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Twilio Signal 2016 Leading An Open Hardware Revolution


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Twilio Signal 2016 presentation by Eric Pan
Transition from IT to IoT
World as new API

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Twilio Signal 2016 Leading An Open Hardware Revolution

  1. 1. THE SOCIALNETWORK OF EVOLVING THINGS Eric Pan This slide is created under CC BY 3.0 All rights of contents not listed is belong to its original authors.
  2. 2. Call your Things/pets
  3. 3. Social needs Of things 物际关系
  4. 4. From IT To IoT IoT
  5. 5. Smart, Intelligence, Social 1 Things IQ = 0 3 Intelligent Things 0 << IQ < User 2 Smart Things 0 < IQ << User 4 Social Things IQ >= User
  6. 6. World as new API
  7. 7. Survival of the fittest in human selection 物竞人择
  8. 8. Soul, Brain, Gut, Skeleton CrazyFlie Designer: Bitcraze CrazyFlie is a small indoor quadcopter designed by three Swedish embedded engineers. Seeed helped to manufacture and sell it since 2011 till today. • STM32F405 main application MCU (Cortex-M4, 168MHz, 192kb SRAM, 1Mb flash) • nRF51822 radio BRAIN • C for the Crazyradio and Crazyflie firmware • Python for the Crazyflie PC API and client (the also have Ruby and C/C++ APIs maintained by the community) • Java for the Crazyflie Android Client SOUL • 3 axis gyro (MPU- 9250) • 3 axis accelerometer (MPU-9250) • 3 axis magnetometer (MPU-9250) • high precision pressure sensor (LPS25H) • On-board LiPo charger with 100mA, 500mA and 980mA modes available GUT • 5 x CW propellers • 5 x CCW propellers • 6 x Motor mounts SKELETON
  9. 9. The wrong team, for now Software team is Like a Band While Hardware Team is like an Orchestra
  10. 10. The closing gap Internet Things Applications of things
  11. 11. Open Hardware for bands Arduino Raspberry Pi LinkIt One Intel Edison BeagleBone Green mbed Popular Development Platforms + + + Modular Sensors & Actuators Online Communities
  12. 12. Compile Hardware 1k10010.10 CROWD DESIGN OPEN TECHNOLOGY FUSION SAMPLE AGILE MANUFACTURE CENTER NEW PRODUCTION TRIAL MASS PRODUCTION Co-design via cloud based tools and crowd-sourcing One-click prototyping service, Open Parts Library Design for Manufacturing review (BOM, Gerber, Mechanical, Testing & Manufacturability) Manufacture as a service, Approximate to users P2P delivery covers local demands and niche markets better Supply according to deman Your turnkey solution for taking a prototype to production P2P FULFILLMENT DEMAND CHAIN DISTRIBUTION Development basing on open hardware and software technologies
  13. 13. + 大規模 Massive (基數 Base) + 開源科技 Open Source (基因 Gene) + 創客 Maker (變異 Mutation) Products Evolutions
  14. 14. The pyramid of propagation Your turnkey solution for taking a prototype to production DIFFERENCE
  15. 15. The world as a new API wake me up: