Lead Gen in the Post-PC World - LeadsCon 2012


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Discussion of the post-pc world, where mobile phones and tablets are the primary computing devices, and how this will affect the field of lead generation. From LeadsCon 2012 in Las Vegas, presented by Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson

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Lead Gen in the Post-PC World - LeadsCon 2012

  1. Lead Gen in the Post PC Era Jeff Lawson @jeffiel twilio
  2. What % of people have a mobile phone? Who cares.twilio
  3. 200M iPhones 70M iPads 1M Amazon Kindles850,000 New Androids / Daytwilio
  4. Non-PCs are 7% of Internet traffic Internet Traffic Video: 50% Websites: 18% Bit Torrent: 11%Non-PCs are 20% of “non-bulk” traffictwilio
  5. Nearly half of tablet owners completed a purchase on their tablet (Comscore)twilio
  6. Post PC, WTF?Primary computing device is not a PC PCs for production Tablets, Phones for Consumptiontwilio
  7. But Wait!We’ve finally gotten good at PC lead gen! Google analytics A/B Testing Lead Capture Call Trackingtwilio
  8. Generating Leads in the Post PC Eratwilio
  9. PC Consumer has a Creator Mindset Focused Task Based Keyboardtwilio
  10. Post PC Consumer has a different mindsettwilio
  11. On the Go Multitasking Fight for Attention Instant Needs to Fulfilltwilio
  12. Consumption More passive Less data entrytwilio
  13. Situationynesstwilio
  14. Calls to Action Form Fill Checkin Visit Calltwilio
  15. What’s your conversion rate from visitor to caller?twilio
  16. Mobile Sites convert 20% of visits into calls } (DudaMobile) Transportation 44% Pizza 32% Auto Repair 22% Home Repair 20% Conversion RateMedical Services 16% by Vertical Beauty & Spa 13% Retail 12% Restaurants 11%twilio
  17. What%About%Apps?
  18. Apps%are%Trusted%Sources
  19. So#they#will#drive#business
  20. Location Yup! Pull Data (by location) Push Data (geo-fencing) SMS and Push Notifications Lead Qualification (by locale) Checkins = Loyalty QR Codes FTW WTF?twilio
  21. More like TV than a PCtwilio
  22. These will be theprimary computing devices twilio
  23. at ? W h o w will be the NTheseprimary computing devices twilio
  24. Direct Actions Call Visit High Value!twilio
  25. Click To Call Tap User Leaves the app Little tracking information Just a dumb phone call.twilio
  26. Tap To Call Inside the App or Ad, with 1 finger VoIP Call with DataContext aware, completely trackabletwilio
  27. VoIP calling forweb, iOS and Android Apps
  28. twilio
  29. twilio
  30. Tap To CallInside the App, Inside the Ad, with 1 finger Context aware, completely trackable What else? twilio
  31. Closing Leads in the Post PC Eratwilio
  32. Where are your closers? Agents Service Providers Home Repstwilio
  33. Where are your closers? Where are they? andWhat’s their primary computing device? Agents Service Providers Home Reps twilio
  35. Anagent’s odds of successfully contactingan online lead are100 times higherif the lead hears back from the agentwithin five minutesof filling out an online form.MIT twilio
  36. 100Xtwilio
  37. twilio
  38. twilio
  39. Where are your closers? Where are they? andWhat’s their primary computing device? and are they closing?twilio
  40. Complete(Channel(Visibility(( For(The(Mobile(Enterprise( Howard%Brown CEO#&#Founder
  41. The$Problem$with$Marke1ng’s$360°$View$$ Phone$tracking$and$rep$performance$is$rarely$factored$into$ campaign$performance$$A$prospects$calls$but$the$campaign$source$ Reps$performance$ is$rarely$collected$ can$have$either$a$ huge$impact$on$ ! campaign$ROI$ ! ! ! Prospects$are$usually$$ influenced$mul1ple$ 1mes$during$a$revenue$ Limited$visibility$into$ cycle$ what$actually$moved$ prospects$along$the$ ! funnel$ ! !
  42. Integra(on*of*Cloud*Technologies*Through* Mobile*Telephony! Campaign** Call*Center** CRM*Data* Social** Source* Func(onality* ! ! ! 3!
  43. RingDNA(Tells(Companies(Who(Is(Calling,( What(They(Want,(and(What(To(Sell(Them( Account"Rep" Valuable"real> logged"into" ?me(customer( RingDNA(and( data(such"as"Salesforce(CRM( campaign" source,"search" keywords"and" more"gives" account"reps" Smart"rou<ng" ac<onable" suggests(sales( insight"" scripts(based(on" factors"such"as"geo?loca<on,"<tle" or"campaign" source( 4"
  44. " How$it$Works$RingDNA"uses"smart$numbers$to"track"inbound"calls"from"ads,"sites,"and"more" Web" Account" Customer" TV" Call" History Data" Metrics" " Social" Marke<ng" CRM" Sales" 5"
  45. Complete(Marke-ng(ROI(Visibility( 6"
  46. Post PC Lead Gen Meet Realtime Needs Consumption, not production Build Trust with Apps Convert with Tap to CallEmbrace the Mobile Workforce twilio
  47. Lead Gen in the Post PC Era Jeff Lawson @jeffiel twilio