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What is SocialMeetsCRM about?

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  1. 1. SocialMeetsCRM!A Complete Customer Engagement Solution!
  2. 2. The Problem Facing Companies!Situation!
  3. 3. Companies are losing Control of their Brand!Customers continue to adopt social technologies at a blinding speed –yet organizations are unable to keep up. Why? Rapid adoption ofsocial networking enables users to connect with individuals andcommunities who share mutual interests, increasingly leavingorganizations out of the conversation. Simply hiring more people tokeep up with social marketing, sales, and support will not be sufficient,as consumers and their new channels will always outnumberemployees. As a result, companies need an organized approachusing enterprise software that connects business units to the socialweb giving them the opportunity to respond in near-real time, and in acoordinated fashion.!
  4. 4. Social Media changed the Playground …! Customer engagement and collaboration are key… leaving you Outbound marketingoutside is no longer enough Graphics by Mark Tamis
  5. 5. … and offer additional Revenue!•  Customers are connecting with individuals and communities based upon shared interests•  Customers increasingly leave companies out of the conversation.•  Companies are lacking an organized approach that enables them to respond near-real time
  6. 6. How Does SocialMeetsCRM help?!Customer Engagement!
  7. 7. The SocialMeetsCRM Command Center!Helps you to!!•  Generate more leads! •  Connects you with your customers•  Increase your conversion rate! •  Allows a coordinated social engagement with your customers•  Improve your customer loyalty! •  Provides you with relevant, actionable customer analytics•  Improve your marketing! •  Provides you with competitive insights!
  8. 8. The Command Center reconnects You with your Customers!
  9. 9. SocialMeetsCRM drives Your Sales in Store and on transactional Sites! Engage and Transact Analyze
  10. 10. The SocialMeetsCRM Command Center! Optimize Evaluate Create Alert Manage Communication Engine Intelligenc •  Multi-Channel Content e DB •  Multi-Location Manager •  Multi-UserAggregate Monitor Post Respond Engage
  11. 11. SocialMeetsCRM ROI!•  Increased Revenue •  Increased reach = more leads •  Higher conversion rate •  Higher brand loyalty •  Example: Dell earned $ 3 mio in 18 months•  Increased efficiency •  One console, one asset repository •  Integrated analytics •  Leverage multi level marketing, your followers take your message further via retweets, likes, comments, shares, … •  Integration into your CRM system!
  12. 12. Get more Leads!Be where your customers areEngage in the conversationBe localSocialmeetsCRM Command Center•  enables you to publish and aggregate social media conversations – locally and globally•  manages hundreds of conversations across different social channels – from one interface•  Scales across your organization: by location, department, employee, brand, product•  Shares leads with your CRM system
  13. 13. Increase Your Conversion Rate!Improve your reachExtend your marketing to social mediaProtect your brand reputationSocialmeetsCRM Command Center•  Delivers brand approved messaging – coordinated and consistently•  Is a secure enterprise-class solution•  Provides maximum reach while ensuring company policies •  Approval process for content •  Keyword scans!
  14. 14. Improve Messaging based on Data!Apply social intelligence!Monitor and measure conversations!Optimize your impact!!SocialmeetsCRM Command Center!•  offers central intelligence via one single database covering all customer interactions!•  Measures effectiveness of messaging!•  Helps you identify advocates and critics!•  Enables to efficiently create best practice content for further engagements!•  Enables message consistency and effectiveness by cascading best practices!!
  15. 15. Leverage Intelligence on Competitors!Monitor, measure their conversations!Benchmark them against your own!Apply your learnings!!SocialmeetsCRM Command Center!•  offers central intelligence via one single database covering all customer interactions!•  Measures effectiveness of messaging of your competitors!•  Helps you identify advocates and critics!•  Enables to leverage competition intelligence to improve your own conversations!!
  16. 16. The SocialMeetsCRM Command Center!•  Manage •  Complex organizational hierarchies •  Combined postings to different media, including Facebook and Twitter, including scheduling abilities •  Attach videos and images, shortening •  All assets are reusable•  Engage •  Business focused, Facebook style real-time interface •  E-mail alerting enabling immediate responses•  Analyze •  Graphical dashboards, identification of influencers, active fans, engaging posts •  Competition analysis•  Optimize •  Protect brand reputation with keyword scans and approvals •  Shared best practice content library!
  17. 17. SocialMeetsCRM helps you driving your Brand further!•  Affordable enterprise-class Customer Engagement Solution •  Listen, measure and engage •  Services around the solution•  Manage multiple social media personae•  Social Analytics•  Integration into Enterprise Class CRM systems
  18. 18. Are you ready for the conversation?! Contact me:! ! •  E-Mail:! •  Linkedin:! •  Twitter: @twieberneit! ! Or have a look at !