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Toni Wall Web Graphic Designer


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Samples of my web design work.

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Toni Wall Web Graphic Designer

  1. 1. Please view my portfolio online at http: //wvvw. toniwa| emaul: toni. L.walI@gmai| .com cell: (404)797-5188 http: //www. toniwaII. com
  2. 2. Toni L. Wall Web Graphic Designer www. honiwa| l.oom (404) 797-5188 I designed my personal web site (htlp'J/ vww. loniwal. com), to include a flash slideshow on the home page. image rollover buttons lor the various category se-clions, and a Iightbox photo gallery to showcase my portfolio samples. wehl)aiflIl’rodu-: Il)aip| nlum-nuon tsunam-coup--nan-cugnnnooa-cannula vfinqpaahnl-tpuuvyborouujnl-DUDIIII uahgvauunu-ywwno-aunt: -Inna Iclvv-on aucinaw-vnvuuvounuuocuvInvI. vunnn. 3i%UIIVOVO®fl1
  3. 3. Toni L. Wall Web Graphic Designer www. toniwal| .oom (404) 797-5188
  4. 4. Toni L. Wall Web Graphic Designer www. toniwa| l.oom (404) 797-5188 .4» ‘.4 5' 7 /77 ~. 9044915; , .P .8 ‘ —. l. ‘ to ' -5:"-4 ‘ 94* lame:
  5. 5. Toni L. Wall Web Graphic Designer www. lnnlwaI. oom (404) 797-5188 When my clients need a web site they can easily edt themselves, I design CMS sites on the Wordpress platform. Donna Natl is a Life Coach based in Atlanta. GA. She needed a site with a strong call to action that would walk a prospect through the process of signing up tor a free counseling session. wsit her site at http: /Iqualitytjmeoutcom. QUALITY TIME OUT -Aumfislopsv -caauulldn, C" 1"‘ T”! ’fhI& "l"7j. "V,1“f'~j‘*l'. '"‘j”*’I' Q 1 ~—. r_ man. .. 00 you caurlumaflo yum vtou wilt: tamrbvu slntfiynndlnnvnylruloenfluchvcnnd nonunniw' A«. ..s-. -nun-yuouaa-owned-vgu. -.4»oun. -non —-. .:vu-inn; --s: .¢-an no-you-cl‘ lb-vovcnl-byway: -garter: -vvvnxuuvv monuoauou-9.1-fltnvuo-rave-—auov-unnv~ ‘- raérrvcuannvwuufna-uvnnduryfiyuvghg: 1.; r-¢uu2a: N-. rg~ungrnuc—roan¢van-rnnu- -u—u1uuvxv¢v--‘-nqnv-u-wgunlanlv-1- Ivfirxrnufliviifi Ill'whflhPQ'i9dIvu$o1 movvdr. -no-1 _ filufitky i&lh& 1 n-uuu-—nu--.1 64 'j—nd: h~Lu—A¢-—-‘@113-31 ‘Lit-1.511! The Pure in Heart Project is a local Christian miiistry whose vision is to inspire individuals and small groups to use their creative gifts in outreach to their communities. Vl5ll that web site at http‘J/ wwwlhepureinheartprojectcom.