Top 21 Historical Moments in that Changed NASCAR's Course


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Besides the Indy 500, whose origin dates back to 1911, car races in America varied with rules and structure from track-to-track, and faced issues like dishonesty and disagreement in prize money.

Basically, there was no organization when it came to stock car racing. Something had to be done.

Below is the timeline of NASCAR organization; from somewhat illegal beginnings to the rise of America’s most viewed sport.

What was your favorite moment in NASCAR history? Drivers you grew up with? Comment below and share and discuss with your friends.

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  • I have been a NASCAR fan for more than 50 years.
    I appreciate and thanks the effort in doing this slide show.
    I understand it is very hard to put more than 60 years into 21 highlights however, Dale Earnhard (never a favorite of mine) deserves to be mentioned for his accomplishments and not his death (and there are many others with great accomplishments too).

    But the thing that really throws everything to the trash in a shameful manner is the last item. It is neither historical nor is it changing NASCAR's course.
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Top 21 Historical Moments in that Changed NASCAR's Course

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  4. During the Prohibition era, “bootleggers” drove stock cars to quickly and easily transport corn whiskey “moonshine”, navigate the twists and turns of the Appalachian region and avoid, or at least out speed, law enforcement. They became the pioneers of racing for sport and what we know today as The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. People who manufactured and sold liquor illegally. BOOTLEGGERS Early 20th Century VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  5. Mid-1930’s February 21, 1948 France Sr., with the support of the racing community, creates the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), the official business that sanctions and governs auto racing sports events. William “Bill” France Sr., a mechanic, relocates from Washington, D.C. to Daytona Beach, Florida to be involved with the racing culture. VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  6. July 10, 1949 Sara Christian paved the way for female drivers in the U.S. as one of the few women drivers during the early years of NASCAR. Sara Christian and husband Frank compete at Daytona’s Beach and Road Course, Frank finished sixth, Sara in eighteenth. They are the only couple to compete in a NASCAR race to date. Sara’s direct NASCAR influences came from Frank, who used some of his moonshine profits to buy stock cars and sponsor drivers. Frank was very supportive of her racing. VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  7. Driver Wendell Scott becomes the first African-American to win a NASCAR premier series event in Jacksonville, Florida. He would go on to post 20 top five finishes and 147 top 10 finishes during his career. First Daytona 500 winner, Lee Petty. His career would later dwindle due to a near-fatal crash at a qualifying race at Dayton in 1961. February 22, 1959 December 1, 1963 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  8. 1964 Daytona 500 Richard Petty, son of Lee Petty, wins his first of seven Daytona wins, and currently holds the record. Provided the voice for Strip Weathers (The King) in the Disney Pixar movie, “Cars”. Some scenes were based on his real life races at Daytona. Strip Weathers Known for his record 200 career races and seven NASCAR Cup championships and Daytona 500 wins from 1964-1981. the king: richard petty VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  9. February 18, 1979 NASCAR turns 50. 1998 CBS becomes the first network to televise the Daytona 500 live—flag to flag coverage. This allowed for a shift from a southern fan base to national fan base in the U.S. Every NASCAR Cup Series is broadcasted on TV. 1989 season 50 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  10. February 18, 2001 Dale Earnhardt dies from collision on the final lap at Daytona 500. NASCAR expands outside of the U.S. - introduces Mexico City event and the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup, similar to a playoff format. 2004 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  11. Driver Josh Wise debuts the first Dogecoin-sponsored car. More than $55,000 was raised by Reddit users online to support the new sponsorship. The inaugural NASCAR Hall of Fame class is announced and includes: Bill France Sr., Bill France Jr., Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson. October 14, 2009 May 4, 2014: VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
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