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Fr 1 warm upslides


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Fr 1 warm upslides

  1. 1. French 1 - Choose a French firstand last name from the list on yourtable. Then start putting yourinformation on the blue informationcard.
  2. 2. French 1 - Take out a piece of paper and tear it into fourpieces. On each piece write the answer to the followingquestions using several words or phrases for each: How do you want to be treated by me (the teacher)? How do you want to be treated by others? How do you think Mrs. Waid wants to be treated by you? How do we treat each other when there is conflict?Turn In: Parent Info Card & Blue Permission SlipHW Monitor: Class Rules Sheet
  3. 3. French 1 - Ping Pong the Alphabet in French with yournext door neighbor. Alternate who starts and do it 4 times!Turn In: Parent Info Card & Blue PermissionSlipHW Monitor: About Me Poster
  4. 4. ConversationGreetingName / Nice to Meet YouHow are YouWhere FromWhere LiveI’m this..and you?I love this...and you?Goodbye
  5. 5. French 1 - Use your pink sheet to quiz your next doorneighboor for today’s vocabulary quiz.Turn In: About Me Posters from yesterdayHW Monitor: Vocab Practice Sheet
  6. 6. French 1 - Serrez les ordinatuers --> Bonsoir4. Je ne sais pas --> Comment allez-vous?
  7. 7. French 1 - Angel Warm-Up (Click on Lessons/Unit1/Topic 1/Warm-Ups)HW Monitor: Vocab List Pronunciations (Check that thesounds-like column on the pink sheet is filled in).Pass out Papers
  8. 8. French 1 - Click on the link in course announcementsand fill out the info2. Angel Warm-Up (Click on Lessons/Unit1/Topic 1/Warm-Ups)3. If you didn’t finish yesterday’s warm-up, do thatone. If you did, then review your alphabet andpractice spelling the words on your vocab list.
  9. 9. French 1 - Make sure you have dropped yourAlphabet, Baseline Typing, and BaselineRecording to the Topic 1 dropboxes.2. Review your conversation with a groupmate(hellos, names, how are yous, where are you froms,where do you live, what they are like, what theylove, goodbyes)
  10. 10. !"#$%&(" L((%+ A%"&0+. I0"2-#A00, M3%*(-H#A00, D0&E-* D0&E-* F%*E%*% F0E#GH3%& <(#D0&E-* @0BC !%*("+#A00, A0+#A00, GH3%& D0&E-* JBK%++-J3-(%#GH3%& A0E#GH3%& I03+#F%H%((% @%+#A00, :*%2-"#;%. >-?+#;%. F%H%((% I-HH2% GH3%& <H3(-#GH3%& <(-=#;%. >%,-#;%. )*+,-.#/*0&#$%&("#1230#4#3,,56778889/%&("-230920&7
  11. 11. Articles• Un = “uhn” (m) • “a, an”• Une = “oone” (f)
  12. 12. French 1 - que tu as un ____?Est-ce que tu as une ____? Oui, j’ai un ____. Non, je n’ai pas de ___ Oui, j’ai une ____.Comment s’appelle-t-il? Comment s’appelle-t-elle? Il s’appelle ____. Elle s’appelle ____.
  13. 13. French 1 - Angel Warm-Up (Click on Lessons/Unit1/Topic 2/Warm-Ups)HW Monitor: Vocab List Pronunciations (Check that thesounds-like column on the pink sheet is filled in).
  14. 14. French 1 - Page 1/2 of the packet - number crossword(READ THE DIRECTIONS!) and write the numbers on back.HW Monitor: Family WB (2 parts)
  15. 15. French 1 - âge as-tu? J’ai # ans.Quel âge a-t-il? Quel âge a Brad Pitt? Il a # ans.Quel âge a-t-elle? Quel âge a Jennifer Anis? Elle a # ans.
  16. 16. French 1 - - two different waysWhat’s your names / Nice to meet yousHow are yous Comment vas-tu?How old are you?Do you have a ____? (cat, dog, nephew, f cousin, sister)What’s his/her name?How old is he/she?Byes - two different ways
  17. 17. French 1 - Vocab practice sheet in the packet (write inFrench and English).Turn in: Vocab extra credit
  18. 18. Est-ce que tu as des grand-parents?Oui, j’ai deux grand-parents.Est-ce que tu as des frères ou des soeurs?l’oncleComment s’appelle ton oncle?Mon oncle s’appelle Billy Bob.Quel âge a ta mère?Ma mère a 67 ans.
  19. 19. my aunt = ma tanteyour brother = ton frèrehis grandparents = ses grand-parentsour chien = notre chienyou guys’s’ cats = vos chats
  20. 20. French 1 - Angel Warm-Up (Click onLessons/Unit 1/Topic 2/Warm-Ups)Turn In: Late extra creditHW Monitor: Listening/Articles Packet
  21. 21. French 1 - Angel Warm-Up (Click onLessons/Unit 1/Topic 2/Warm-Ups)Turn In: Vocab Recording (dropbox)Pass Out: Vocab QuizzesMaterials: Class Folders
  22. 22. French 1 - Speaking - Use the Family Tree to discusswith a partner then do the activities on back.HW Monitor: Review WS