Millennials 2.0 - Relationships


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Buzz Marketing Group's SECOND WAVE of our annual report profiling 20somethings. This month, we discuss Millennials and Relationships.

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Millennials 2.0 - Relationships

  1. 1. Relationship study 2.0T h e s e c o n d w av e o f a n e w a n n u a l r e p o r t p r o f i l i n g 20somethings
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 9000 This network is used as a resource for 26.12 ethnographies, focus groups, personal h ed 1. Launc interviews, immersion709 members of our experiences, surveys, and polls. 1,249 atte mptsbuzzSpotter® network Overall, this panel is composed of trend influencers, and represent all ofparticipated in this the “tribes” we have identified, whichsurvey, the first in a F ie lded o nline include: independents, preppies, techies and alternatives. buzzSpotters®new annual series on Closed 1.29.1220somethings.65% /35%female male 709 Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. location NY# 21%#The majority of Rest#of#USA# 42%#participants are CA#from these states. 13%# IL# FL# 9%#STATS BY STATE AND PERCENTAGE >>> PA# GA# 5%# 5%# 5%#
  4. 4. AGE 26#;#29# YRS,#45%#The respondents 23#;#25#ranged in age from YRS,#29%#20 – 29 years. 20#;#22# YRS,#26%#
  5. 5. ethnicity American Indian 1% 3% other Latino Asian 8% 7% 15% 66% black white
  6. 6. Sexual bisexual homosexual Orientation 5% 12% 83% heterosexualMore 20Somethings are starting toconsider themselves bisexual and notjust homosexual
  7. 7. Ph.D Level of 1% education H.S. Masters diploma 9% 7%Even though some recenttrends suggest thatMillennials are rethinking 45% associatesthe need for highereducation, or results show Bachelor’s 38%that just 7 hold on a highschool diploma. degree
  8. 8. It’s Complicated 5% 12% married 22% single ARE YOU IN A 14% RELATIONSHIP?46% dating SERIOUS relationship 20Somethings are involved in serious relationships, but aren t getting married. The idea of what it means to be committed is changing.
  9. 9. Whether or not they decide to get into a Are you happyrelationship our 20Somethings seem to be Very unhappy in yourhappy with their choices relationship? 3% 16% 24% unsatisfied Extremely happy satisfied 28% happy 29%
  10. 10. Just having I choose fun The moment someone to 6% date thinking about… 9% This phase My future of my lifeOur study shows that the period of datingfor fun or temporary satisfaction has 46% 39%passed for the large majority of our20somethings.
  11. 11. Only dating one person. It means not cheating on that How do youperson or betraying them in any way such as seeing define asomeone else behind their back and having a ph ysical or committedemotional connection to someone other than yourpartner.. relationship? When both parties are investing their time, energy and effort into making the relationship work. There are no outside factors. Its just you and them. Monogamy is essential. My idea of a committed relationship is when the two individuals are only dating each other and include each other in almost every aspect of their lives. A relationship agreed upon by both parties involved. One which will lead to a permanent situation of staying together for a lifetime, or marriage.
  12. 12. Livingtogether When is the Righ t Time 33% 24% 14% 13% 14% 2% After 3 After 6 After 1 year After a few After you get Unsure months of months of of dating years of married dating dating dating
  13. 13. Is marriage It means nothing to me That Not important 2% Important 5% 46% Important It is very but not important to everything meMarriage is still very important to our 47%20somethings although half of the 93 don tconsider it to be extremely important
  14. 14. Regardless of their personal opinions, only amere 8 of our 20somethings feel thatabortion is absolutely wrong How do you I think people should be able to have an feel about 23% abortion in a safe environment abortion?I think it is a personal matter for each person 46% to decide alone I am generally against it but there are some 23% exceptions It is absolutely wrong 8%
  15. 15. Only if they convert Are you open to Absolutely not religionsReligion is not something that will be keeping 3%this generation of 20somethings apart. 93 are different thanwilling to date someone who has a different 4% yours?faith . yes 48% 45% Yes But, it Depends on how different
  16. 16. Religion is overwhelmingly the leastWhat is most important to our 20somethings, with 66 ofimportant to them ranking it last in order of importance. you? 6 6 6 6 6 5 Religion# 5 4 4 5 5 Personal#Dme# 6 4 3 5 4 Friends# 3 3 4 Family# 3 2 2 2 2 3 5 School#/#Career# 1 2 4 1 1 1 RelaDonship# 1 2
  17. 17. How much influence do Too much friends & family have in your 5% zero relationship? 11% 13%Only sligh tly less than a quarter of our little alot20somethings are not influenced heavily by theirfriends and family, proving how important theirroles are. The right 34% amount 38%
  18. 18. Where are youWith a pretty even distribution, we meeting eachlearned that 20somethings are meetingeach other almost everywhere they go. other? online 28% 14% 21% school hobbies work Bar/club 14% 2% religion 21%
  19. 19. ;;;;># internet 17% 27% creepy How do you feel about Love it online dating? 56%83 of our 20somethings are open to onlinedating, giving them more opportunities to date Never tried, but open toand meet new people than before. it
  20. 20. When was your first experience?This generation is no longer waiting until collegeto engage in sexual activity with 68 having 21+their first experience before entering college. Middle school 9% college 21% Are you sexually active? 23% High school84% / 16% 47%Yes No
  21. 21. 0 How many13 to 15 15+ 12% 4% SEXUAL 5% partners have you had? 1 to 4 9 to 12 37% 14% 5 to 8 28% 59 of our 20somethings have had at least 5 partners and 31 have had at least 9
  22. 22. N/A 6% How often do you engage in Never 2% safe sex? Rarely 4% Sometimes 9% Usually 30% Always 49%Nearly 80 of our 20somethings saidthey are always or usually responsiblewhen engaging in sexual activity.
  23. 23. They are also being proactive and making Have you eversure they are aware of their sexual health,with 74 reporting they have been checked been testedfor S TDs. 4% for an std? n/a no 22% 74% yes
  24. 24. One nightIt is not unlikely that our 20somethings willchange partners often with 70 of them having stands?had or potentially will have a one nigh t stand. 14% maybe no 30% yes 56%
  25. 25. HAVE YOU HAD AOnly 36 of our 20somethings are Same sexinterested in having a same sex experience orhave had one, while 64 are not interested experience?at all 64% 28% 8% Yes No, but I would No like to
  26. 26. Do you want to yes cheat? 3% possibly 15%Our 20somethings do not feel the need ordesire to cheat with 82 stating that theywere not interested in cheating. no 82%
  27. 27. Have you everHowever, 63 have either actually cheated or been cheatedcheated or been cheated on in on?the past. no 37% yes 63%
  28. 28. Does yourOur 20somethings do not feel held mate hold youback, whatsoever, by their significantothers. back? yes 6% 94% no
  29. 29. 51% Are you dependent on your mate? 27% 14% 9% Yes , Yes, but just No, not at all N/Asometimes too the right They do however, look to their partners for much amount support and encouragement, with 65 stating they are dependent upon their mates.
  30. 30. Although our 20somethings are very busy, How often do60 of them still find at least 4 to 5 daysper week to spend time with their partners. you spend time together? When we have Once a week 2% time 15% everyday 2-4 days a week 36% 23% 4-5 days a week 24%
  31. 31. KEY Our respondents are sexually active, and protecting FINDINGS themselves most of the time. They understand the importance of being safe, they just don t always practice safe sex. Our 20somethings believe inOur respondents don t find balance. Being personallyhappiness in marriage just yet. happy and fulfilledThey are happy to be in a independent of their partner ispartnership and a serious a priority. They believe theirrelationship, but marriage partner makes their life better,isn t necessarily the end goal. but do not find all of their joy through their relationship.
  32. 32. UP F INANCES. We know that for the most part,NEXT… Millennials are employed, but how are they spending their money What matters mostFAITH. Our next wave willfocus on Millennials and faith . POLITICS. With theWe know that they are less Presidential Electioninfluenced and less involved looming, we ll have our eyethan their parent s on candidates and talk togeneration. We ll explorethese trends further with a Millennials about theirgroup of Millennials. November predictions.
  33. 33. CONTACT US Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679