Moms 3.0: The Maver


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The THIRD WAVE of Buzz Marketing Group's year-long profile of today's mom. This month, we focused on Moms as a "Maver."

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Moms 3.0: The Maver

  1. 1. The Buzz on Moms Report Meet the Maver 3.0Our annual report reveals the truth about Moms: they are connected, inspiring, innovative, and philanthropic.
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 7000 11 h ed 10.22. Launc These panelists .449 members from our 1,122 a ttemptsbuzzSpotter networkparticipated in this surveyabout Moms to learn how F ie lded o n line Paneliststhey’re raising theMillennial Generation. Closed 12.23.11100%female 449 Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. Where do you live? Rural 9%  Suburbs 56%   As you can see, our respondents are mostly suburban moms with 56% City 36%   raising children here. Less than half live in the City and only 9% of moms live in rural areas.
  4. 4. ethnicity Other 2% American Hispanic African Indian 9% American 1% 16% Asian American 4% Caucasian 68%
  5. 5. s areMarital Th e majo rity o f ou r mo mStatus married. Other 1% Widowed 1% Divorced 6% Married 73% In relationship 12% Single 8%
  6. 6. llo wed What do you ost impo r tan t fac to r fo Value is th e m o ms wh e n e ty fo r our mlook for when c lose ly b y saf duc ts to buy. p ro de c iding wh a t making a P URC HASE? #1 Perceived Value 32% #2 Safety 30% #3 Reputation 23% #4 Brand Name 10% #5 Environmentally Friendly 5% *The above are percentages for each response.
  7. 7. Which DISCOUN T Groupo n o ms ar e me mbe rs o f SITES DO YOU USE? Most o f our m sites o nly ial w h ile th e o th e r o r L iving So c ss o f our m o ms as o r le h ave a th ird me mbe rs. 17% 21% 26% 36% 64% 77%The outnet jetsetter Gilt city Gilt groupe Living social groupon *The above are percentages for each response.
  8. 8. e ith e r om s use c oupo ns 82% o f our m ly 3% Meanwh ile, o nHow often do daily o r wee k ly. ll. do n’t use th e m a t a They use I do not use coupons? coupons. 3% Monthly Daily 15% 23% Weekly 59%
  9. 9. an y g c oupo ns fo r Which Our m o ms ar e usin m te c h no logy to ng, fro types do and e ve r y th i ds. h ouse h o ld gooThey use? Entertainment Technology 14% 10% Travel 9% Dining Fashion 18% 13% Beauty Household goods 17% 19%
  10. 10. How do they prefer to receive coupons? Other 2% mo m s are be c o min g m o re TextAlth ough our ite way to e ir least favo r 13%te c h savvy, th is b y tex t me ssage . Newspaper ns re c e ive c oupo 24% Email 31% Mail 30%
  11. 11. I would try a to tr y a c h m o re like lynew product Our m o ms ar e mu if it is o n sale th an if it is ne w p roduc t e free! only if… free o r bu y o ne, ge t o n it is buy one, get it is free one free 19% 9% it is on sale 72%
  12. 12. Are they more likely to purchase for charity? e th ing m o re like ly to buy so mTh e y are also h arity in so m e way, or t a cif it will supp . sh ape o r fo rm 67% 33% Yes No
  13. 13. Which po r t th e ir e mor e like ly to supcharities do Our m o ms ar lo cal c o mmu n itie s be fo re do na ting to h arities.they prefer? na tio nal o r glo bal c Other Global 6% 9% National 20% Local 65%
  14. 14. What type of h ildre n are th e m ost lving ccharities do Ch arities in vo ed b y Health-Re la es. ted and popular fo llo w ou nda tio ns o r caus they like? Wo me n’s Issu es f Other 10% Children (Make A Wish) 84% Health-related (breast cancer) 70% Green (National Wildlife Federation) 47% Women’s issues (domestic violence) 65%
  15. 15. Co n tac t Us! Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679