The Buzz on 20somethings


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The 20somethings of the Millennial Generation are inspiring, innovative, educated and - most of all - connected. Buzz Marketing Group interviewed over 500 men and women across the United States to learn about the lives of this unique generation.

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The Buzz on 20somethings

  1. 1. THE Buzz ON 20Somethings REPORT 1.0Th e f ir s t wa ve o f a n e w a n n ua l r e p o r t p r o f ili n g th e se u p a nd c o m i n g Mille n n ia ls.
  2. 2. Who was INVOLVED? 9000 This network is used as a resource for ethnographies, focus groups, personal 2.11 interviews, immersion 10.2577 members of our Laun c h ed experiences, surveys, and polls. Overall, this panel is composed ofbuzzSpotter® network trend influencers, and represent all of nlineparticipated in this F ie lded o the “tribes” we have identified, which include: independents, preppies,survey, the first in a Closed 12.23.11 techies and alternatives. buzzSpotters®new annual series on 57720somethings.55% /45%female male Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. location CT; 2 WI; 3 TN; 3 UT; 3 FL; 5 NY; 23 NJ; 5The majority of GA; 5participants arefrom these states. PA; 8 CA; 22 IL; 21STATS BY STATE AND PERCENTAGE >>>
  4. 4. AGE 25 - 28 YRS, 45%The respondents 22 - 24 YRS,ranged in age from 32%19 – 28 years. 20 - 21 YRS, 23%
  5. 5. ethnicity American Indian 1% 4% other Latino Asian 9% 8% 15% 63% black white
  6. 6. Level of EDUCA TION other Masters 6% 10% 22% H.S. diplomaEven though some recenttrends suggest thatMillennials are rethinking 46% 16% associatesthe need for higher Bachelor’s degreeeducation, our results showthat just 22% hold a highschool diploma.
  7. 7. EMPLOYMENT 17% Part time 12% unemployed 45% Full time 3% 16% other student 7% Self employedOnly 12% are totallyunemployed. Millennials arefinding ways to make money.
  8. 8. Annual EARNINGSAt least 50% of our other20somethings are making over 1% Less than$30,000 a year. $5K 14% 24%4 5 k Over $ 17% $5K - $15K 26% $30k - $45k 22% $15k - $30k
  9. 9. DO YOU WANT TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? 33% 58% do not want to start a business want to start a businessE n tre p re neur sh ip is steadily c lim bing 9% o ngst Mille n may start a business
  10. 10. Where IS How much 1% HOME? Do you pay? other $ 31% 20% With parent Renters / Owners With 2 or more 0-250 62% / 38% people 250-500 70% / 30% 13% alone 500 - 750 67% / 33% 64% / 36% 30% With one person 750 - 10001000 - 1250 59% / 41%1250 – 1500+ 53% / 47%
  11. 11. 1% 1% other divorced 15% married 31% SERIOUS 44% single ARE YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP?relationship 8% It is not just that these Millennials are dating opting out of marriage, they are opting out of serious relationships as well.
  12. 12. What do you 60*look for when making a P URC HASE? 21 6 6 4 2 1 quality price style other brand ads Eco-friendly *The above are percentages for each response.
  13. 13. Which DISCOUN T SITES DO YOU USE? 7* 9 13 28 43 other gilt jetsetter Living social groupon*The above are percentages for each response.
  14. 14. What would you BUY WITH YOUR Mobile phone?20somethings are most likely topurchase tickets to movies, concertsand events with a mobile phone. groceries tickets clothing beauty 10 24 12 36 no 42 11 34 8 daily % 10 31 30 occasionally 31 44 35 26 frequently 17
  15. 15. LIST THE P ROF ILES YOU MAINTAIN IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE. otherLinkedIn 5TH 4TH 40% are online more than 6 hrs amyspace day. 3RD twitter 2ndFacebook 1st
  16. 16. Where do you get YOUR NEWS FIRST?Television newspapers Friends & family 44% 3% 6%of those who get internet of those who get their news from radio of those who get their news from 70% 4%their news from papers go here first. others go here first.TV go here first. 30% use it as their 14% use it as their17% use it as third choice. of those who get second choice.their second of those who get their news from radiochoice. their news online go go here first. 35% here first.18% use it use it as their second as their second choice. choice.
  17. 17. WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICS, WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU? How would you rate Report Card PRESIDENT OBAMA’S performance? t issue t impo r tan e n t is still th e m os ia ted A 9%Emplo ym sues typ ically asso c 45% gfor M ille n nials. Is marriage and legalizin th you th , li ke gay B o n. wi pale in c o mparis C 31% marijuana, D/F 15%62% 15%employment education 10% healthcare 6% Legalize gay marriage 5% Legalize marijuana 2% foreign policy
  18. 18. KEY THE Y AR E NOT HOME FINDINGS ALONE. Only 13% of our respondents live alone. This communal style of living is a trend that we do not foresee changing in the near future.HIGHE R EDUCA TION THE POWE R OF THEIS S TILL IMPOR TAN T. IN TE R NE T. WhetherThese older Millennials are they are shopping viastill banking on a college Groupon or getting theirdegree, and they are news, Millennials spend anassuming the debt necessary average of 6 hours onlineto get it. each day.
  19. 19. UP F INANCES. We know that for the most part, NEXT… Millennials are employed, but how are they spending their money? What matters most? POLITICS. With theRELA TIONSHIP S. Our next Presidential Electionwave will focus on Millennial looming, we will have ourrelationships. We know that eye on candidates and talkthey’re getting married less andopting for long-term to Millennials about theirrelationships, or the single life. November predictions.We will also explore these trendswith a group of Millennials.
  20. 20. CONTACT US Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679