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Share Your Emotions with Pictures and Videos on Twitter using Tvider


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Tvider is the simplest and fastest way to share pictures, videos and audio on Twitter from your mobile and computer. Enabling multimedia sharing in realtime.

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Share Your Emotions with Pictures and Videos on Twitter using Tvider

  1. 1. Share your Emotions With Pictures and Videos on Twitter using Tvider
  2. 2. Tvider is a one stop solution to share your emotions through videos, images and audio on Twitter.
  3. 3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Tvider helps you say more with pictures and express yourself. Graeme Swann and Alastair Cook leave the field cheerful, after #England wrapped up an innings victory.
  4. 4. Tvider is a free online service that lets you express more powerfully with your Pictures, Video or a Voice micro blog. Adopt :You may don't know, who will come your Home.
  5. 5. Tvider, enables you to illustrate your text tweets using images, audio or video. Playing with Nephew & niece Happy Children's Day #ChachaNehru #India
  6. 6. Tvider provides multiple ways to upload your pictures, videos and audio via computer mounted webcam and mobile. You win a war but you lose something that can never come back!
  7. 7. You can also expand your tweet’s reach… Share your tweets on major social networking sites like facebook, orkut…and also reply and retweet them. Babies sit in water-filled tubs to cool down after a baby massage class for mothers. #Netherlands
  8. 8. Tvider provides simple upload button to upload any video, audio or picture from your computer, or you can capture a live video from the webcam or load one of the Tvider mobile clients for Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and more.
  9. 9. Use pics and video to engage your Twitter followers. Try out Tvider and let us know what you feel. Worried Baby!
  10. 10. Share your pictures, videos and audio on Twitter