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New Zealand


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A powerpoint presentation created by the family of one of our students to help us learn about New Zealand's culture.

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New Zealand

  1. 1. New Zealand ‘down under’New Zealand is a very small country at the bottom ofthe globe so people often say it is ‘down under’.It is far away from many of the big countries and manypeople do not get to travel to New Zealand. Thenearest big country is Australia.We will give you a look at just some of the culturalfeatures of New Zealand.
  2. 2. Where in the world are we? Williston near Burlington Vermont, US Katikati near Tauranga Bay of Plenty, NZIt takes 4 aero plane rides and about 30 hours to travel fromKatikati in New Zealand to Burlington Vermont.From when you get up in the morning, all that day, rightthrough the next night, and until lunch time the next day.
  3. 3. WillistonKatikati Here is a comparison of the size of New Zealand and USA. New Zealand is a very small country and our nearest other country is Australia.
  4. 4. A native person of New Zealand is aMaori. They are a dark skinned raceand live and work with the whitepeople who are sometimes known asPakeha.They do have a Maori language, butmostly they speak English .Here are some pictures showingsome Maori people.
  5. 5. Marae Maori meeting houseAn example of the beautifulMaori carving and weaving.The inside walls and ceiling ofa Marae are covered in these.
  6. 6. New Zealanders are sometimes calledKiwis, but we know that a kiwi is anative bird of New Zealand.The kiwi does not fly and has a verylong beak to dig into the ground to findfood. The kiwi sleeps in the day timeand comes out at night to play andsearch for food. If you visited NewZealand you could see a kiwi in a zoo orspecial park where they trick them byusing lights to reverse the day andnight.We also have kiwi fruit in New Zealandand people in other countries call themkiwis too. Kiwifruit is an important exportcrop in New Zealand and there aredifferent varieties.
  7. 7. We live in the Bay of Plenty and this is amajor kiwifruit producing area.
  8. 8. RotoruaBubbling mud poolsGeyser
  9. 9. Traditional foods Roast NZ lamb with roasted vegetables Pavlova with kiwifruit and/or strawberriesA meat pie or fish and chips are favouritefast foods in New Zealand.
  10. 10. Outdoor activitiesBecause the weather never gets really coldthere are lots of outdoor activities for familiesin New Zealand. It is always a fun time withfamily at the beach.
  11. 11. Surf live saving in New Zealand
  12. 12. Here are some Maori words for youtahi 1rua 2toru 3whā 4rima 5ono 6whitu 7waru 8iwa 9tekau 10Kia ora – welcomeWhanau – family, cousins, aunts, unclesMarae – meeting housePiupiu – skirt made from flaxKapahaka – a group that performs Maori songs and dancesPoi – small soft white ball that swings on a rope and is used in dancesKai – foodPuku – stomach
  13. 13. The same but differentNew Zealand and America sometimes used different words for the same meaning:Mom Mum a motherTrunk boot storage space in the back of a carSidewalkfootpath walking space at the side the roadGarbage/trash rubbish waste items to be thrown awayKetchup tomato sauce a sauce made from tomatoesHike tramp a walk in the countryWoods bush many trees together in a large areaGas petrol the fuel for your carSwimsuittogs the suit you wear to go swimmingOther words are spelled the same but sounded differentlyDanceTomatoBananaOther words are spelled differently but sound the sameNeighbour neighbor colour colorHarbour harbor realise realizeFavour favor capitalise capitalize
  14. 14. Holidays and special eventsMany of our holidays are the same as in the US. Because the seasons are oppositethey are celebrated in different ways. Some of the different holidays are:Waitangi Day – also known as New Zealand Day – February 6.Anzac Day – April 25Anniversary Day – different dates in different provincesQueen’s Birthday – the first Monday in JuneChristmas Day and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas when boxes are put away)New Years Day and the day afterGuy Fawkes day – November 5Mothers Day and Fathers Day
  15. 15. Currency NZ and US both use $ and cents but the coins and notes are different.10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, $1 $21 cent, 5 cents 10 cents, 25 centsPenny nickel dime quarter
  16. 16. Currency – Notes
  17. 17. Flags
  18. 18. GovernmentThe systems of governing the country are different in New ZealandNew Zealand has a Prime Minister – the US has a PresidentIn New Zealand the people vote for a party and the party members elect a leader.This leader becomes the Prime Minister if that party wins the elections.In the US the people vote for the President and the person with the most voteswins and becomes the President.The New Zealand Prime Minister has visited America several times and also meetswith the US President.In New Zealand voting for the government takes place every 3 years and in the USit is every 4 years.
  19. 19. SchoolsThe learning and activities in NZ schools is very similar to a US school. Thebiggest difference would be that students in NZ schools wear a uniform toschool.