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Feel the FP-ness


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Presented by Tom Hume at Sussex University, February 2009: a talk on the topic of running a software company along agile principles.

Published in: Technology
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Feel the FP-ness

  1. 1. Feel the FP-ness Building and running a software company on agile principles Sussex University, 11th February 2009
  2. 2. where it all began
  3. 3. “and they have a plan”
  4. 4. we sell puzzles
  5. 5. we invent new kinds of play
  6. 6. we hunt ghosts
  7. 7. Everyone knows how to build software “The implementation above is risky and invites failure” - Winston W Royce
  8. 8. Corporate growth pains We tried Scrum previously and messed it up We engaged a consultant to help us It didn’t seem to be working so well
  9. 9. 24 ho Daily standups urs 2– Pro 4w Ba duc ckl t ee og Sp ks Ba rint ckl og Sprints never change length S P Sprint backlog is fixed for sprint duration R IN T Roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team Scrum in 3 minutes De live rab le
  10. 10. Rationalised stakeholders! 2 weeks til deadline, not 6 months Definitive TODO list How fast you will go = how fast you have gone One product owner Change welcomed One product backlog Early visible progress Prioritised requirements Realistic projections Focused team Minimal overhead Immediate benefits
  11. 11. Unit Testing Code Reviews Source Control Defect Tracking Informal Lectures Continuous Integration Test Driven Development Explicit Acceptance Tests Never Leave A Man Behind Automated User InterfaceTesting technical practices
  12. 12. Daily meetings Problems surface early Planning, review and retrospective always happen It’s more discipline, not less
  13. 13. Change is going to happen - deal with it Don’t blame the customer 5 months 81 revisions “Wireframes are to date Thanks to: pretty much there. Should - Competitive pressure be able to sign them off - Mid-project learning next week.” - Usability testing - Unpredictable good ideas Dealing with change, not discouraging it
  14. 14. Our dev team are as cynical as I am Some people don’t like working this way (you should be able to incorporate them) Scrum gets used in high-pressure environments e.g. medical Expect some negativity
  15. 15. Spread workload evenly over project life We’ve eliminated culture of overtime Plan and replan regularly Team run at constant pace Sustainable working life “You know nothing of The Crunch”
  16. 16. we still don’t understand...
  17. 17. Join us We’re special
  18. 18. Thanks for listening! I’ve been Sussex University, 11th February 2009