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What Teens Want: 2008


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Buzz Marketing Group CEO Tina Wells shares her insights on the latest trends among teens.

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What Teens Want: 2008

  1. 1. Buzz Marketing Group What Teens Want !""# Tina Wells$ CEO Buzz Marketing Group
  2. 2. !Established in %&&' !Created network of &$"""( buzzSpotters® !Focused on research$ events$ and promotions !Known for monthly buzzReport !Clients include: St) Martin*s Press$ Johnson & Johnson$ Procter ( Gamble !Buzzspotter)com launching in Q+) BuzzMG Quick Facts
  3. 3. !Monthly Trend Reports !Consulting !Online Polls & Surveys !Trends & Insights Presentations !Youth Panel !Access to buzzspotter)com$ coming Fall bMusic Quick Facts
  4. 4. !Global Panel of &$"""( buzzSpotters®$ representing !" countries outside of the U)S) !BCB , Buzz Consultant Board !BYI , Buzz Youth Institute !Blue Pulse , monthly polls !bGlobal , ' global partners -Brazil$ Finland$ The Netherlands$ UK$ France$ Spain. !bTween , Partnership w/ Call+Ally)com$ Tween board comprised of +""( kids in ' distinct markets BuzzMG Methodology
  5. 5. Buzz Marketing Group Exploring Trends
  6. 6. Expression most important Conformism Functionality most important Innovation Techies Independents Preppies Early adopters Trend setters Alternatives Late adopters Early adopters Teen / Tween Market Segmentation How we identify different tribes.
  7. 7. Wharholism ! Youth know they can have their %0 min of fame instantaneously))) ! All it takes is some creativity$ a video camera$ and an internet connection! " Examples: MySpace$ YouTube$ 1My Grammy Moment2 contest$ reality TV) " Online video sites like YouTube and blogTV allow youth to post clips of anything " Social networking sites like Facebook allow youth to network$ post clips$ and play games " Places to publicize their own music$ like MySpace Music
  8. 8. Massclusivity Youth want exclusive products designed for the masses) " Examples: iPod$ NikeiD)com$ Levi*s " Retailers like Target and H&M feature limited edition designer clothes at a3ordable prices " iPods come in an array of colors and models ranging from the iPod shu4e to the iPod touch " Google constantly comes out with new features that allow you to customize your email$ home page$ and RSS feeds
  9. 9. Technoholics ! Youth thrive o3 new technology) ! Teens are being more and more tech,savvy and crave the newest cutting edge technology! ! Our annual survey states that &&5 of our teens own mobile phones! ! &"5 own digital cameras & #05 have a desktop computer at home) " Examples: iPhone$ Wii$ PlayStation$ Skype phone$ digital cameras " It6s the year of the iPhone G7$ once again! " Text messaging and other forms of instant messaging are as common as actual phone calls " Youth demand that mobile phones feature messaging capabilities " It6s now chic to be geek
  10. 10. Global-Mobiles !Teens are globally connected !The world is big and portable !Anything spotted by a teen from one part of the world can instantaneously be spread to another !What can your company do to keep up with the Global, Mobiles?
  11. 11. ! Teens consume content instantaneously ! Teens demand immediate forms of communication: ! Teens are tech,savvy and messages need to appear anywhere and everywhere to reach them Insta-Messengers "AIM "Text Messaging "Facebook "Google "Downloadable music and video clips
  12. 12. • 1Transculturalism is the merging and converging of cultures)2 -Fernando Ortiz. • Culture$ style$ and trends are global • Culture is universal$ but trends appear in unique variations • American youth are inspired by cultural trends from other parts of the world • Youth will put their own spin on these trends Transculturalism
  13. 13. Overview "&""" buzzSpotters® "!" Countries "Annual On,line Survey "Ages %7,%# "0"/0" Male/Female
  14. 14. Buzz Marketing Group What*s Hot & What*s Not:MUSIC
  15. 15. Top Music Artists !Chris Brown !Rihanna !Beyonce !Kanye West !Usher !Lil Wayne
  16. 16. Top 5 Songs "1Lollipop2,Lil Wayne "1Bleeding Love2,Leona Lewis "1Love in This Club2,Usher "1Take a Bow2,Rihanna "1Forever2,Chris Brown Top iTune album downloads… !Cold Play: Viva la Vida !Lil Wayne: Tha Carter III !Katie Perry: One of The Boys VS)
  17. 17. Preferred Genre 13Other 0Jazz or Classical 1Country 4Indie Rock 49Hip Hop, R&B 16Pop 15Rock and Alternative PercentagesResponses If you could pick two artists to collaborate, who would you choose? Beyonce and Chris Brown Alicia Keys and Beyonce Which genre of music do you listen to the most?
  18. 18. New Music # Teens do not want to waste time when it comes to getting new music) # +#5 of teens immediately download music from iTunes and !05will download on any other site for little or no cost at all) # Only %75 will buy the entire CD!
  19. 19. Buzz Marketing Group What*s Hot & What*s Not: TECH
  20. 20. Top Tech Items 59% 72% 35% 53% 56% 34% 22% 41% 90% 99% 60% 85% Wireless Internet High speed internet MP3 player other than iPod iPod Any Apple product Blackberry, iPhone or any smartphone TIVo Camcorder Digital Camera Cell Phone Laptop Computer Desktop Computer PercentagesResponses Most requested cell phones… !iPhone !iTouch !Sidekick A whopping !!" of teens own a cell phone!
  21. 21. Purchasing Habits 7%6+ 21%3-5 65%1-2 7%None PercentagesResponses '05 of Teens are planning to purchase %,! tech items this summer!
  22. 22. Purchasing Habits # When it comes to school shopping it*s not only about the clothes # '#5 of teens will be purchasing %,! tech items for back to school! # Only %"5 said they were 8ne with what they already have
  23. 23. Purchasing Habits # '!5 of teens will spend over 9%"" on certain must,have tech items # !'5 of teens will spend between 90",9%"" #Popular tech items are costly but teens will 8nd a way to purchase them
  24. 24. Purchasing Habits 1%Only when I receive as a gift 54%Whenever I can afford to buy them 29%When something new & trendy comes out 15%Only when I need a replacement PercentagesResponses When do you purchase tech items?
  25. 25. Buzz Marketing Group What*s Hotter??
  26. 26. What’s Hotter: Internet or Television ?? "&75 of teens polled preferred Internet over TV
  27. 27. Mac or PC ?? What’s Hotter: "'05 of teens would rather use a Mac!
  28. 28. What’s Hotter: Facebook or Myspace?? "The results are in 0:5 of teens prefer Facebook!
  29. 29. What’s Hotter: AIM or Texting ?? "Overall$ :%5 of teens would rather text than IM their friends
  30. 30. What’s Hotter: Magazines or Blogs ?? "While the internet is the place to 8nd all your information$ '&5 of teens still prefer magazines!
  31. 31. Buzz Marketing Group Case Study
  32. 32. Case Study: The Hills vs. Gossip Girl Why does The Hills consistently draw double the audience of Gossip Girl?
  33. 33. Case Study: The Hills vs. Gossip Girl The Stars Lauren Conrad Serena Vanderwoodsen •Average,looking girl from the suburbs •Has a fashion internship and takes classes on the side •Has friend$ roommate$ and boy troubles; she can be any other teen! •Gorgeous and glamourous girl from Manhattan •Still in high school •Troubles include having a wild past$ going to rehab$ and the contributing to the death of a stranger due to hard drugs
  34. 34. Case Study: The Hills vs. Gossip Girl The Friends The Hills Gossip Girl •Audrina & Lo: Lauren’s roommates and close girl friends •Whitney: Lauren’s friend and Teen Vogue coworker •Heidi: Lauren’s rival and ex-BFF •Blair: Serena’s spoiled and devious best friend •Dan: Serena’s boyfriend who is her polar opposite •Georgina: Serena’s party-crazy friend from her past who blackmails her in an attempt to win her back
  35. 35. Case Study: The Hills vs. Gossip Girl The Clothes Lauren Conrad Serena Vanderwoodsen •Affordable brands •Can be purchased from online sites like •Flirty, fun outfits, appropriate for girls in early 20s •On occasion seen with gifted Chanel bag! •High end, haute couture designers, $30,000 an outfit! •Can be only be purchased at high end fashion boutiques •Overly sophisticated •Not appropriate for girls in high school, only the super elite!
  36. 36. Case Study: The Hills vs. Gossip Girl The Plot Typical$ daily activities of teens and young adults: •Lauren Conrad is an average girl from the suburbs who has a fashion internship and takes classes on the side •She lives with her two roommates$ Audrina and Lo •When she goes out$ she hits local clubs or drinks beer from plastic cups with her friends at house parties Atypical$ unrealistic activities of high school teens: •Serena Vanderwoodsen is still in high school$ but has already been to rehab for her wild past$ which involved the death of a stranger due to hard drugs •Serena lives with her mother$ who is currently in a love a3air with the father of Serena*s boyfriend •Serena*s parties involve Cosmos and classy$ upscale service
  37. 37. Case Study: The Hills vs. Gossip Girl MTV understands and employs cultural permeation, attacking every aspect of pop culture, including: •Virtual world: online episodes are easy to access and in HD •TV: Laguna The Hills Spin-off shows •Retail: Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Whitney Port have their own clothing lines that are affordable and accessible •Celebrity status: Lauren and Heidi are constantly on the covers of US Weekly and other celebrity magazines Why did it work? Teens want to live the brand!
  38. 38. Case Study: The Hills vs. Gossip Girl Recap: •Based show on real people •Characters are easy to relate to •Wharholism attracts many viewers and fans •Produced a marketable brand on many levels •Virtual MTV, your own avatars who can dress, act, and play in the real Hills virtual world •Watch The Hills episodes anytime: •Based on fictional, dramatic characters-not as easy to relate to •Maintained brand solely on television •Dissolved on-line episodes making it inaccessible to the demo target: Teens
  39. 39. Contact Buzz Marketing Group 1018 Laurel Oak Rd. Suite 1 Voorhees, NJ 08043 856.346.3456