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Champagne Books & Carnal Passions December 2009 Newsletter

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December Newsletter

  1. 1. Bubbles ‘n Bits Champagne Enterprises Newsletter The latest news, events, gossip and more from Champagne Books and Carnal Passions DECEMBER 1, 2009 VOLUME 11 Now Available in Hardcover! A Note From The Publisher’s Desk Yes, I admit it, I am the biggest kid at Christmas. For me, the Christmas season starts the middle of November and lasts right through until the New Year begins. And because we’ve passed December 1, I am officially allowed to think, speak, breathe, and decorate for… Christmas. I won’t tell my family that I had started shopping in August. Today we put up the tree. A white one this year. A little different, but dang is it pretty! And yep, the living room is filled with the remnants of packing stuff. I haven’t finished all the decorating yet, but soon all the garlands will be hung, stockings carefully placed to await St. Nick and then friends will be gathering around to have a little Christmas cheer. This is a wonderful time of year though, isn’t it? Snow makes the ground seem cleaner, the cool air is crisper and Christmas lights seem to bring out the smiles in everyone. It’s the one time of year when everyone wants to and perhaps needs to be a little nicer to their fellow man. Yes, I love Christmas. Not for the gifts or the food, but for family and friends that tend to congregate at this time of year more than any other. Snow falling gently to the ground, coating everything in its powdery glory, a house filled with laughter from loved ones and maybe even a carol or two around a roaring fire is why I love this time of year. This is the time to make peace with that sister who you’re mad at for a reason you can’t remember, or to bite your lip when your mother-in-law criticizes you for the hundredth time. She’s done it so many times, she probably doesn’t realize she’s doing it anyway. Fight tomorrow…. This day is Christmas. And a final note, in the immortal words of Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, “God bless us, everyone.” ‘Til next time, Ellen
  2. 2. Coming Soon New Releases Hell hath no fury like a Best Friends or True Love? savior spurned. Only Santa Knows. A man on a quest for Some are haunted by their justice and a woman first lost love, the lucky ones determined to change get to find it again. her life battle the perils of a long journey to realize their dreams at the end of the Outlaw Trail. Watch For These Great Reads Coming Soon Action Thriller Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance Bolt Action by Victoria Roder Snake Dance by Angelica Hart and Zi Contemporary Romance Contemporary Western Romance Pesto Pakin’ Mama by Nan Arnold Lucky in Love by Stacey Coverstone Fantasy Shapeshifter Mainstream Comedy Kindred by Rebecca Goings Mystery/Suspense Paranormal Thriller Death Takes A Number by Harvey Tate Superstition by Samantha Wright Killer Commute by Mike Gordon Closure by Rie McGaha Paranormal Romance Historical Western Romance The Entranced by Carolina Montague Third Times a Charm by Stacey Take a Chance by Evelyn Pendlebury Coverstone Romantic Comedy Romantic Fiction Blunder Woman by Tanya Eby Tangled Web by Julie Eberhart Painter Romantic Suspense Romantic Thriller Out of the Darkness by Anne Patrick Stone House Farm by Robin Courtright Shadow Games by Mary Eason The Other by Jennifer Cloud Science Fiction Sci-Fi Romance Friends in Deed by Todd Hunter Under the Meratoba Sun by Sandra Mullins
  3. 3. Science Fiction/Thriller Romance Time Travel The Lancaster Rule by T. K. Toppin Dustin Time by June Kramin Women’s Fiction Historical Romance Next Time, I’m Gonna Dance by Linda Angels and The Unforgiven by Melissa Rettstatt Blue Hitting the High Notes by Nan Arnold Shooting into the Sun by Linda Rettstatt Flaherty’s Crossing by Kaylin McFarren Now In Print FROM THE DESK OF DONA PENZA TATTLE, ESQ. AND ASSOCIATE WRYE BALDERDASH Greetings, "T'was the night before the Christmas break, when on top of a ladder, Wrye could be found stirring, wobbling, and tottering, making Tattle sadder. The extra large stockings were not to be hung off the desk, she declared, but by the chimney, where ole Saint Nick would find them securely there. Wrye having visions of characters all snug in a wonderful book, conceded and pointed to the sugar plum stories perched in a nearby nook. With Tattle in her candy cane striped 'kerchief, and Wrye in his fur lined cap, they had just settled their brains for a Love of Literature Leap with a zap." As Tattle recites her version of a famous poem, hands primly cupped within each other, a halo upon her head and angel wings fluttering from behind, Wrye looks at her over the rim of half glasses that resemble those worn by Santa. "You're right, let's leap. You're an angel?" "A kind angel with an angelic heart." She <wink-winked> not to Wrye but to the world in general. "The wings are better to leap with m'Claus." "Aye, call me Pseudo-Clause. The Christmas Critiquer," he said, doing the moon- walk he leaps backwards, calling, "Oh... Oh... Oh!" Tattle lands on a pair of knitting needles, pointed upward and yelps, Wrye winces and says, "That’s gotta hurt. Christmas tree!" Wrye notices her confusion and clarifies, "Christmas trees are like bad knitters, they both drop their needles."
  4. 4. "What a pain in the.... oops! Jolly ole Saint Obvious," she returns, first removing the knitting appliance, and then taking in the milieu of the Kingsley Nursing Home, within the pages of JULIE EBERHART PAINTER'S MORTAL COIL, a romantic comedy. "Poor dears," she says, checking out the worried expressions on the aged. "There's been two murders and Detective Bill Watts has been called in to investigate what has been dubbed the Ponytail Perp." She rose, flitted her wings, lifted one leg creating a figure four, and spins as if on a music box. "I hear,” said Nipper to the Gramophone, obscure RCA reference intended, he finds himself also investigating and intrrrigueeeed by Ellen Lange, most would, the lovely lady who runs the home. One thing led to the next, which led to the next, which, welll, ends up with him falling in love, yup, tries to date her, commmplllicaations, happy to even have her ten-year-old daughter, Patti, along." Tattle accompanies Wrye's long oratory with background music provided by her Ozark Jaw Harp. Why? Angels need a harp. The sound reminds him of On Top of Ole Smokey and in Pseudo-Clause persona, he reacts, "Ho... Ho... Ho... down?" Ignoring the query, she continues, "Ah, but Ellen becomes overprotective and decides there is no place in her wee family for the once divorced Bill. Was that fair? Meanwhile, Patti goes missing, ouch, which forces Ellen to turn to Bill. Was it fate? Was it destiny? Was it Memorex?" Wrye fingers his faux beard, loosening part of it and the mustache droops as if a faulty fake eyelash, flopping as he speaks. "Look there, read... Ah ha! The lost child incident turns out to be nada, alright!" The two high five, she misses and smacks the top of his head. Undaunted he adds, "But our boy Bill has the hero glow, as do I most days, and precious Patti ends up liking him, sweeeetnesss, starts seeing him as a father-figure. I feel tears on the horizon..." Tattle checks out her cherry tart red lipstick in a shiny Christmas ball. "And Ellen's wintery attitude melts, she starts to like Bill, too. Only..." "I knnnoooow. The murderer is still out there. Eeeeh!" "And Ellen is abducted." Tattle using her mouth harp tries to da da da daaaaa to make it sound dangerous. "More... more... more..." "Nope... leap time, m' PC Père Noel." "Watch out for the..." Tattle observes Wrye as he skids directly into a Scotch Pine tree blazing with Christmas lights. "Oh, I see you found it." "It's male." "Don't go there." "Balls!" He dusts pine needles off his red and white fur trimmed jacket, twitches his nose as if magic is about to happen and declares, "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and here we are right in the middle of ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS by CINDY K. GREEN, a romantic contemporary Christmas story." "Yes, yes, and there is Kathryn Graham, a writer at Redburn Weekly who has been assigned, along with the exuberant and jovial Nick Pringle, to work a story about the toy drive for the local orphanage. Do you see that Mister Woof Woof?" "Dog?" His face slapped with righteous indignation. "Yes, Santa Paws."
  5. 5. "And Shaggy Dog humor lives in you." He bows and wows. "I remember now, Nick's enthusiasm for Christmas annoys Kathryn, ho ho ho ho, while Kathryn's hatred for the beloved holiday baffles Nick." "I see connnflicccct,' she says as she begins to juggle three Christmas balls. "You emasculated my tree." She giggles, "And where do snowmen go to dance?" She waits, then answers, "Snow Balls." "Speaking of which, I see snow!" Wrye announces and scoops up enough of the white fluff to form a snowball. Throws it to her and now she is juggling four. "And Nick begins a campaign to win Kathryn over. Will he? Should he? Ho ho ho. I'm not talking just about her attitude toward the noel event. And in the Christmas alphabet there is no L." Tattle's brow lifts in that you-wouldn't-dare gesture as Wrye begins to wind up like a major league pitcher with a second snowball. "Nick has been falling in love with the woman since they first met. Is this knotty or nice? Nick decides to become Kathryn's Secret Santa, how sweet, having gifts delivered daily, and lo and behold, Kathryn's attitude begins to slowly change. Success?" She puts her juggling to rest. "Onnnly, she seems to be falling for the Secret Santa, Cyrano de Bergerac moment, and distancing herself from Nick, irony slaps, leaving Nick jealous of himself... Connnfuuusing." "Ut oh, said the gardener, trouble is a Hoe-Hoe-Hoe-ing about." Tattles evades the pun. "Even a shared kiss between her and Nick, lovey dovey, doesn't seem to turn her away from the ever so perfect Secret Santa. Dag! I'm rootin' for Nick. Now, he believes he'll never be anything more than a friend, incoming... duck... sadness invasion, and even at that, a distant friend. Tissue alert! Meanwhile, da da da daaaaa, Nina not Pina or Santa Maria Phillips seems ever so interested in Nick. Cat fight? And Nick considers that it might be time to accept reality. Heartbreak! Yet can he? Will Kathryn's heart ever open to Christmas? And will she find out the truth about her own feelings toward Nick too late?" Smacks Wrye's hand as he attempts to read ahead. "Tsk... tsk... we'll read later, m'Saint Nick." The duo land softly in the midst of NOELLA'S GIFT by DONICA COVEY and the mystical wonder of a romantic contemporary Christmas story. "It is so cozy here," announces Tattle as she takes in the homey warmth of Holly Harper's home." Wrye musing, as if burning his candle at both ends, elucidates, "Which burns longer, a red candle or a green?" "Neither! Candles always burn shorter." Tattle does the finale tap dance that one might see in a Vaudeville act. "But where are Holly Harper's Christmas decorations?" "Hates Christmas," informs Wrye yet ever the optimist rummages about for sugar cookies. "However, once she finds a raggedly dressed Noella on her doorstep, a little lost six-year-old girl, her feelings slowly begin to change. Readers will be on a collision course for planet Warm Your Cockles." "Oh, who is that yummy man?" Tattle does that hip waddle that suggests more naughty than nice, tilting her now tarnished halo. "A police detective, Jaxon Cole. Look out, Tattle, mood grenade. He found out that Noella's parents had died, but neither he nor Holly seem to get anything more out of the child, only a growing sense of sadness. Yes, I'm crying, and yes, I am PC."
  6. 6. "Holly decides to keep the girl at least through the holidays, good for her, while they try to figure things out. In the meantime, a freak snowstorm traps the three of them in Holly's home, of course it does, why not? And that's when, ironically, the thawing begins. He he ho ho ha ha. The bitter detective and the woeful Holly see things through the child's eyes, yet as Jaxon grows close to Holly, she suddenly turns as frosty as the weather." "An old snowman is... what? Waaattter. Will this hot hunk and frigid female co- exist without getting wet? Will they ever find the Christmas spirit? Hope so. I like them! Will they ever know the love Noella seems so determined to spark within each of them for the other? YIT (Yenta in training). And will Noella ever receive the gift of her heart?" Tattle dabbles at her eyes. This is sooo... sooo..." Wrye pats her shoulder. "There... there... Hot chocolate time, I feel your angelica heart." Back in their office, the two merrily exchange their Christmas gifts. Can you guess what? Well, Champagne Books, of course. Hope you enjoyed! Next month we'll be warming up to the characters from T. M. HUNTER'S HEROES DIE YOUNG, JANE TOOMB'S NIGHTINGALE MAN and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR by PATRICIA BATES. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good holiday, Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash of Blather City, Wannachat Created and written by Angelica Hart and Zi KILLER DOLLS ~ September 2009 SNAKE DANCE ~ February 2010 CHASING GRAVITAS (working title) ~ July 2010 Champagne Books Tattle and Wrye can also be found at
  7. 7. News, Nominations and Awards AUDIO BOOKS HEROES DIE YOUNG audio book is now available up on, with a free sample available on their site. You can access it at: =BK_ACTN_000012&BV_UseBVCookie=Yes BOOK Join Julie Eberhart Painter on December 17th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Peter's Wine SIGNINGS Shop and tasting room in Port Orange, FL for a book signing. Stacey Coverstone will be speaking to the Blue Ridge High School Creative Writing class in Farmer City, Illinois on December 3. Stacey will be signing and selling her books on December 4 from 11-2 & on December 5 from 9-noon at The Farmer City State Bank in Farmer City, Illinois. Check out the newly revamped website of Melissa Blue at NEW WEBSITES Check out the website of Judy Gill and vote in her poll. Visit her fairy-art of the day, and see some of the good things happening in her world. Click on and leave a comment to say hi. There'll be a drawing of all the names of people who've left comments between now and December 15, with a prize for the winner. Good luck. Hope to see you there! Congratulations go out to Jane Toombs and Linda Rettstatt for being finalists for EPIC AWARDS the 2010 EPIC awards. NEWS FIRST ONLINE BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP
  8. 8. CHRISTMAS PARTY The Week Before Christmas Extravaganza!!! Join Mary Eason along with many other authors for Mary’s first annual, The Week Before Christmas Extravaganza on her blog on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009, all day long for a celebration. You never know what you could win!! AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Kim Leady Kim Leady, award-winning author, not only writes novels, but she is also a correspondent, columnist and playwright. As a wife, mother and now a grandmother there is never enough hours in a day, but when Kim does find time to slip away from her desk she spends her time reading, camping, geocaching and traveling. She often jokes that her best material comes from raising two sons and living in a house full of men. Kim has used this ‘knowledge’ wisely creating male characters that jump from the pages and into her reader’s hearts. Her gift for telling a story will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. She lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two very spoiled dogs that help run her office. Visit Kim’s website:
  9. 9. MONTHLY An Interview with INTERVIEW Angelica Hart and Zi Congratulations on your book Killer Dolls that was released by Champagne Books in September 2009 and your upcoming books Snake Dance in February 2010 and Chasing Gravitas in July 2010 here at Champagne Books. Our readers are interested in learning a bit more about you. We would like to thank Champagne Books and Kat Hall for giving us this opportunity to share a part of us as writers. How long have you been writing individually and as partners? We noted once before and feel this is an important response. I was at an Evelyn Woods Speed Reading Class and the instructor said, "We are the sum of all our experiences." There it was a truth that stood above simple truths. As I began to write I recognized that I had very limited experiences upon which to pull. My early work was unquestionably shallow. So I began a quest to discover, in the name of wanting to be a better writer? No! I realized I was shallow. Initially every submission sent to publishers was returned or ignored. I recall a critique suggesting I needed more depth in both the way I dealt with the subject and the technical writing style. As time ate at my life I waited as I worked. Wrote daily. How much life is lost to wait? That is an apt question, but my wait was filled with discovery. I became a student of people. Discovery. Examined other styles and broke them down mechanically and technically. Discovery. Tried to create more complexity. Discovery. Expanded my vocabulary. Discovery. Read... read... read. Discovery. Wrote... re-wrote... re-re-wrote. That wait was not shallow but an aggressive tutorial for my growth. I continued to submit work. And slowly pieces were accepted. So the question is who am I? Angelica or Zi? Ironically, we took the same path and had the same challenges and failures. We met as more mature adults prepared to be writers and for a significant amount of time, we have written daily as writing partners. We found a synergy in our styles and complexity in what we wanted to create. Are we good? We don't know. Have we found that depth needed to portray characters as real people? Hope we have. Have we found enough intrigue in our plot and our words to keep readers interested? You tell us. As Jacob Bronowski, a mathematician, well-spoken and a celebrity of the BBC show The Ascent of Man and was the inspiration of Carl Sagan to make the Cosmos wrote, "The world is full of people who never quite get into the first team and who just miss the prizes at the flower show." If runners up is what we are, we're proud, for our journey has been wonderful. Zi believes, "Be the best you can be by growing every day." Having said that, goodness, that was something (our hard work) we doubt we'd
  10. 10. forget. And you'll notice propriety has kept us from attaching dates, though, long is long and it has been a long time. You can smell the posies on our lapels, none are planned to be lilies soon. When, where and how did you meet and what made you decide to become writing partners. Z: In the eighties sitting just west of Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the grassy foothills at the base of the Grand Tetons, looking across the Snake River at a bull moose I began to read a piece I had just written in my journal out loud for the moose to hear. Yup, did it! I learned the moose was not my audience as he meandered deeper into the high grass but I was not discouraged and continued at the top of my speaking voice. About seven feet from me sat a molting coyote engrossed in my presentation. Its eyes held me as if a pup or its suckling mother and I felt one with that energy. Stunned that it did not run, amazed at its calmness in the face of my presence I continued. When I was done, the canine rose, walked next to me, rubbed its matted fur on my arm, passed, and it was lost to the high grass. It left upon me its musk, telling me I was one of its pack. In the capture of that moment in time, I felt validated as a writer. Years later, sitting over coffee, talking about writing, I felt that same validation again, and that person was Angelica Hart. I understood destiny. A: Everyone has felt that thing that has been called the click, and the ease at which Zi and I purported from first instant was astonishing. There was an immediate synergy that told me that one and one equaled three. I read his work, was moved. We lamestormed which is our practice of presenting ideas and deeming them lame or not. Of twenty ideas, ten from each, not one idea had merit. Our potential partnership stalled before it started. Then in an email, Zi sent me a touching fantasy love story, where a Mage stole a young man's heart so the woman he loved could soar. He giving it willingly. I cried. I understood destiny. What, or who, inspired each of you to write? Z: Ladies first. A: As a child, I adored being read to, but I also enjoyed watching the expressions on my family's faces as they read to me. They were as entertained as I reading the adventures of Princesses, of mice, of frogs, of siblings, of witches, and more. These fairy tales inspired me so much that I decided I wanted to entertain my family with my own stories, written, at first, in the cave man style of pictures, and then as I learned to write, by self-publishing my own little books. And, I haven't stopped, going from crayons and paper to a typewriter with a sticky L key to finally computers. I started to write to entertain, and I confess, it is now an addiction that I never wish to cure. Z: The pretentious answer would be the power and influence I saw in the words of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. And that would be true. But it is more complicated. I wrote the lyrics to a song in high school that captured the social moment and I felt my peers were moved, I was pleased. In college, my Creative English professor confessed she cried after reading my piece, but none-the-less failed my paper. Thus the tears gave me validation that I was good. I wrote to draw them. Who cares if I didn't understand a dangling participle. My second Language professor failed a paper which I later submitted to a magazine without editorial change, which was published. Again, the validation was in the reason. I wanted to make the man angry. I did, and was failed not out of anything but his bias. But, I must share that possibly the most profound motivation was that of my wooing a woman. Protecting her identity, her pet name to me was Princess Vi. To make a long story a little longer, we were held at a distance because of careers but I know, because she told me so, I captured her heart through my hand-penned letters. We would have been intended but life is never fair. Where do you get your ideas for your books? Do either of you have creative differences over the ideas for your books or in the direction the book is going? Z: Second question first, every frick-frackin' day we have creative differences. We
  11. 11. write a weekly column for J. Kaye's Book Blog titled WRITER'S WRITE, WRITING PARTNERS FEUD where we explore some of the clashes and how we, via our sense of humor, avoid being charged with first degree homicide. Angelica is didactic. A: Moi? Am not. Since when did I ever give any evidence of being preachy? I'll answer the first question. Didactic! Sorry, I digressed. As we previously noted we lamestorm. We set aside an entire day where we bring together ideas and like a game of war, we place them in the center of the table to see if one is more powerful than the other. In a single elimination tournament we eventually ascertain that idea which has the least amount of lameness attached to it. Then we research. And if it seems entertaining, we will outline. If not, it will go into our huge circular idea file. What genres do you write and which is your favorite genre to write? A: Contemporary romantic thrillers and romantic fantasy. Furthermore, we believe we do have a propensity for humor and have works that are specific to that. Z: I speak for Angelica, I believe her favorite genre, the one she is the best at, is the check book. A: Whereas with Zi it is not a genre per se, but a concept. He has said from day one, minute one, everything he writes is about having something to say, and finding someone to listen. For him, words without meaning are fragile shells, the chick lost to the flock. He the incubator, i.e., the mother hen. Can you tell us about your favorite hero and/or heroine in one of your stories? A: Elizabeth from CHASING GRAVITAS (working title) to be released July 2010. She is every woman who has ever felt the pull of life coming from a place she could not identify, it being more haunting yet magnificently compelling. Her chase for love is one that can be identifiable and real. Z: Every heroine. A: Zi's profound belief in strong women becomes evident in every heroine we create. He adores women, believes in their capabilities, encourages them to chase down their dreams, and accomplish their goals. Within Zi exists a refusal to ever have a female lead's flaws be more than what they are capable of rising above. He becomes their guardian, their lover, their mentor, and when we finish the story, I do believe he presents them to the world with pride. Yet, look at our characters, they are every woman. He sees greatness where others fail to consider. Z: I believe John Wooden said, "Happiness begins when selfishness ends." I find myself the happiest when I give our heroines everything they would dream possible. When you write about a hero/heroine, are there parts of your characters that you take from your own lives? Z: I needed to understand pain to write pain. Experience horror to convey it. I've known treachery, envy, awe, and benevolence. And, yes, I have felt the inspiration of romance. These are but a few sensations that color the texture of our work and hopefully bring it clarity. A: My thoughts on this are far more complex... Every heroine must love chocolate. Do you have favorite props that you use to bolster a story? Why do you use them? A: Well, many of our stories open with impending risk, placing characters in peril, introduce our main characters, foreshadow, foredoom, foreplay (tee hee) and resolve with a bang (tee hee). As for Zi, one prop is his writing hat which happens to be a porkpie hat, another is strange neckwear that he uses to alter his moods, and the third, which I find intriguing, is he wears two different shoes, one dress, one running. Z: I think everyone now sees that you are didactic. A: Ha... Ha... When you are writing a book, do the characters become a part of your everyday lives? How do you deal with it if they take over your every day world? A: As we stated we love to read, we love to be entertained, and we love storytelling. So, from 8:30 to 3:30 five days a week, we laugh and joke, become awed by possibilities, cry at sorrow, and spin in the magic of each others' words and our own. That makes our work very much a part of our lives. Every engineer, police officer, teacher, and sales clerk has felt their job similarly. We are profoundly
  12. 12. lucky in that we spin magic. Do your families encourage you to write? A and Z: Yes! You each have a busy life. How do you find time to write? Do you have a schedule? Z: Here's the schedule... 8:30 to 3:30 M-F in the office feeding alligators or growing prose. Evening hours, feeding alligators or dreaming of prose. Four to eight hours every Saturday feeding alligators or individual creative accomplishments. Sunday spirituality first, football second, feeding alligators third. If for some reason you could not write anymore, how would you creatively express yourself? Z: Write about it. A: What he said. Thank you for some fabulous reading and your time today. REVIEWS LATEST REVIEWS Noella’s Gift by Donica Covey Rating: 4 Books Holly's solution is avoidance, and Jax's is work, and Noella's... is a Christmas gift beyond price.To read all of the review, go to: covey.html Rating: You Gotta Read I hope you will read this and find the magic and joy yourself! I will look for longer stories from this author based upon the fine characters and plot presented in this short story. To read all of the review, go to: covey.html The Masquerade by Kristi Ahlers Rating: 5 Hearts This book was emotionally charged. I was riveted by this storyline. To read all of the review, go to: Betraying Chase by Donica Covey Rating: 5 Angels Donica Covey really knows how to pen a motivating story that grabs and makes the reader care for the players. Love, trust, and holding tightly to the one that means more than anything to you, shines clearly in this story. To read all of the review, go to: betrayingchase.htm Nerd in a Wolf Suit by Laine Morgan Rating: 3 Cups The love scenes between Drew and Phoebe are sensual and romantic. This quirky paranormal romance is an enjoyable and quick read. To read all of the review, go to: The Heart Never Lies by Cindy K. Greene Rating: 4/5 Cindy K. Green definitely knows how to write sweet romances especially when it has a cowboy like Beau Tucker. To read all of the review, go to: 12 Combustion by Rebecca Savage Rating: 4 Shoes This is a remarkably well written story of courage, never giving up on life, and holding onto hope for a real life with real love. A definite recommended
  13. 13. read. To read all of the review, go to: Consequences by Rebecca Savage Rating: 3.5 Books It had some very tense, edge-of-your seat moments. I also very much enjoyed the characters of Nick and Jeni. To read all of the review, go to: savage.html Love Comes Blindly by Phyllis Campbell Rating: 5 Angels The plot is well-developed, and the tone of the story moves at a great pace, showing the true meaning of love and forgiveness, while holding onto what is valuable. To read all of the review, go to: Use By Date by Helen Ravell Rating: 4 Books This fun read is a must, especially if you've just endured a bad day and are in need of relaxation and a laugh. To read all of the review, go to: Champagne Books Romances to Celebrate. Fiction to Embrace. LOOKING FOR THE ABSOLUTE STEAMIEST IN EROTICA? Check out Carnal Passions at What’s New At Carnal Passions New Releases Amy McBride goes to Olivia Martin is a Christmas Party and abducted from her own learns that bad girls time by the dangerous, sexy pirate, Diego. As have more fun. they strive to find 2006 before Diego’s superstitious crew throws Olivia overboard, they encounter incredible danger…and a blossoming love.
  14. 14. When his younger When Dex McKelvey brother is summoned breaks Rachel to Versailles, Vicomte Kenyon’s heart, she Frederique de la Tour thinks life is over. But decides to intervene the sexual appetite of and takes his place. another man soon King Louis’s XV court makes her realize that is stunned when the hot, lustful life instead of a lad, the she’d shared with Dex legendary spy, known was little more than to his underworld child’s play. associates only as The Wolf arrives. Coming Soon AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Patricia Bates Patricia Bates writes under her own name for both her romance and erotic fiction books. She’s been writing for well over 20 years, dabbling in many different arenas of writing from poetry to non-fiction but finally found her true passion with historical romances and historical erotica. The Viscount’s Prize is her first erotic novel and was written after a lengthy conversation with a friend about sex in history. After weeks of tossing around ideas, brainstorming, hours and hours of research, and finally coming to the place where she was comfortable with the storyline, The Viscount’s Prize was born. Like most of her books or any of her writing, a small seed sprouted to develop into an idea with a life of its own. Determined to keep herself challenged, Patricia is exploring other genres and lengths of work as well. A Kamloops, British Columbia native, Patricia is a wife and mother who spends as much time with her family as she can. Working outside of the house full time leaves little room in her life for her writing yet she makes time for it. The Viscount’s Prize is by no means her first novel. Her debut novel, May 2009’s Bestseller Master’s Mistress from Champagne Books, was followed by Love Thy Neighbor that was recently released from Champagne Books. Patricia is currently working on two more projects including a prequel to Master’s Mistress and another erotic novel featuring a spirited ghost and the sexy cowboy she falls in love with. To learn more about Patricia and her writing, you can check out her website: and her blog
  15. 15. News, Nominations and Awards Cat Lovington is in the finals in the Southwest Writer annual national contest. She and her husband are appearing in the movie "Paper Heart." They went to the Hollywood premiere last month and walked the red carpet. CHRISTMAS PARTY REVIEWS LATEST REVIEWS Truth or Dare by Syrell Starr Rating: 4 Lipsticks With realistic characters and beyond steamy scenes, Ms. Starr worked some seriously hot magic in this story. Make sure you have a fan and ice water when you sit down to read this extremely hot story. What is your ultimate fantasy? To read all of the review, go to: Far From Innocent by Arlene Knowell
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