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Concept Map


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Concept Map

  1. 1. 1. 2. B 3. A C
  2. 2. Earth Formation Gravity The Solar System Solar Nebular Theory The Earth Inner Core Outer Core Mantle Crust Everything that has mass has this Caused the formation of Called the Has different layers Defined as Defined as Defined as Defined as
  3. 3. Solid iron and nickel layer Liquid iron and nickel layer Solidish layer Solid layer The continents are moving Continental Drift Theory says The crust is broken into crustal plates The Theory of Plate Tectonics says Convection currents Gravity The plates move due to In the
  4. 4. Crust Lithosphere Cracks Plate boundaries Convergent India and Asia DivergentTransform Earthquakes Sea floor spreading Also called the Which has Also called Three major types are Example ExampleCauses most
  5. 5. Earthquakes Primary Longitudinal, move through solids, liquids, gas Secondary Transverse, move through solids only Focus Epicenter Trilateration Produce two types of waves Have two point locations Defined as Defined as Are located by
  6. 6. Earthquakes The Ring of Fire Eurasian- Melanesian Mountain belt Mid-ocean ridges Occur mostly in
  7. 7. Plate boundaries Volcanoes Cinder cone Smallest most abundant Composite cone Steep sided Shield Broad and rounded Three types are Defined as Defined as Defined as These can also create