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Final powerpoint presentation

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Walker final powerpoint

  1. 1. Positional Shift T.J. Walker
  2. 2. Content OverviewMy positional shift The before The change The afterTelling friendsReactionsAftermathThe offerReactions
  3. 3. Leaving home ina sense involvesa kind of secondbirth in which wegive birth toourselves American Sociologist
  4. 4. My shift -Leaving Louisvill -Setting goals -Job offer -Change goalsPhoto courtesy of the University ofLouisville
  5. 5. The BeforeEveryone of my friends and family was born andraised in LouisvilleNorm was to stay in LouisvilleI was set on living my life in my hometownNot one of our friends broke away from the cycle
  6. 6. The Change and AfterChangeNo college in Louisville had a Journalism program like UK’sHad to tell them I was leaving, but that I would be backHad job offer once I got to Lexington, would keep me from Louisvillefor foreseeable futureAfterFriends and family were disappointedNot sure when our paths will cross again
  7. 7. Telling friendsFriends weren’t okay with me leaving Louisville,but definitely weren’t ago after telling them fouryears could be five, ten, or even fifteen years.Was honest when I told them, felt like I waslosing friends, but understood I couldn’t pass upjob at Rivals.comWe all agreed it wouldn’t change our friendshipor relationship with family, but doubt still lingered
  8. 8. Rivals.com offer was too muchto pass upPhoto courtesy of Rivals.com
  9. 9. Why change?Despite having a plan to go to college and goback to Louisville, my hard work in college wasnoticed and was offered a full time job right out ofcollegeI felt Louisville wasn’t going anywhere and Icouldn’t pass up a chanceChange is scary but leaves a lot of opportunityfor me to growWon’t know if I made the right decision for a verylong time.
  10. 10. Telling family vs. friendsFamily was generally happyParents were sad but felt all their tuition moneyand hard work was paying offFriends were more disappointedFelt I was breaking the cycle of staying and livingin Louisville out of spiteBut understood why I had to do what I had to do
  11. 11. What I’d do differently Be open Look for optionsI never imagined I If I wasn’t stubbornwould leave Louisville what other chances could I have missed?I never thought I’d bein Lexington over four Was UK the bestyears option?Being open would have I would have visitedhelped prepare myself colleges outside thefor changes state
  12. 12. Works CitedQuote from RobertNeelly Bellah. Found atQuotes.com.Picture from theUniversity ofLouisville.eduPicture fromRivals.comAll other pictures arepersonal pictures