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Scaling Company Values - Twilio - TechWeek 2012


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Scaling the culture and values of your business is hard. Jeff shares some tips and thoughts on how Twilio actively worked to keep the culture alive through rapid growth from 5 people to over 100 in the past 2 years.

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Scaling Company Values - Twilio - TechWeek 2012

  1. ScalingCompany Culture Jeff Lawson @jeffiel
  2. January 10 August 11February 12
  3. Jan ’10 “Values”Continuous ImprovementDetail OrientedLearnersHumbleHungry Spirit of Challenge
  4. What is culture?What are values?What’s the difference?
  5. People Product Process
  6. Culture isliving values.
  7. Values are observed in three tangible ways: Rituals Heroes Symbols
  8. RitualsNew Employees Build a Twilio App in their first 2 weeks Answer 20 support tickets Attend 7 “Twilio 101” Sessions Present their app and get “knighted” Get a “Buddy” to show them the ropes New Engineers Deploy code their first day (Add their name to the website)
  9. RitualsMonday, 10:30 AM All Hands (w/ Bagels) Read some recent tweets Introduce new Employees Learn their Names All Hands Appreciation All Hands Q&A Monday, Noon Company Lunch, Meet new PeopleWednesday, 6PM Company Dinner New Employee Demo their Twilio App Track Jackets & Kindle “Knighting” Spin the Birthday Wheel of Fate Thursday, Noon Lunch w/ Tech Talk for continued learning Friday, Noon End of Sprint Demos Photoshop Friday
  10. Heroes
  11. SymbolsOur 9 Things
  12. Live The Spirit of Challenge ✤Tackle hard problems. If our ambitions aren’t terrifying, we aren’t pushing ourselves enough.
  13. Empower Others ✤ We’re here to unleash the greatness ofothers, inside and outside the company.
  14. Start with Why ✤Start by understanding why customers will care.  Use data to challenge assumptions.
  15. Create Experiences ✤Every interaction with Twilio should inspire confidence and admiration.
  16. No Shenanigans ✤Be thoughtful.  Always deal in an honest, direct and transparent way.
  17. Be Humble ✤Everybody has something to learn, so seek first to understand, then be understood.  
  18. Think at Scale ✤ Anticipate where we’re going and invest insystems that provide a consistent customer experience as we grow.
  19. Draw the Owl ✤There’s no instruction book, it’s ours to draw.   Figure it out, ship it and iterate.
  20. Draw the Owl ✤There’s no instruction book, it’s ours to draw.   Figure it out, ship it and iterate.
  21. Be Frugal ✤Profit is the engine that lets us achieve our goals. If we do more with less, we can do more.
  22. Live The Spirit of ChallengeOur 9 Things Empower Others Start with Why Create Experiences No Shenanigans Be Humble Think at Scale Draw the Owl Be Frugal
  23. “How did we get here? The firmchanged the way it thought aboutleadership. Leadership used to beabout ideas, setting an example anddoing the right thing. Today, if youmake enough money for the firm,you will be promoted into a positionof influence.”
  24. "The value of yourcompany is drivenby your company’svalues." Howard Schultz, Starbucks
  25. ScalingCompany Culture Jeff Lawson @jeffiel