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Wise presentation


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Wise presentation

  1. 1. Looks normal Elevated scanreadings suggest other wise
  2. 2. Timber assessment required• Endoscope inserted to check timber What is should look What it did like look like - Rot
  3. 3. Removed the lining
  4. 4. Removed more lining Looks worse than it is..Damaged is localised and is caused by failed window corner seals
  5. 5. Yuk Boundary Joist destroyed.BUT it doesn’t take long to cut it outwith out damaging the exterior
  6. 6. Boundry joist removedBoundary Joist removed
  7. 7. New treated timber installed New Boundary joists installed
  8. 8. Timber replaced
  9. 9. Nearly finished From start tofinish has taken two days
  10. 10. FinishedImportant pointsThis job took 2 daysThe frame is back to normalThe windows have been resealed.No need to recladMonitor regularly