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Teach c programming_basics


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Overview of a simple C program. C programming language and its eco system.

Teach C programming basics and eco system.

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Teach c programming_basics

  1. 1. C Programming Manikandan V
  2. 2. Agenda Quiz time – Find who are the guys? Why to learn computer programming? Real world C programs C programming - facts Simple C program Programming – Eco system How to be good at programming?
  3. 3. Quiz time – Who are the guys?
  4. 4. Why to learn computer programming?  To solve a specific problem/need  To automate a routine task  To perform complex calculations at high speed  To create games for fun  To create apps for smartphone/desktop
  5. 5. Real world C Programs  Operating System Kernel (Linux)  Android has an underlying Linux kernel  Windows OS and MacOS – Kernel in C  Embedded systems rely on C heavily  Database Engines (SQL Server and Oracle)  Apache web server, lighttpd webserver  Browsers (Chrome and Firefox)  Sun Java – JVM  Implementation of network sockets  Game Engines (Quake/Doom)
  6. 6. Dennis Ritchie, 1972, Bell Labs Latest stable release – language specification: C11, Dec 2011 Cross platform Static typing and weak typing Programming paradigm – procedural (other paradigms?) Major C Compilers C programming Language - facts
  7. 7. Simple C Program
  8. 8. Simple C Program – Compilation steps
  9. 9. Simple C Program
  10. 10. Simple C Program Assembly Language Code generated at runtime. Instruction set: PUSH MOV ADD POP RET
  11. 11. Programming - Eco system Operating System Compiler Preprocessor Assembler Linker Interpreter Run-time Stack frame Stack Heap Memory CPU Register
  12. 12. It’s your time!
  13. 13. How to be good at programming? I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. PRACTICE! PRACTICE!! PRACTICE!!!