Millennials 4.0 - Faith & Religion


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Buzz Marketing Group's FOURTH WAVE of our annual report profiling 20somethings. This month, we discuss Millennials and Faith/Religion.

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Millennials 4.0 - Faith & Religion

  1. 1. Faith & Religion study 4.0Th e fo u r th wa ve o f a n e w a n n ua l r e p o r t p r o f ili n g th e s e u p a n d c o m i n g Mille n n ia ls.
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 9000 This network is used as a resource for 12 ethnographies, focus groups, personal h ed 03.01. interviews, immersion Launc experiences, surveys, and polls.490 members of our 1,366 atte mp ts Overall, this panel is composed ofbuzzSpotter® network trend influencers, and represent all of the “tribes” we have identified, whichparticipated in thissurvey. F ie lded o nline include: independents, preppies, techies and alternatives. buzzSpotters® Closed 03.12.1265% /35%female male 490 Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. Californialocation 10% Georgia 7% Illinois 10%The majority of Rest of theparticipants are USA 52% New Yorkfrom these states. 21%STATS BY STATE AND PERCENTAGE >>>
  4. 4. AGE 33-36 34% 30-32 22% 23-29 32%The respondentsranged in age from 19-22 11%16 – 36 years old. 16 -18 2%
  5. 5. Otherethnicity Asian American 3% 7% Hispanic 9% Black 20% White 61%
  6. 6. Marital Status Divorced Other 1% 2%Even though some recent Singletrends suggest that 32%Millennials are embracing Marriedsingle life, 60% of our 39%respondents are married orin a relationship. In a relationship Dating 21% 5%
  7. 7. ts fall 47% o f o ur respo nde n l ave rage be twe e n th e na tio na k and 82 k me o f 33 h ouse h o ld in c o Household 47% income 27% 15% 3% 3% 4% 1%Less than $8,000 - $33,000- $82,000 - $170,000 - More than I dont want $8,000 $33,000 $82,000 $170,000 $370,000 $370,000 to specify
  8. 8. spo nde n ts A t least 71% o f our re n wh ile h ave so me c o llege educa tio . s degree ld a bac h e lo r 43% h o EducationMasters Ph.D Other High schoolDegree 1% 4% diploma 13% 25% Bachelors Degree 43% Associates Degree 14%
  9. 9. How would“Religion is a belief that there is something outthere that is larger than yourself. Its a belief you definein a set of principles that you dont make up on faith oryour own.” religion?“They are two different things. Faith is personaland a part of who you are. Its believing withoutseeing. Religion is rules and traditions. Its notpersonal.”“Faith cannot be explained by logic or reason. It isvery simply the belief in something one cannot seeor prove. Religion is the arena where one choosesto put that faith into worship and fellowship withother like-minded individuals.”
  10. 10. Were you raised in a religious Other 7% household? Non-religious 10%Jewish (Judaism) 10% raised sp o nde n ts we re 68% o f our re ised in a Atheist 0% Ch ristian an d 10% we re ra use h o ld. no n-re ligious h o Buddhist 1% Hindu 2% Muslim 2% Christian 68%
  11. 11. How would you describe yourself Other 12% today? Non-religious 15%Jewish (Judaism) 9% % o f th e ir Ch ristiani ty h as lost 12 3% ligious h as Atheist fo llo we rs wh ile th e no n-re e o th e rs. g with th in c reased b y 5% alo n Buddhist 2% Hindu 2% Muslim 2% Christian 56%
  12. 12. e r to spo nde n ts p re f 93% o f our re te mple or a t a c h ur c h o r wo rsh ip alo ne groups! bu t no t o nlin e o r in small Method of worship 50% 43% 2% 5%Alone, its At church or On line through In small groupspersonal temple in public streaming, worship podcasts or blogs
  13. 13. p rac tic e w h o are ac tive 68% o f th ose are ac tive 4 1% o f th e m wee kly, and How often daily! do you From time to practice? time 25% DailyMonthly 41% 7% Weekly 27%
  14. 14. o r ne ve r frie nds rare ly46% o f th e ir o me times e, wh ile 33% s vities withpar tic ipa t us ac ti How often do par tic ipa te in re ligio th e m . your friends participate with you? Always 8% Never Usually 24% 13% Sometimes Rarely 33% 22%
  15. 15. No, It is personal Are you 4% comfortable discussing your beliefs? 96% o fAn o ve r wh e lming fo r tablerespo n de n ts are c o m lie fs. ir re ligious be disc ussing th e Yes, I am comfortable 96%
  16. 16. ave give n77% o f our respo nde n ts h uppo r t aso me o f t h e ir time to s use o r o rganiz a tio n. Have you ever re ligious ca given your time to support a religious organization? No 23% Yes 77%
  17. 17. n th e ir se wh o h ave giveSimilar to th o m o ne y totime, 76% h a ve also give n niza tio n. Have you ever gious cause o r o rga suppo r t a re li given money to support a religious organization? No 24% Yes 76%
  18. 18. see m us lite ra ture does no t How much time do Reading re ligio o ngst our to be ve r y popular am ing th e y do n’t you spend reading 46% say res po nde n ts with religious literature usually read. weekly?4-6 hours per 7-10 hours More than 10 week per week hours per 12% 5% week I dont usually 5% read religious books 1-3 hours per 46% week 32%
  19. 19. esc ribe espo nde n ts would d Half o f our r e ir pe rso nal sa vio r and t” as th “Jesus Ch ris a h isto rical f igure . h im 27% c o nside r Which phrase best describes Someone I Other Historial jesus christ toneed to learn 10% Figure you? more about 27% 8% Fictional Figure 6% Personal Savior 49%
  20. 20. nside r r 56% wh o c o Co nsiste n t wi th ou 5% o f respo nd e n ts vie w Which phrase ristians, 5 th e mse lves Ch life o r th e ir w ay o f best describes s a way o f Ch ristianity a life . your view on Christianity? I dont It is morebelieve in it harmful than 6% helpful To each his 4% ownMy way of life 35% 28% A way of life 27%
  21. 21. % o f ou r During th e re c essio n 43 o re h ave be c o me m respo nde n ts Within the last re ligious. 5 years have you become more or less religious?No change More 35% 43% Less 22%
  22. 22. Why have you “As I grow older I realize how much my faith and religion become more or are an integral part of who I am and what I wish to be. It less religious? is transforming and comforting, and provides me with a sense of peace and acceptance.”“Ive come to learn that religion is not my way of understandingthe world. It limits me and my ability to feel connected to aspiritual realm. I believe in morality, love, respect, connectingwith people, et cetera, but not in living my life based on the blackand white teachings of religions.”“As I have gotten older I am starting to see religion as moreof a political business than something good. Well Christianityat least. “
  23. 23. When I went f our respo nd e n ts to college… 58%, o Th e majo rity, t th e ir ing c h anged abou say th a t no th c o llege . be lie fs wh e n th e y we n t to 58% 21% 13% 3% 6%I started to I became more I stopped I started to Nothing believe or convinced believing in a doubt my changed follow a that my religion beliefs and religion religion was religion right for me
  24. 24. Day-to-day decisions…On a scale of one to five,with one being the least andfive being the most, howmuch do your religiousbeliefs come into the day- 25%to-day decisions you make? 26% 26% 7% 16% 1 2 3 4 5
  25. 25. Do your beliefs affect your dating?On a scale of one to five,with one being the least andfive being the most, howmuch do your religiousbeliefs come into the dating 27%decisions that you make? 23% 21% 11% 19% 1 2 3 4 5
  26. 26. KEY ABOUT 75% OF FINDINGS FAITH AND RELIGION ARE TWO DIF F E RE N T R ESPONDE N TS THINGS for many of our HAVE GIVE N time respondents with 27% and or money to considering themselves non support a religious religious but having Faith .   cause or organization. THE RE HAS BEE N A ONL Y 50% P REF E R96% OF R ESPONDEDN TS 16% DECR EASE in those TO WORSHIP ORARE E NGAGING IN who consider themselves P RAC TICE IN ACONVE RSA TION about “Christians” directly C HURC H or temple. Infaith and religion regardless of related to the 10% increase addition, 43% consider itwhat their religious beliefs or in those who consider a private experience andnon-beliefs are.   themselves “non-religious” prefer to practice alone.   or “other”.
  27. 27. UP F INANCES. We know that for the most part, NEXT… Millennials are employed, but how are they spending their money? What matters most? EMP LOYME N T. We know that they value higherPOLITICS. Our next wave education and are morewill focus on Millennial ambitious than ever, but,politics. With the Presidential after graduating, are theyElection looming, we’ll have able to find the conditionsour eye on candidates and talk they need to flourish in thisto Millennials about their economy?November predictions.
  28. 28. Co n tac t Us! Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679