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GRANITE GATE ...what we are about

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General Version 8 Jul 09

  1. 1. Granite Gate Corporation™<br />Corporate Capabilities Presentation<br />Content Security<br />For<br />Secure Information Sharing<br />& Application Integration<br />July 8, 2009<br />Copyright ©2009 Granite Gate Corporation all rights reserved.<br />
  2. 2. Corporate Capabilities Presentation<br />Briefing Overview<br />Mission and Standards-Based Offering 1<br />Protecting Content is the Future of Cybersecurity 2<br />The Integrated Cyber Solution (ICS) & 3<br />Application*SECURE* <br />Consulting and Training 7<br />Granite Gate Officers and Organization 8<br />Conclusion 9<br />i<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  3. 3. Granite Gate’s mission is to provide innovative cyber security products and services that address content security. <br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />Granite Gate Standards-based Content Security Offerings<br />Mission<br />Integrated Cyber Secure (ICS)<br />*SECURE* Content Applications<br />Provide innovative cybersecurity capabilities that facilitate secure content sharing<br />Cyber Security Services<br />Computer-based Content Security Training<br />1<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  4. 4. The future of cybersecurity is to supplement network security with protection of the content. <br />The President’s Cyberspace Policy Review Report of May 25, 2009 - Cyberspace touches practically everything and everyone. It provides a platform for innovation and prosperity and the means to improve general welfare around the globe. But with the broad reach of a loose and lightly regulated digital infrastructure, great risks threaten nations, private enterprises, and individual rights. The government has a responsibility to address these strategic vulnerabilities <br />Lawrence H. Summers, senior White House economic adviser, is pushing for the National Economic Council to have a key role in cybersecurity …<br /><ul><li>It is a key government responsibility to help secure private-sector networks
  5. 5. It discusses the need to provide incentives for greater data sharing and risk management
  6. 6. There exists a plethora of security-in-a-box products on the market, but few address content security in detail. </li></ul>110th Congress, 2d Session, H, CON. RES September 24, 2008, 425TH, by Republican Rep. Michael Burgess and Democrat Rep. Chuck Gonzalez of Texas cites a litany of losses, exposures and shortfalls in protecting personal information, and notes that 36 states already have taken the lead in passing their own data security legislation.<br />Nevada law NRS 597.970 of Title 52of the state code. It says that, &apos;A business in this State shall not transfer any personal information of a customer through an electronic …unless the business uses encryption to ensure the security of electronic transmission.<br />2<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  7. 7. Granite Gate provides the Integrated Cyber Secure (ICS) for secure information sharing and secure application integration. A key product is Application*SECURE*<br />Secure Key Management<br />Positive ID & Privilege Management<br />Desktop Applications<br />Constructive Keys<br />Secure<br />Information Sharing<br />Application<br />*SECURE*<br />Dedicated Applications<br />Vulnerable<br />Architecture<br />Secure <br />Architecture<br />Secure Rule Data<br />Enterprise Application<br />Privilege Mgt.<br />Networks<br />ID of Merit<br />Website<br />Secure Rule Based Applications<br />Secure Data at Rest & Data<br />in Motion<br />3<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  8. 8. Granite Gate’s Integrated Cyber Secure including Application*SECURE* is based on proven technologies <br />from TecSec and IQware<br />Network, Internet, or Connection<br />Secure Server<br />(DOD rated B2/C2)<br />Workstation<br />(Windows, Mac, Linux)<br />Access Control Devise<br />(ID card, biometric, etc.)<br />X-Toolkit, X-Intrinsics, X-Lib , <br />X-Protocol<br />Encrypted Data<br />Encrypted Data<br />X-Protocol, X-Server, X-Display<br />Identity of Merit<br />Constructive Key <br />Management (CKM®TECSEC ) <br />Privilege Management<br />Business Logic<br />Rule-Based Applications<br />Open Office *SECURE* <br />& OtherApplications<br />TecSec Domain<br />IQware Domain<br />Hardware Dependent Graphics<br />Hardware Dependent inputs<br />Integrated Environment <br />Granite Gate Domain<br />4<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  9. 9. Granite Gate’s Integrated Cyber Secure addresses serious vulnerabilities in government and commercial markets. <br />Network, Internet, or Connection<br />Secure Server<br />(DOD Rated B2/C2)<br />Workstation<br />(Windows, Mac, Linux)<br />Access Control Devise<br />(Card, biometric, etc.)<br />Architecture<br />Open Office*SECURE* <br />& OtherApplications on Server<br />Authoring (key strokes)<br />Encrypted Data<br />Encrypted Info on Secure Server<br />Assignment of Privileges by Role <br />by Author<br />Process<br />Encrypted Data<br />Encrypted Info on Secure Server<br />Requested Data Deciphered Based on Approved Role<br />Encrypted Data<br />Identity of Merit<br />Constructive Key Management <br />& Encryption<br />Rule-Based <br />Applications<br />Technology<br />Integrated Environment <br />5<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  10. 10. TecSec and IQware are Granite Gate shareholders providing <br />access to patented technologies.<br />TecSec Proprietary Components<br />IQware Proprietary Components<br />Granite Gate Proprietary Components<br />Patented US #7,322,028<br />Rule Based App Component<br /><ul><li>“cuts the business logic from the workstation and hosts it on the secure server”
  11. 11. “the application is controlled by rules not hard coded logic”
  12. 12. Provides for application integration</li></ul>38 US Patents<br /><ul><li>Secure access control card
  13. 13. CKM®TECSEC
  14. 14. CKM®TECSEC Enabled Smart </li></ul>Card<br /><ul><li>Privilege management
  15. 15. Data encryption
  16. 16. Integration with Open Office Open Office*SECURE* is the first Application*SECURE* Product
  17. 17. Integration of IQware and TecSec technologies
  18. 18. Other rule-based applications </li></ul>6<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  19. 19. Granite Gate’s services and training capabilities are focused on the Integrated Cyber Secure product, TecSec and IQware Technologies.<br />Cyber Security Services<br />ICS Implementation<br />Audit and Assessment<br />Management and Policy<br />Technical Implementation<br />Program Management<br />Role-Based Application Development<br />Application Integration<br />Computer-based Training<br />ICS<br />TecSec Technologies<br />IQware Technologies<br />Security Policy & Practices<br />Application*SECURE*<br />Role-Based Application<br />7<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  20. 20. Granite Gate is lead by a team of highly qualified professionals. <br />John Keihm<br />Board of Directors<br />Board of Advisors - Chairman<br />William Donahue (LtG Ret)<br />Chief Executive<br />Edward Merrill<br />Bruce Bohn (BG Ret)<br />Executive Vice President <br />Engineering & Operations<br />Tom Verbeck (BG Ret)<br />Executive Vice President <br />Business Development<br />Bernadette Corjay<br />John Keihm<br />Pending<br />Pending<br />Director<br />Federal Sales<br />Director<br />Engineering<br />Director<br />Marketing<br />Director<br />Consulting<br />Director<br />PR and Programs<br />Director<br />Training<br />8<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />
  21. 21. In Conclusion, Granite Gate is focused on being the leader in secure cyber content products and services. Granite Gate’s offerings are customer focused and represent best of breed component technologies.<br /><ul><li>Experience and committed leadership
  22. 22. Key shareholders bring patented technologies to Granite Gate
  23. 23. State of the art technologies: ICS and Application*SECURE*
  24. 24. Compelling computer-based cyber security training content
  25. 25. Products and services supplement network security and operate within the existing infrastructure
  26. 26. Standards based processes and products (ANSI, NIST, ITIL, FIPS, HIPAA, CISSP, and CMMI Level 2 (pending)
  27. 27. TS Facility Clearance (pending)</li></ul>All elements are synergistic.<br />Together, they create a compelling offer for our customers, partners, and investors.<br />9<br />Granite Gate Corporation™<br />