Moms 11.0: Year in Review


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The ELEVENTH WAVE of Buzz Marketing Group's year-long profile of today's mom. This month, we took a look at our findings about Mom throughout 2012.

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Moms 11.0: Year in Review

  1. 1. The Buzz on Moms Report Year Review 11.0Our annual report reveals the truth about Moms: they are connected, inspiring, innovative, and philanthropic.
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 7000 This network is used as a resource for 2 ethnographies, focus groups, personal h ed 01.01.1 interviews, immersion Launc experiences, surveys, and polls.7,000 members of 10 surveys Overall, this panel is composed of trendour momSpotter® influencers and represent all of the “tribes” we have identified, which include:network F ie lded o nline independents, preppies, techies and alternatives. momSpotters® 7000participated in Closed 12.01.12these studies. 100% Par tic ipa n ts female
  3. 3. Food Shopping84% of our Moms make the purchasingdecisions in their households when itcomes to food, and they take that rolevery seriously. Our Moms are loyal totheir favorite brands but are also lookingfor the best value every time they stepfoot into a supermarket or open anewspaper. With a little bit of planning,our Moms are able to consistently stocktheir refrigerators and cabinets withgreat products at great prices.
  4. 4. Media consumptionOur Moms are very active online.Although, only 24% of our Moms areventuring into the blogosphere, 94% ofthem are active on many socialnetworking sites. However, they arenot just using these sites as a way ofkeeping in touch with their children,they are connecting with each otherand their favorites brands too.
  5. 5. Meet the maver62% of our Moms are looking for valueand safety more than anything else. 77%of them are using websites like Grouponand Living Social to easily find discountson anything and everything. Althoughtheir tech skills are evolving, 78% stillkeep a pair of scissors close by to cutcoupons out of their daily papers.Wherever they can find great deals iswhere you will find our Moms.
  6. 6. Meet the traveler94% of our Moms take at least one familyvacation each year and we learned just howmuch planning goes into those trips.Considering the fact that our Moms are allabout saving, 76% start to plan their tripsat least three months in advance, jugglingwork and school schedules in the process.When price incentives are not enough tosway them one way or the other, 59% ofour Moms look to family and friends tooffer advice, and 50% go online to readreviews from other Moms like them.
  7. 7. Meet the mobile mom74% of our Moms have adapted tonew tech nologies for one main reason,functionality. 85% of our Moms ownboth a cell phone and laptop. 50%are even using their mobile devicesto compare prices while shopping instores. They are finding more saleswith today’s tech nology, and as aresult they are saving more time andmoney.
  8. 8. Back-to- schoolAlthough our Moms are usuallyinfluenced by sales and promotions,when it comes to back to schoolshopping 97% said their childreninfluence their purchases more. 91% ofour Moms actually shop with theirchildren and listen to what they haveto say. Quality is just as importantas price for school supplies and ourMoms look for direction from theexperts themselves, their kids.
  9. 9. brandsOur Moms seek out specific brandsjust like anybody else and they alsorely on them to deliver. 73% of ourMoms selected Target as theirpreferred brand and store, notingthe balance between quality andaffordable prices. 76% of our Momssaid they were also seeking out theirfavorite brands online andconnecting with them on socialnetworking sites.
  10. 10. celebritiesOur Moms are not influenced bycelebrities nearly as much as ourMillennials. However, 56% said theywere influenced by celebrities whenpurchasing beauty supplies and clothing.75% also said they were influenced bycelebrities when donating to charities orcharitable causes. Only 25% our ofMoms are heavily influenced by blogsand magazines.
  11. 11. Presidential electionOur Moms are very involved in politicsand 76% still identify with politicalparties unlike their children. 65% tend toget their information from traditionalsources like television and radio asopposed to the internet. However, like ourMillennials, 74% believe the economy is thebiggest problem facing the country andthey are not optimistic about thingsturning around. 69% said they areexpecting and preparing for toughertimes ahead.
  12. 12. Holiday spendingOur Moms will be out in full force thisholiday season. 77% of our Moms plannedto start shopping before black Friday andonly 25% planned to spend less moneythan last year because of the crisis. 76%said they would shop as many times asthey needed to, in order to geteverything on their lists, and 73% will belooking for more sales this year. 89% ofour Moms will be using coupons this year,up 11% from last year.
  13. 13. Co n tac t Us! Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679