Moms 2.0: Media Consumption


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The SECOND WAVE of Buzz Marketing Group's year-long profile of today's mom. This month, we focused on Moms and Media Consumption.

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Moms 2.0: Media Consumption

  1. 1. The Buzz on Moms Report Media Consumption 2.0Our annual report reveals the truth about Moms: they are connected, inspiring, innovative, and philanthropic.
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 7000 11 h ed 10.22. Launc These panelists .449 members from our 1,122 a ttemptsbuzzSpotter networkparticipated in this surveyabout Moms to learn how F ie lded o n line Paneliststhey’re raising theMillennial Generation. Closed 12.23.11100%female 449 Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. Where do you live? Rural 9%  Suburbs 56%   As you can see, our respondents are mostly suburban moms with 56% City 36%   raising children here. Less than half live in the City and only 9% of moms live in rural areas.
  4. 4. ethnicity Other 2% American Hispanic African Indian 9% American 1% 16% Asian American 4% Caucasian 68%
  5. 5. s areMarital Th e majo rity o f ou r mo mStatus married. Other 1% Widowed 1% Divorced 6% Married 73% In relationship 12% Single 8%
  6. 6. Where arethey hanging Cafemom 58% out online? ParentsConnect 41% BabyCenter 37% Momlogic 35% Mamapedia 31% LifetimeMoms 29% The Motherhood 28% Kaboose 23% Momtourage 20% Babble 19% Momversation 18%
  7. 7. no t ty o f ou r m o ms are large majo ri nlineA logging bu t th e y ar e e ngaging o es. Are theyb family and business with frie nds, blogging? Yes 24% No 76%
  8. 8. are tte r a nd You tube Alth ough Twi o ms, Fac e boo k is ngst m popular am o ic e . c learly th e ir first c h o Where are they publishing No, I dont Other content? publish my 3%own content. 21% Facebook/ Facebook Notes Twitter 41% 20% Tumblr Youtube 2% 13%
  9. 9. o ms a re o n Fac e bo ok Just how often 65% o f our m r day and ano th e r multiple time s pe do our moms go day! 16% a t least o n c e pe r on facebook?Never, I dont Few times a have a page month Few times a 6% 5% week 8% Daily Multiple times 16% a day 65%
  10. 10. n t, our ub lish ing c o n te Alo ng with p y see king ou t th e ir e finite l m o ms are d e boo k! rands o n FacAre they seeking favo rite b Top 3 brands out brands on moms are facebook? seeking out No 24% Kraft® Yes P&G® 76% Tide®
  11. 11. m ost impo r t an t How often t are th eTV and In te r ne r ts o f e ve r y day life s, alo ng fo r our m o m gazines. nd ma do theypa ne wspape rs awith m o vies, boo ks, engage…? 1% 0% 1% 2% 1% 8% 20% 38% 47% 47% 90% N/A 52% 99% Daily Weekly 49% Monthly 37% 36% 27% 7% 12% 14% 9% 2% 1% 0% TV Internet Magazines Books Movies Newspapers
  12. 12. it is t impo r tan t,Wi th #1 be ing t h e m os e In te r ne t is th e m ost Media inc lear th a t th m o ms. im po r tan t med ia fo r 70% o f our order of importance 3% 1% 12% 1% 17% 17% 22% 2% 4% 27% 4% 11% 3% 11% 21% 29% 2% Newspapers 21% 70% 21% 31% Movies 22% Books 22% Magazines 2% Internet 29% 18% TV 48% 32% 21% 12% 3% 2% 20% 2% 4% 12% 0% 6% 7% 6% 0% 1 2 3 4 5 6 N/A
  13. 13. How do you till p rimarily read s are sengage in the Boo ks a nd magazine wh ile ne wspa pe rs c op ies in tra ditio nal h ard m o re . following are be ing rea d o nline m o re and media? 4% 54% 4% 39% 73% 19% Newspapers Books 2% Magazines 6% 79% 15% 2% 4% Print Online Electronic Device N/A
  14. 14. How do you m o vies are b e ing ws andengage in the For no w, T V sh o l TV sc ree ns bu t th a t wa tc h ed o n traditio na e c h savvy m o ms. following h ange soo n f o r ou r t may c media? 78% 15% 5% 1% Movies TV 91% 7% 2% 0%Traditional Screen Computer Electronic Device N/A
  15. 15. o ms h an h alf o f our m little m o re t te n t!A use r g e ne ra ted c o nare wa tc h ing Do they watch user generated content? No Yes 48% 52%
  16. 16. Do they watch ms are shopping hauls r 73 % o f ou r m o to-A muc h large ing h auls and h o w- or how-to-wa tc h ing sh opp videos o nline . videos? No 27% Yes 73%
  17. 17. c h ing , 68%, o f m o ms wa tA la rge majo rity n c ed b y th e m wh e n e influeth e se videos, ar h ase . aking a pur c m Do these videos influence their purchasing? No 32% Yes 68%   
  18. 18. Which paid to content o ms a re subsc ribed d 7 1% o f our m an sic cable plus, . service(s) do x o r ba e ith e r Ne tfli t least basic cable h ave a they subscribe ano th e r 1 3% to? I dont subscribe Hulu Plus to any paid Hulu 4% content services. 10% 2% Basic cable 13%Netflix Basic cable plus 32% 39%
  19. 19. ou r My cable #1 c h o ic e fo r ime Co mcast is t he b y Dire c t T V, T satellite ed 31% m o ms fo llo w rs. provider is… o th e r p ro vide W r ne r and a 16% 17% 13% 6% 7% 4% 5%Comcast Time Cox Verizon DirectTV Dish I do not Other Warner Network have a provider.
  20. 20. Other What services do 3% they receive from their Home phone providers?Cable TV 23% 38% Internet 36% ve nly th e y re c e ive are e Th e se r vic es h e standard cable, gst t sp read am o n e. d h o me ph o n In te r ne t, an
  21. 21. Co n tac t Us! Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679