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TVI Pacific - Accomplishments & Challenges - December 2011


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TVI Pacific Inc. is a publicly-traded Canadian company that is focused on the production, development, exploration and acquisition of resource projects in the Philippines. TVI produces copper and zinc concentrates from its Canatuan mine, is pre-developing its Balabag gold and silver project, and is carrying out exploration programs on its other North Zamboanga tenements. TVI also has an interest in an offshore Philippine oil property. (TSX: TVI) (OTCQX: TVIPF). More at

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TVI Pacific - Accomplishments & Challenges - December 2011

  1. 1. Mining in the PhilippinesOur Accomplishments and Our Challenges
  2. 2. Our Properties North Zamboanga Tenement Area = 162,403 hectares (401,307 acres) Dipolog City 0 Kilometres 25.0 Tamarok & TapisaManila 0 Miles 15.5 Copper / Gold Projects Bonbon Gold Prospect Zamboanga del Norte Gutalac Zamboanga del Sur Municipality BaliguianMunicipality Zamboanga Sibugay Balabag Gold / Silver Project Canatuan Siocon Copper / ZincMunicipality Mine 2
  3. 3. TVIRD Timeline1994 Signs an Exploration Agreement with Option to Purchase1996-1998 Exploration commences under approved MPSA2001 Executes MOU with Siocon Subanon Association, Inc. Buys and processes tailings from illegal small-scale miners (the “Environmental2002 - 2004 Cleanup”)2004 Gossan Project begins2005 Recommences definition drilling/development program Completes Gossan Dam, applauded by Canadian Ambassador and DENR2006 Secretary2008 Gossan Project ends – Construction begins for Sulphide Project2009 Commercial operations at Sulphide Project commence 2010 Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Awards2010 Platinum Achievement. 2011 Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Awards2011 Titanium Award for Excellence in Environmental Management Safest Mine Award2011 Ordinance Banning New Open Pit Mining Filed 3
  4. 4. Canatuan Before…The area was an ecologicaldisaster with a degraded watersupply as a result of small-scale mining 4
  5. 5. Canatuan Before…Crude, leaky small-scale mining tailings ponds pouring mercury andcyanide into the watershed 5
  6. 6. Canatuan Before…Young children, with no access to basic education, often labouralong with their families 6
  7. 7. Child Labor A 12-year old child here is shown unloading goods
  8. 8. Canatuan Today - Mining, Production & Shipment PIT PLANTPORT PRODUCT PROCESS 8
  9. 9. Canatuan Today 9
  10. 10. Canatuan TodayToday, children from Canatuan and surrounding communities go to school to learn and play
  11. 11. What we had to contend with… Actions and Attacks Allegations Actors• Blockades of company • Human Rights abuses • Local government officials equipment and personnel • IP Rights violations • DIOPIM Committee on• Protest actions and rallies • Harassment Mining Issues (DCMI) and• Complaints lodged in other Roman Catholic • Encroachment on Philippine Congress, Church-based groups such ancestral domain Senate, Provincial Board, as CAFOD • Lack of social acceptance and Canadian Parliament • Philippine Indigenous • Militarization People’s Links• Complaint filed with the UN Committee on the • Environmental destruction • Mining Watch Canada Elimination of all forms of (e.g. “collapse” of tailings • Christian Aid Racial Discrimination dam) • Rights and Democracy• Report: “Mining or Food” • Cyanide poisoning • Alyansa Tigil Mina• Philippine and • Former illegal small-scale International media miners in Canatuan• Internet • National government executives and legislators
  12. 12. Mining in the PhilippinesOur Accomplishments
  13. 13. Strong Indigenous leadership supportCanatuan before… Canatuan today…Subanon Chieftain Timuoy Jose Anoy (right) with Subanon Chieftain Timuoy Jose Anoy (far right)Subanon Seven Rivers Overall Chieftain Timuoy with Mansaka Chieftain Datu Cristante AlfonsNoval Lambo protesting against mining. and B’laan Chieftain Folong Motom Madule leading the opening ceremonies of Coalition for Responsible Mining in Mindanao launching program in September 2010.
  14. 14. Social Development & Management ProgramHealth, Sanitation and Fresh Water Sustainable Livelihood: Demo Farms 14
  15. 15. Corporate Social CommitmentHealth and Sanitation Sustainable LivelihoodBuilt health clinic that Focused on sustainability, economicsprovides free 24/7 healthcare and social well-being of communityand ambulance service to including micro-finance, technicalimpact communities skills, training & apprenticeship programsResponsive Education Royalty & Support for Ancestral DomainBuilt 6 schools, currently2,500 students, 56 high Extended technical & financialschool graduates & 48 assistance for crafting of Ancestralcollege scholarships Domain Sustainable Development & Protection PlanInfrastructure Development for Impact CommunitiesBuilt or improved 85kilometres (52.8 miles) of Initiated projects in areas outsideroads, including 4 bridges Canatuan:& a spillway Built Sta. Maria water system Built 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) of farm- to-market road 15
  16. 16. Environmental CommitmentBiodiversity Tailings Management50% of mining area remains in Four tailings storage facilitiesoriginal habitat condition constructed with three undergoing reclamationWatershed Management Monitoring ProgramsMore than 25 locations subject Monitoring by third party professionalsto daily, weekly and quarterly completed on weekly, quarterly andwater quality monitoring annual basisReclamation and Research ProgramsRehabilitation Onsite research and studies forMore than 200,000 trees have passive wetland acid mine treatmentbeen planted since 2004 using indigenous plants 16
  17. 17. We are Transparent• Mine Tours – “Our Doors Are Open”• Quad-Media Information Campaign• Strategic Industry IEC Alliance 17
  18. 18. “Best of the best” – and No Fatalities Safety & Environmental Awards National Mine Safety and Environment Conference (November 2011)Number 1 Priority 2011 Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Awards • Titanium Award for Excellence in Environmental Management • Safest Mining Operation • Safest Surface Mining Operation • Safest Mineral Processing, Concentrator Category 18
  19. 19. “Best of the best” – and No Fatalities Safety & Employer Awards Department of Labor and Employment Department of Labor and Employment, (May 2011) the Rotary Club of Zamboanga City-Number 1 Priority • Outstanding Employer of Zamboanga del East and the Zamboanga Peninsula Norte, Industrial Category Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (June 2011) National Mine Safety and Environment • Most Outstanding Employer in Region 9 Conference (Zamboanga Peninsula) (November 2010) 2010 Presidential Mineral Industry Philippine Bureau of Working Environmental Awards Conditions Awards, Department of Labor • Platinum Achievement Award, Surface (Sept 2010) Mining Category • TVI Safety for its 2009 performance of zero • First runner-up in the Safest Mines lost-time accidents Awards, Concentrator Category • Top Occupational Safety & Health Manager, • Runner-up in the Mining Forest Mining Category Award, Metallic Category Over 6 million man hours worked Over 4 million man hours worked with only one lost-time incident with no lost-time incidents 19
  20. 20. TVI’s Contribution to the EconomyTVI has provided all of these to the local and regionalcommunities advancing Siocon from a Class 4 to a Class 1municipality: Jobs Roads, transportation across the peninsula Power & Communications (cell tower) Multiple levels of Education Hospitals, 24/7 Ambulance Security, peace & order Port facilities Water purification systems Training –agriculture, crafts, apprenticeship programs Environmental cleanup from pre-illegal small scale miners Taxes and royalties to Subanon and others 20
  21. 21. TVI’s Contribution to the Economy 2004-2008 2009 2010 2011 As of Sept TotalExcise Tax Paid (PhP) 77.8 M 62 M 68 M 53.6 M 261.4 MRoyalties Paid to IP (PhP)1%, now 1.5% of gross revenue 39.6 M 30.6 M 35 M 41.7M 146.9 MActual SDMP (PhP)Expenses 23.2 M 7.4 M 11.5 M 25.9M 68.0 MBusiness Permit (PhP)(Siocon) 6.7 M 0.35M 4.4 M 11.5M 22.9 MReal Property Tax (PhP)(Siocon / Baliguian) 0.7M 0.3 M 1.5M 4.1M 6.6 MCONTRIBUTION 148 M 100.6 M 120.4 M 136.8 M 505.8 MOperating Costs (PhP) 4.0 B 1.3 B 2.0 B 2.1 B 9.0 BCapEx 1.8 B 0.2 B 0.3 B 0.3 B 2.6 B 21
  22. 22. Mining in the Philippines The ChallengesOrdinance Banning NewOpen Pit Mining
  23. 23. The OrdinanceThe Ordinance was approved by theSangguniang Panlalawigan (ProvincialBoard) of Zamboanga del NorteBans open pit mining – but expressly permitssmall-scale mining, and mining by tunneling (i.e.underground)Gives current open pit operations one year tooperate, after which they have to ceaseoperations and become completely rehabilitatedAfter 60 days, it requires existing open pitoperations to have “totally curtailed” anysiltation, erosion and mudflows
  24. 24. The Ordinance• GIVES THE GOVERNOR EFFECTIVE CONTROL OVER MINING• IS DRACONIANGovernor is entitled to issue cease and desist orders, and to seize the miningassets, as well as the inventory of product produced, and of course, throwmanagement in jail.Requires that for any new application for mining (non open-pit) tenements, theGovernor must give clearance of consultation – and there must be approval byall LGUs including the Province.Gives any SEC accredited NGO the power of citizen’s arrest against any officer ofa mining company if the NGO believes there is a violation of any provision of theOrdinance.Levies 10% Environment Fund on new projects
  25. 25. The OrdinanceIs Invalid and UnconstitutionalOrdinance violates the due process, equal protection and non-impairment of contracts clauses of the 1987 ConstitutionOrdinance is contrary to the applicable provisions of the LocalGovernment Code and the Mining Act, and runs counter to thepublic policies espoused in these laws.Ordinance would adversely affect the successful environmentalprotection and enhancement programs and the positive socio-economic impact that TVIRD operations has had on the community
  26. 26. The OrdinanceWhat It REALLY MeansGood Mining versus Bad Mining• Designed to promote irresponsible small-scale miningEnforcement versus Non-Enforcement• Removes National Government Responsibility to ensure responsible miningAccountability versus Non-Accountability• Removes National Government Responsibility for a clean environment versus destructive small-scale mining devastation to the environment
  27. 27. The OrdinanceWill shut down an operation that has become a major contributorof economic benefit to the Province.a. Cleaned up the toxic waste of previous, illegal small-scale miners;b. Extensively rehabilitating impact and non-impact areas (230,000 trees to date);c. Invested US$60 million in exploring and developing Canatuan;b. Invested US$23 million in the construction of world-class dams;c. In operation for seven years with full accountability;c. We employ ~1,000 people and positively affect the lives of thousands more;
  28. 28. The Negative ImpactIf the Ordinance is Not Stopped….. Corporate Social Commitments Health and Sanitation Sustainable Livelihood Built health clinic that Focused on sustainability, provides free 24/7 economics and social well- healthcare and being of community including ambulance service to micro-finance, technical skills, impact communities training & apprenticeship programs Royalty & Support for Responsive Ancestral Domain Education Extended technical & financial Built 6 schools, assistance for crafting of currently 2,500 Ancestral Domain Sustainable students, 56 high Development & Protection Plan school graduates & 48 college scholarships Infrastructure Development for Impact Communities Built or improved 85 kilometres (52.8 Initiated projects in areas outside miles) of roads, Canatuan: including 4 bridges Built Sta. Maria water system & a spillway Built 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) of farm- to-market road
  29. 29. The Negative ImpactIf the Ordinance is Not Stopped…..Environmental Commitments Safety & Security Biodiversity Tailings Management 50% of mining area Four tailings storage facilities remains in original habitat constructed with three undergoing condition reclamation Have earned tremendous, widespread community support Security personnel participate in Watershed Management Monitoring Programs Creating models for community livelihood More than 25 locations Monitoring by third party projects subject to daily, weekly and professionals completed on Backyard poultry raising and marketing quarterly water quality weekly, quarterly and annual basis Farm products supply food for mine monitoring personnel 20 medical missions since 2009 Professionalizing the security organization Reclamation and Research Programs Integrated with the community Rehabilitation Commitment to Voluntary Principles on Security Onsite research and studies for More than 200,000 trees passive wetland acid mine and Human Rights training have been planted since treatment using indigenous plants Formed Emergency Response Team for the 2004 community’s safety
  30. 30. The Negative ImpactIf the Ordinance is Not Stopped….. Health, Sanitation and Fresh Water Sustainable Livelihood: Demo Farms 30
  31. 31. Our Action PlanLegal InitiativesNovember 2, announces preparation of legal challenge to nullify theOrdinanceNovember 8, launched an action in court for a temporary restraining order(TRO) and/or a preliminary injunction against any officers, agents,employees, representatives and anyone acting on behalf and within thecontrol of Zamboanga del Norte from implementing an ordinance banningopen pit mining in the province. November 17, first of four hearings November 24, second of four hearings December 1, third of four hearings December 8, final hearing to present our evidence to support permanent injunction
  32. 32. Our Action Plan1. Key National Initiatives • Enlist support of Canadian Ambassador/Embassy • Plan meetings with key National Government Secretaries • Lobby DENR/MGB for support • Chamber of Mines, CoreMin2, Joint Foreign Chambers, Jaycees2. Key Provincial Initiatives • PR campaign in ZdN detailing benefits of TVIRD operations • Mobilizing regional support from affected: • Municipalities, Indigenous People, businesses3. Municipal Initiatives • Working closely with the Siocon Town Officials • Assisting concerned voters from Impact Barangays • Petition from voters in Impact Barangays • Mobilizing municipal IPs, affected municipal businesses
  33. 33. TVI Recommendations1. Decisive action by the National Government o Intervene – LGU’s cannot overturn an Act of Congress like the Mining Act o DENR needs to use its powers of supervision over LGU’s on Mining/Environment2. Enhance the revenue base and capacities of LGU’s o Allow excise tax to be paid directly o Increase revenue share of LGU’s from existing mining taxes3. Streamline the administration process for mining o A heavy, expensive, time-consuming process o Coordination of NCIP - DENR o Reinstitute the Minerals Development Council
  34. 34. Our Continued CommitmentWe areProud of what we’ve achievedExpressly proud of our social and environmental successOur Continued CommitmentWE WILL VIGOROUSLY FIGHT THE ORDINANCEWe will continue to invest in mineral development for the benefitof the PhilippinesWe will continue working with all of our stakeholders – includingthe LGU’s, but we need strong National Government support,now.
  35. 35. The Negative ImpactIf the Ordinance is Not Stopped….. Mining projects in Zamboanga del Norte will revert to what Canatuan was before…The area was an ecologicaldisaster with a degradedwater supply as a result ofsmall-scale mining 35
  36. 36. This presentation should be read in conjunction with the Ordinance and associated TVI issued news releases that can be found here Disclaimer There can be no assurance that any litigation commenced by TVIRD in the Philippines courts or negotiations with Zamboanga del Norte officials will result in nullification or retraction of the Ordinance or otherwise mitigate the effects of the Ordinance on the operations of TVIRD at Canatuan.
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