review 4 States of Matter Physical Changes Change of State Chemical Changes
  3. 3. Mixtures Two or more substances physically combined NOT chemically combined The parts of a mixture can be elements, compounds or elements and compounds
  4. 4. Mixtures  No chemical reaction takes place  No new substance is formed  All substances in a mixture retain their individual properties
  5. 5. Mixtures They can be arranged in any way The ratio of a mixtures parts are not exact
  6. 6. Mixtures  Two classifications of mixtures:  1. Heterogeneous  A mixture that is not the same throughout  Salad, trail mix, Lucky Charms
  7. 7. Mixtures 2. Homogeneous A mixture that is the same throughout Its mixed so well it looks like one substance Milk, air, sugar cookies