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Twilio Web Service API for building Voice Applications


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Twilio lets web developers build advanced, reliable voice communications applications using only basic web development skills, and simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

Build hosted Interactive Voice Response Applications, PBX, emergency notifications, automate phone-based sales and customer service, and more.

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Twilio Web Service API for building Voice Applications

  1. Copyright 2008 Twilio
  2. Empower Web Developers To build Voice Communication Apps that Make or Receive Phone Calls, using only Basic Web Development skills Simple API Only Five Building Blocks. Powerful API Build Advanced, Useful Applications Pay-As-You-Go Pricing No upfront, no commitment. Pay only for what you use.
  3. Voice Communications (we use every day) Sales Automation Order Inquiry Customer Relations Management Intelligent Call Distribution Emergency Notification Appointment Reminders Voicemail Costly and Difficult to Build
  4. Costly to Build Telecom Engineers (thousands) Tiny Workforce Specialized Skill Set Only Thousands of Qualified People Voice Applications (Cisco Certified, etc.) 2 $20B Market 1 Complex Open Source Options Steep Learning Curve SIP, IAX2, uLaw, GSM, skinny, STUN, SDP, RTP, H. 323, PSTN, DTMF, H.238, DID, E.164, ENUM NAPTR, DUNDi, Speex, T.38, SDP, G.711, G.729, QOS... Realtime Requirements 1 Reliability Challenges 2
  5. Commoditize the Skills Telecom Engineers (thousands) Voice Communications Web Developers Largest engineering workforce! $20B Market Millions of Skilled Workers Processes Agile Development Commodity Hosting Existing Infrastructure Investment Twilio
  6. Telecom Goo HTTP XML MP3, wav, etc. Twilio HARD EASY!
  7. Simple API <Say> <Play> <Say>Thank you for calling XYZ Corp.</Say> <Play></Play> <Record> <Record action=’’/> <Gather> <Gather numDigits=’1’ action=’’ /> <Dial> <Dial>415-867-5309</Dial> Just 5 Building Blocks
  8. Example: Example: Example:
  9. Next Grand Central In 15 Lines of PHP!
  10. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing 3¢ / minute 5¢ / minute toll free $5 / month per phone number No Contract, No Shenanigans Privileged and Confidential
  11. Before: With Twilio: Traffic Spikes Kill Service Capacity on Demand *Now a Twilio Customer Thousands of Calls Spike = Success!
  12. RIP Hard Voice Apps Privileged and Confidential