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Start-Process Powershell


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Start-Process Powershell C# .NET

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Start-Process Powershell

  1. 1. Start-Process #start notepad process Start-Process notepad #Start powershell process as administrator Start-Process powershell.exe -verb runas #Start a powershell process in a new window Start-Process powershell.exe -verb open #start the process and redirect its output to a file Start-Process C:PS_Testhello.bat -workingdirectory "C:PS_Test" - RedirectStandardOutput C:PS_Testhello.txt #Start a process with command line arguments $msbuild = "C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv4.0MSBuild.exe" $arguments = "/v:q /nologo" Start-Process $msbuild $arguments