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Integrating Communications into CRM


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A slideshow of our Integrating Communications into CRM Webinar. In this presentation, you'll read: CRM and "spectrum of communication" overview, an overview of Twilio, architecture for CRM + communications, hear some of our customer use cases and learn about a solution that our partner RingDNA implemented.

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Integrating Communications into CRM

  1. 1. Adding Communications to your CRM
  2. 2. Adding Communications to your CRM INTRODUCTIONS Charles Oppenheimer Solutions Architect,Twilio
  3. 3. Agenda • CRM  and  “spectrum  of  communica6on”  overview • Twilio  overview • Architecture  for  CRM  +  communica6ons • Customer  use  cases • Partner  solu6on:  RingDNA 3
  4. 4. Defini6ons • CRM  =  Customer  Rela6onship  Management • Integra6ng  Communica6ons  with  crm –(oGen  referred  to  as  CTI,  computer  telephony  integra6on) 4 –Simple  examples • Recognizing  your  customers  when  they  call • SMS  messages  for  marke6ng  and  appointments • Automa6ng  sales  calls –Advanced  examples • Adding  communica6ons  into  your  core  product   –  in  browser,  in  an  app,  in  a  car • Salesforce,  home  grown  crm,  opera6ng  data.     • Every  business  has  data  about  customers.
  5. 5. Why add communications to your CRM? © 2009 - 2014 Twilio, Inc. All rights reserved. -­‐Compe66ve  and  cost  advantages -­‐Customer  expecta6ons  are  rising,  if  you  aren’t  doing  the  basics  eventually  you  won’t  be  able  to  compete -­‐The  best  companies  are  moving  away  from   (paying  aUen6on  to  the  customer  experience,  differen6a6ng  themselves  based  on  commuinca6ons  with  cusomters) Anecdotal  facts:   -­‐-­‐  How  many  6mes  have  you  called  a  company,  and  they  don’t  know  your  name/account  info?  How  happy  does  this  make  you? Compe66ve  advantages: -­‐-­‐  If  companies  aren’t  doing  the  basics,  there  is  a  lot  of  greenfield  to  geZng  integrated.  Just  knowing  your  customers  name  goes  a  long  way.  But  it  goes  further :facts
  6. 6. CRM  without  silos • A  tradi6onal  model  considers  contact  centers  a  cost  center,  and   CRM  as  a  database     • Evolved  CRM  integrates    communica6ons  and  CRM  components –and  “CRM”  is  a  customer  experience  embedded  into  your  product 6
  7. 7. VISUALCRM AWARE CALL CALLBACK EMBEDDED Communication spectrum © 2009 - 2014 Twilio, Inc. All rights reserved. SPECTRUM OF CUSTOMER CONTEXT COLD CALL COLD CALL - inbound call to local / toll-free - get the ANI / any public information (e.g. CNAM) CRM AWARE “known caller” + any known customer data based on ANI lookup, i.e. CRM data. CALLBACK + any context about the current support channel interaction, e.g. the page the customer is on, state of the application (e.g. contents of shopping cart) EMBEDDED + context about the current request: problem description, customer disposition + ability to perform agent routing rules before voice call is live + authorization + stay “in-app” VISUAL + video + real-time lightweight collaboration eg Amazon “Mayday”
  8. 8. Integrated  CRM  communica6on  examples (transi6on) 8 Moving  things  off  of  a  high  level,  we  are  now  going  to  talk  about  specific  examples.    Dive  deep  into  one  in  par6cular,  and  th -­‐-­‐  it  
  9. 9. Integra6ng  CRM  paUerns • Embedded  in  CRM  applica6on –Example:  Zendesk  Voice,  Salesforce  Open  CTI –Benefits:  close  integra6on  with  CRM  data –Drawbacks:  Development  environment  dependent  on  CRM • Integrated/outside  of  CRM –Examples:  RingDNA,  IVR –Benefits:  More  flexible  placorm,  na6ve  mobile  devices –Costs:  Mul6ple  applica6ons 9
  10. 10. Screen  Pop • Recognizing  your  caller  on  a  inbound  call • Rou6ng  them  to  the  best  place • Gree6ng  them  by  name,  shortening  authen6ca6on  process 10
  11. 11. ROI  on  screenpop • Screenpop  with  Salesforce  and  Twilio,  embedded  CRM –ROI:  recognizing  inbound  callers »Call  Center  with  500,000  calls  per  year –Iden6fying  inbound  callers  can  save  1  minutes  per  call –(500kminutes  /  75000oncallminutesperagent)  =~  6.6  FTE  savings 11
  12. 12. CRM  for  Sales  and  marke6ng –  Genera6ng  a  local  number  for  a  outbound  call –  Reducing  the  amount  of  6me  to  click  and  call  a  customer 12
  13. 13. Why  Twilio  for  CRM?   –(transi6on  slide) 13 Do  a  brief  intro  about  why  Twilio,  for  CRM  specifically,  before  launching  into  our  placorm  and  how  it  works • Excep6onal  flexibility  -­‐  API/placorm  approach • Build  for  the  Future –Communica6ons  in  your  website –Mobile  +  CRM  convergence –Black  box  silos  don’t  work  anymore
  14. 14. Twilio is a cloud-hosted communications API. © 2009 - 2014 Twilio, Inc. All rights reserved. Phone Numbers PSTN Voice Calls Embedded VoIP SDKs SMS & MMS Two-way SIP
  15. 15. <say> <dial> Telecom The Internet PSTN PHONE CALL TTS CALL FORWARDING HTTP Closed Networks, Complicated Protocols, Private Contracts Web standards, Open access, Easy to scale, Rapid development What is Twilio? PHONES / TELECOM NETWORK INCOMING PHONE CALL WEB SERVER
  16. 16. </> TWILIO CLOUD YOUR ENTERPRISE APPLICATION SIPWEBRTC & MOBILE SMS & MMS PSTN HTTP Global carrier interconnects Streaming audio Messaging binds VoIP presence
  17. 17. © 2009 - 2014 Twilio, Inc. All rights reserved. BUILD A CULTURE OF COMMUNICATIONS INNOVATION Develop and deploy at web speed. PROTOTYPE BUILD DEPLOY CHANGE vs  legacy  communica6ons  integra6on –Hardware –  SoGware   • (only  runs  on  Windows?)  (pay  to  cusotmize?) • (only  certain  features?)   • compa6ble  with  X? In  today’s  highly  compe66ve  world,  companies  need  to  move  fast  and  can’t  afford  a   communica6ons  infrastructure  that  doesn’t  move  with  the  speed  of  the  business.     By  moving  communica6ons  into  the  realm  of  soGware  and  the  cloud,  you  can: Prototype  Quickly
  18. 18. Customer  use  cases (transi6on  slide) 18 Moving  things  off  of  a  high  level,  we  are  now  going  to  talk  about  specific  examples.    Dive  deep  into  one  in  par6cular,  and  th
  19. 19. Disconnected support platforms creates user friction and reduces agent productivity Built a CRM-integrated contact center in less than 1 month using Twilio Call costs to lenders lowered by 66%, and call contact rates increased by 100% IMPACT SOLUTION CHALLENGE CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER © 2009 - 2014 Twilio, Inc. All rights reserved. zest finance does x: -->
  20. 20. Needed a reliable platform that could support their rapidly growing call center Integrated Twilio Voice and Twilio Client into the Wix Call Center in 6 weeks Eliminated per user fees, resulting in long-term cost reduction.IMPACT SOLUTION CHALLENGE CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER © 2009 - 2014 Twilio, Inc. All rights reserved. What they do, who they are -> solution, volume or impact ->
  21. 21. Twilio  powered  Solu6ons • RingDNA 21 RingDNA  is  built  with  Twilio,  and  specifically  integrates  with  Salesforce  sales  data  and  has  some  unique  features.