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Millennials 3.0 - Internet Privacy


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Buzz Marketing Group's THIRD WAVE of our annual report profiling 20somethings. This month, we discuss Millennials and Internet Privacy.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Millennials 3.0 - Internet Privacy

  1. 1. Internet Privacy REPORT 3.0A T H I R D W AV E o f a n e w a n n u a l r e p o r t p r o f i l i n g 2 0 s o m e t h i n g s .
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 9000 This network is used as a resource for 18.12 ethnographies, focus groups, personal h ed 1. Launc interviews, immersion420 members of experiences, surveys, and polls. 1,298 atte mpts Overall, this panel is composed ofour buzzSpotter® trend influencers, and represent all of the “tribes” we have identified, whichnetwork F ie lded o nline include: independents, preppies, techies and alternatives. buzzSpotters®participated in this Closed 2.3.12survey,66% /34%female male 420 Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. location NY 22% Rest of USAThe majority of 45% CAparticipants are 12%from these states. IL FL GA 9% 6% 6%STATS BY STATE AND PERCENTAGE >>>
  4. 4. AGE 26 - 29 YRS, 46%The respondentsranged in age from 23 - 25 YRS,20 – 29 years. 30% 20 - 22 YRS, 24%
  5. 5. ethnicity other Latino 3% 10% Asian 5% 64% black 17% white
  6. 6. Level of education 1% Ph.D Masters 12% H.S. diploma 10%Even though some recenttrends suggest thatMillennials are rethinkingthe need for higher 39% 38%education, or results show Bachelor’sthat just 12 hold on to a associates degreehigh school diploma.
  7. 7. Are you familiar with no SOPA? 21% 79% YES Are youfamiliar with PIPA? no e 0 so me th ings ar 27% Nearly 8 0 o f our 2 are o f th ese yes r a t least aw fo llo wing, o s. imp o r tan t issue 73%
  8. 8. are 20 so me th ings Censorship78 o f our osed of to an y type c m ple te ly opp y 12 are u nde le o nl In favor ce n so rsh ip, wh i undecided of 12% 10% 78% Opposed to
  9. 9. Do you set your profiles to private? 26% sometimes yes no 11% 63% ive ly m e th ings ac t e n give n63 o f our 20 so y se ttings wh acc o n tro l th e ir p riv nity th e oppo r tu
  10. 10. do you feel protected Not at all yes online? 10% 4% internet I think it is generally well I don’t think it protected is very well 44% protected 42% d are ve r y divideOur 20 so me th ings el te c ted th e y feo ve r h o w p ro o nline
  11. 11. How often Do you give personal info? never o nal e th ings give pe rs , always 4%66 o f our 20 so m so me o f th e time least o rma tio n a t pe rso nal in fo. 9%inf wh ile o n ly 4 ne ve r give Usually 26% rarely 20% 37% sometimes
  12. 12. How often do always you give false 3% info? usually 8% 17% 38% sometimes never 33% rarely nal ng 7 1 o f pe rsoAn o ve r wh e lmi ou rinfo rma t io n give n b y c c ura te a gs o nline is 20 so me th in
  13. 13. Do you watch tv shows & movies online?Television -- internet no 21% yes o f ou r 20 so me th ings 79%A larg e majo rity o wa tc h th e ir ne t tare usin g th e in te r vies sh o ws and m o favo rite T V
  14. 14. no t me th ings h ave Do you downloadOnly 30 o f our 20 so th e ir p rima ry t as music online?tur ned to th e in te r ne ic. tting th e ir mus so ur c e fo r ge no 30% yes Radio --- internet 70%
  15. 15. How much would you pay for these services $20 per More than $20 per month which are currently month free?$15 per 5%month 5% 5% Absolutely $10 per month nothing 20% 23% 42% $5 per month no t so me th ings would early h alf o f ou r 2 0 nly 15 wou ld N and o fo r th e se se r vic es 10 p e r m o n th pay h an pay m o re t be willing to
  16. 16. I use the internet primarily for … other work 10% Studyingentertainment 12% purposes 7% Personal studying entertainment 71% lac e te r ne t is a p It is c lear th a t th e in h an nm e n t m o re t fo r e n te r tai r our 20 so me th ings fo an y th ing e lse work
  17. 17. el e th ings still fe Is recording your 0 o f our 20 so m n if th e y give activity online aSu rp risingly 6 ing vio la ted e ve e p rivac y is b . violation if youth e ir o r th e ir ac tivity o n to m o nit allow me to? pe rmissi unsure 17% no yes 22% 60%
  18. 18. Censorship is wrong. We How do you should each be responsible for really feel our online activity and take about SOPA & necessary measures to I understand wh y artist who make Pipa? protect our own privacy just a living off of their music and as we have been since the movies are upset about copyrigh t inception of the internet. infringement. But SOPA is taking that to an extreme, giving the government permission to shut down a sigh t for minor infringements. I think it will hinder I think it s awful. I use thecertain possibilities for Internet daily for both worknetworking and rapid and entertainment purposes. Iprogress that has up until do Search Engine Optimizationnow been due to ubiquitous and it makes me nervous thatsharing of information. I could lose out on a job because of this act.
  19. 19. KEY THE Y R E DIVIDED ON ONLINE SAF E TY. With an FINDINGS almost even split, our 20somethings do not agree about their online safety. In fact, only 14 are sure about how they feel one way or the other THE Y ARE DEF INE TL YTHE Y S TILL F EEL USING THE IN TE R NE TVIOLA TED E VE N IF THE Y TO GE T THEIRCONSE N T. Only 22 didn t CON TE N T. Whether it isfeel violated by having their music, movies, tv, or news, ouronline activity monitored even 20somethings are using thethough they accepted the terms internet to satisfy all of theirof service entertainment needs.
  20. 20. UP F INANCES. We know that for the most part, Millennials are employed, NEXT… but how are they spending their money What matters mostFAITH. Our next wave will POLITICS. With thefocus on Millennials and Presidential Electionfaith . We know that they looming, we ll have our eyeare less influenced and less on candidates and talk toinvolved than their parent s Millennials about theirgeneration. We ll explore November predictions.these trends further with agroup of Millennials.
  21. 21. CONTACT US Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679