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How to Save Clients $$ using our Services


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Comprehensive Technical Support for Small Businesses presentation

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How to Save Clients $$ using our Services

  1. 1. TVG Consulting<br />OnGuardIT<br />24/7 All Inclusive<br /> Technical Support for Small Businesses<br />Copyright 2009 – TVG Consulting, INC.<br />
  2. 2. TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />Who What Where and Why?<br />
  3. 3. Whatis TVG OnGuard IT?<br />OnGuard IT provides small businesses with end-to-end IT management services for a fixed monthly cost.<br />TVG keeps clients network up and running<br />TVG keeps clients desktops and servers from crashing<br />TVG prevents data loss and protection<br />Small businesses can now manage their systems like large corporations<br />No surprise invoices or fear of calling for service<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />
  4. 4. What is OnGuard IT ?<br />It’s different than how your computer systems are managed today:<br />Not managed!<br />Best-employee model<br />Break-fix model <br />Block-time model<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />
  5. 5. Why OnGuard IT?<br />TVG’s OnGuard IT is the next evolution in computer management services.<br />Our work is Guaranteed<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />
  6. 6. Does this sound like you?<br />I just purchased this computer and it needs to be fixed. <br />Why is my server always down? And our network always down??<br />I’ve had one major problem that cost me thousands of dollars in labor alone. Could it be prevented?<br />I avoid reporting small problems because I fear the invoice?<br />Why is my network so slow?<br />I can never access my files?<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />
  7. 7. Why do I need OnGuard IT?<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />Savvy business owners understand they can’t do it all.<br />Technology is getting more complicated<br />You are frustrated with computers<br />Simply having a computer is no longer a business advantage<br />Should not have to put up with downed servers or network.<br />Need employees to work while at work<br />
  8. 8. Why do I need OnGuard IT?<br />OnGuard IT is a Win-Win Solution!<br />The business owner:<br />Lower cost, lower risk, more reliable, more secure<br />No more surprise invoices! Fixed-rate monthly payment<br />System and reliability are now TVG Consulting’sresponsibility<br />OnGuard IT<br />Can prevent issues from happening for clients<br />Significantly fewer emergency calls –Always watching<br />Concentrate on our core competency<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />
  9. 9. What’s included with OnGuard IT?<br />Virtual IT Manager<br />Proactive network and systems management<br />Network and system security<br />Data protection<br />Technology Project Coordinator<br />Vendor Management<br />Weekly, monthly and quarterly executive reports<br />Copyright 2007 - SecureMyCompany, Inc.<br />
  10. 10. What’s Included with OnGuard IT?<br />Unlimited Remote Technical Support<br />Call toll-free telephone number(where applicable)<br />Supports most business hardware/software<br /> “How-To” questions are included <br />Free Helpdesk and Reporting of tickets<br />Discounts on hardware and software<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />.<br />
  11. 11. How does OnGuard IT work?<br />Management software deployed on each Windows-based system<br />Secure connection over the Internet to our management system<br />Silently runs in the background<br />Instant support access<br />Asset tracking of hardware and software<br />All issues are tracked for ROI comparison<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />
  12. 12. What else does TVG offer?<br />Phones systems – Hosted and on-premises solutions<br />Easy growth and expansion. No hardware needed.<br />Network and Phone data Cabling<br />Insurance coverage up to $2 million<br />Disaster Recover Backup solutions<br />Recover your company with complete restoration<br />SPAM protection Solutions<br />Complete backup of all email for on-site Email servers<br />Off-Site data /file backup solutions<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />.<br />
  13. 13. 360° Service View<br />Flat-Rate<br />I.T. Services<br />Solution Categories:<br />Phone Support, Remote Assistance<br />Solution Categories:<br />Manage all Technology Relationships. Single point of contact for all Vendor issues.<br />Vendor<br />Management<br />Business Services<br />Solution Categories:<br />Mission-Critical Monitoring. Servers, Routers, Switches, Line-of-Business Applications 24x7x365 <br />Solution Categories:<br />Solution Design, Project Management, On-Site Implementation. On-Site Response Services. <br />Managed<br />Services<br />Professional<br />Services<br />Client and <br />Productivity<br />Redesign business processes<br />Utilize Technology to improve efficiencies<br />Identify where $$$ is being lost <br />Save $$$!<br />Partners<br />
  14. 14. Bottom Line: <br />Copyright 2007 - SecureMyCompany, Inc.<br /><ul><li>Flat-Rate I.T. Services
  15. 15. Immediate I.T. Savings
  16. 16. Managed Services
  17. 17. Proactive Monitoring for Long-Term Savings
  18. 18. Vendor Management
  19. 19. Immediate Impact to the Bottom Line
  20. 20. Professional Services
  21. 21. We get it right the First Time, Every Time
  22. 22. Software and Application Development
  23. 23. Eliminate Redundant Data Entry and Improve Efficiency</li></ul>You Can’t Afford Not to Start Saving $$$ With Us!<br />