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twenty4 have been doing digital for a long time. We think we are pretty good at what we do… but anyone can say they are good at something. Ringo thought he was a good drummer.

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twenty4 Digital Agency

  1. 1. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. ‘/’/ We Live. In a digital world. Offline we have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney. We Share. Information and ideas with the people we work with. We Form. Partnerships. We get to know every business, their marketplace and their customers. We Think. About trends, platforms and innovation. We Do. Digital Strategy, Creative, and Technology. We look after Web Development, eCommerce, SEO, Social Media, and mobile. We Move. Across retail, corporate, government, entertainment and not-for- profit brands and industries. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  2. 2. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Discovery Goals and Objectives / Market Research / Competitor Analysis / Digital Strategy A new website process starts by understanding the business, goals, consumers, brand strategy, user research and how we best incorporate this into a digital strategy. Consideration will also be given to how this new development will affect or streamline internal process’ within the organisation. Information Architecture & UX Wireframes / User Experience Discovery stage has allowed us to start considering the best possible experience for a user. It has formed the basis for the site structure, layout and how the user will interact and navigate through the end product. This website needs to be as intuitive as possible and allow for unique scenarios of people’s needs, computer knowledge, browsing environments and habits. This step is often overlooked or undervalued, but is paramount in setting the tone for overall success. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  3. 3. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Design UI / Prototyping / Graphic Design With a clear blueprint plan, we can get to the part that everybody loves – the visual process of look and feel. The knowledge from the Discovery / Information Architecture and User Experience planning stage is used to conceptualise the design and user interface. Prototyping and graphic design are the key tangible aspects of this stage. Development HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / CMS / Browser Compatibility This stage of the project is where we the design is brought into a web browser an interactive, clickable version of the website is created. This is the most time intensive aspect and involves coding, development and back-end CMS, EDM and Social integration. The focus of this stage is the develop the working website, integration with backend systems, while considering user interaction and cross browser functionality. twenty4specialise in standards-based development as well as in the implementation with a number of CMS systems, that will bring the most out of the site with dynamic content and interaction. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  4. 4. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Training, Testing & Go Live Face to Face / Training Videos / Goals Checklist Training is performed as face to face training that is tailored to the website administrator and specific CMS setup. The website training session is recorded for future reference. A follow up is done to ensure the website administrator is comfortable with updating all aspects of the website. Metric Analysis ROI / Google Analytics / Customer Conversion / Goals & Funnels / Custom Dashboard Once the digital presence has been launched to the world, it’s essential to future success to review the performance and engagement. A good digital presence can only achieve greatness after launch when we can see how people are using the site. It also allows us to make informed decisions together about future enhancements. We look at entry points, popular content and other strategies to make sure that both you and users are getting the best web experience possible. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  5. 5. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Ongoing Support Phone / Email / Project Management System The time after the website is live is as important as the build up period. The internet does not stay still. We like to revisit the project online to see what we have learnt as well as introducing new technology or ideas that might help grow the website and online presence. The twenty4 team manage feedback efficiently through our web based project management system ensuring prompt response times, as well as transparency to all stakeholders. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  6. 6. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Let a Digital Agency from Melbourne Do the Job Right We now live in the 21st century, and we know that there are a lot of technological advancements that we can take advantage of. These have provided a lot of welcome relief, especially to the businessmen. It is no longer enough that they only utilize advertising methods that restrict them to television, print, and radio broadcasting. Most men and women are too busy with their jobs and other responsibilities that they barely have time to watch television, listen to the radio, or even pick up the newspaper to read it. However, one thing is for certain, everyone is always able to find time to use the internet. With that said, it comes to no surprise to find most company owners that have their own website. After all, if you want your target market to know what the latest is that is happening with the company, and if there are any new products and services available, you need to see to it that you step up your advertising game. Of course, if you are the boss of your own company, you already have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Aside from the fact that you need to deal with your employees and ensure that they properly do the tasks assigned to them, you should also make certain that the whole building is in top shape, so that you won't be caught off guard in case clients and other interested parties want to pay you a visit. With everything that requires your immediate attention, it won't come as a surprise if you are unable to develop your company's website. You should assign this task to the right people, which is why you need to highly consider enlisting the expertise of a digital agency from Melbourne. You need to take into account that there are a lot of service provider from which you can choose from, which is why you need to make it a point to thoroughly do your research; after all, you would want to ensure that your hard earned money goes to the right people who can deliver to you the results you seek. Once you have found the service provider that meets your requirements, you will be certain of obtaining numerous benefits. First of all, you will be given the guarantee that you will be provided with a website that your consumers will find easy to find their way around in; therefore enabling you to have an increase in sales. As you can see, you should let the experts do their job, and you do yours, which is why you should make a wise investment when you enlist the assistance of a digital agency.
  7. 7. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. How a Digital Agency in Melbourne can Help Upstart Internet Marketers At present, there are millions of users all over the globe who utilise the internet. In line with this, the number of people relying on the internet to buy what they need and want is increasing every year. This is the main reason why many business owners opt to use the web as the place where they will sell their products and/or services. But because of the growing popularity of internet marketing, the competition is getting tougher as well. Online entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to make a profit especially those who are new to the industry. Good thing you can hire the services of a digital agency in Melbourne. Seeking their aid would give you a lot of perks in terms of making your online campaign successful. The Perks of Hiring a Digital Agency There are so many benefits you can obtain if you hire the services of a reputable online marketing firm or a digital agency but we will just focus on the main ones. First and foremost, you will have the best internet marketers to help you run the marketing side of your business. An agency has a team of experts who specialise in different areas such as video marketing, web design, social media marketing, and many more. Another big benefit is that you get to learn a lot from the experience they bring to the table. They have worked with a lot of clients from various industries whom they have helped become successful online entrepreneurs. They also are in constant update with the latest and most effective marketing strategies which they will gladly learn and put into use to help your striving business reach its goals. A good agency also has access to exclusive tools to help run your campaign and track results. Where to Find a Reputable Agency Among the most convenient route to take when looking for a good company to help you is going online. Use search engines and find the best team in your area who can work with you as soon as possible. If you have no luck finding one online, try seeking for referrals. You can also check out classified ads or local directory listings if you do not know someone in the online business industry who can refer you to a good digital agency in Melbourne. Before making the final decision of hiring one though, make sure to do some services and rates comparison. Doing so allows you to employ the best agency for your specific needs. This also allows you to hire one with the most competitive rates. Doing some research on the various services offered by these companies is also a good practice as it would help you know what to expect if you hire them.
  8. 8. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Top 3 Qualities of a Good Digital Agency in Melbourne Having a digital agency help you in promoting your business in Melbourne is certainly a good thing. It allows you and you team to be spared of a lot of tasks. You will also have the guarantee that the tasks can be done by an expert, or team of experts, so you can have peace of mind that you will get great results. However, finding the right digital agency in Melbourne for your various needs can be quite difficult. There are a lot of good firms to choose from. Which of them is the right fit for your business? That is one of the biggest concerns of many entrepreneurs. To help you decide which one to employ, below are the qualities of a good firm that you should watch out for: Has the Right Services – Check if the firm you are about to hire offers services that would help propel your business to the top. Among these services that you may need are social media marketing, search engine marketing, eCommerce development, and web development. How do you check what services a certain company offers? A digital agency usually has a “services” page in their website. If not, you may contact them via phone or email which are also found in their site. Has a Team of Experts – Online marketing processes can be complicated and there are a lot of them. It is safe to say that no one individual can manage to do all these processes. One sign that a firm is good is that they have one expert assigned for a specific task. This enables you to ensure that each task is not taken for granted and is done right. This also allows processes to be done in a fast manner without getting the quality compromised. Usually, there are at least one programmer or web developer, one optimisation expert, one content creator, and one project manager in a single team. Reasonable Rates – High-quality service is not cheap but it should not also be very expensive. Do not make the same mistake many business owners commit of hiring a firm with the “cheapest” rate or those who hire agencies with unreasonably high rates. Find the one with the most “reasonable” rate to make sure you won’t go beyond your budget and at the same time still get good results. Get a quote and make a price comparison for each agency you deem fit to hire. Finding the best digital agency Melbourne has to offer should be easier if you consider the aforementioned qualities of a good firm. Finding the right one should give you a lot of benefits so make sure to take the necessary steps before you employ a certain agency.