AIW - Technology Conference 2013


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AIW concepts can be supported through the use of technology.

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AIW - Technology Conference 2013

  1. 1. Teaching for In-depth Learning Using Technology to Support Instruction Heartland AEA Linda Moehring & Toy Waterman
  2. 2. Teaching for In-depth Learning Using Technology to Support Instruction Participants will discuss ways to identify and implement the level of technology infusion for: Construction of Knowledge Higher Order Thinking Value Be yond School Conversations will focus on creating an environment that nurtures and enhances the natural engagement of students when they use technology to support their learning. This session will make explicit connections to 1:1 instruction.
  3. 3. Value Beyond SchoolACOT 2:Authenticity & RelevanceFred Newmann - University of WisconsinConstruction of knowledge. Students must apply the facts, concepts, and skills that they learn into the construction of some knowledge product or new understanding. • Disciplined inquiry. • Students must use disciplined inquiry, that is develop an adequate base of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the content and methods of the discipline, which are exhibited through complex communication of ideas central to the discipline.
  4. 4. Value Beyond SchoolACOT 2: ContinuedAuthenticity & RelevanceFred Newmann - University of WisconsinThis value may be a result of:•  sharing the work in a meaningful way with an audience outside the classroom•  the topic and product are personally valued by the student•  the product or task closely mirrors the kind of work done in the real worldWhatever the reason the relationship must be evident to the student.
  5. 5. Value Beyond SchoolMindshift (Blog)"Our students are capable of doing authentic work that adds to the abundance in ways that can make the world a better, richer place..."How We Can Connect School Life to Real Life
  6. 6. What Does Quality TechnologyIntegration Look Like?Each of these sites covers five learning environments, one of which is the authentic environment. The sites house numerous video clips demonstrating the various levels of technology infusion.Florida Technology Integration MatrixJust the authentic learning environment Public Service Announcements - Primary Grades Preventing a Hurricane - Middle SchoolArizona Technology Integration Matrix(Videos also indicate technology available: 1:1, lab, etc.) Intolerance - H. S. World History
  7. 7. Project-Based Learning ResourcesEdutopia Expeditions in Portland, Maine video (1:1 environment)Resources for Project-Based LearningBuck InstituteHeartland SiteDigital Learning Day - Project-Based Learning
  8. 8. WebQuestsWebQuests lend themselves to:Construction of Knowledge, Higher Order Thinking and Value Beyond School.Zunal http://zunal.comBrowse WebQuests When Life Gives You Lemons - Make Money (3rd-5th) Learning and Self-Evaluating (6th-8th) Trigonometry and Real Life Applications (9th-12th)
  9. 9. The topic and product are personally valuedby the studentDigital Media Empower Youth (video)Students pursue their own interests in school and outside the school setting.Tech Inspires Self-Directed Learning (video)Students pursue a project they envision for their communities.
  10. 10. The product or task closely mirrors the kindof work done in the real worldTools used by professionals are quickly becoming available to students.Statistics and data readily available to students Preventing a HurricaneProfessional videos Geo-Literacy 3rd Grade, HS Students, HistoriansVideoconferencing Harry Truman (Skype project)Collaboration tools videoconferencing, Google, wikis, etc.
  11. 11. Examples:ElementaryDifferentiated Instruction in South Carolina (video)Students Get a Wired Education (video)Learning Landscape (video)Middle GradesLive and Learn (video)SecondaryStudents See Devices as Tools, Not Toys
  12. 12. Sharing the work in a meaningful way withan audience outside the classroomSkypeSkype in the ClassroomCalculus in the Real WorldYou Never Know!ePalsIndia Project Ages 11-13Ghana, Africa Primary Grades (email, Skype)iEARN iEARN Collaboration CenterWorlds largest non-profit global network. (Membership-$100 a year/ teacher.)Blogging
  13. 13. Blogs"So what really matters when you see a list of "influential blogs" isnt how much traffic a blog gets or where it ranks on a list. What matters is whether or not you like the blog and you benefit from reading it. I read lots of blogs that dont appear on any lists yet theyre blogs that I count as the most influential to me. My top 100 and your top 100 will always be different and they should be......." Free Technology for Teachers, February 5
  14. 14. Secondary Teacher Blogs to VisitEdublog Winner of Best ResourcesRashmi Kathuria, Awarded National best teacher award by All India Ramanujan Maths ClubScience Edublog Finalist for Best Teacher Blog and Best Ed Tech BlogTop 100 High School Teachers Who Blog
  15. 15. Secondary Student Blogs to VisitCreativity Ideas student profile- PhilAmazing Students and Ideas - scroll down and see student profiles and countries on left Look for connections to other bloggers and follow the linksLegal Guide for Bloggers
  16. 16. Elementary BloggingIdeas for how to teach blogging to elementary students at any grade levelBlogging? Its Elementary, my Dear Watson!How to write comments on a blog
  17. 17. Elementary Blogs to VisitPre-K Grade Grade Grade teacher from Victoria, Australia 2K’s class blog grade differentiation from Teaching Channel – math lesson, how to use games to support varying needs of students. or to provide confidence for viewers with a preview: grade Monroe, North Carolina (corresponds with Victoria, Australia) grade (this year a 2/3 split) @lindayollis Twitter name5/6 grade teacher from Victoria, Australia the section: Global Blogs We FollowStudent Blogs that won awards:Winner: 5th grader CaliforniaRunner up: 4th grader out the rest of runner up and nominees 4th grader’s blog with links to other students and the classroom
  18. 18. Resources to Support Digital LearningLessons Linked to the Common CoreTeaching ChannelUnderstanding the Impact of Digital FootprintsExploring the Concept of Online PrivacyCyberbullying: Whats Crossing the Line?Using Critical Thinking to Find Trustworthy WebsitesAdditional ResourcesTool Kits to support Subject Specific Digital LearningAlliance for Excellent Education Project 24Digital Learning Day Resources from EdutopiaClassroom 2.0
  19. 19. Contact Information Heartland AEA 11 ConsultantsToy Waterman,Ed. Technology, Linda Moehring, PLLC,