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Observation lab


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Venture lab second homework

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Observation lab

  1. 1. Observation labFor this homework I choose to visit shopping center. In general I do not like shopping, never knewwhy. It’s not that I don’t like nice clothes or that I don’t like to look gorgeous but I just don’t likeshopping as such. Most of the time I am rather `shopper with a mission` and in the shop I am lookingfor only what I need and trying to spend as few time as possible there. Therefore for me that exercisewas quite a challenge and I am sure that I missed quite many details BUT it might have gave mereasons why I don’t feel comfortable while shopping and for sure I looked the stores with totallydifferent glance.Biggest surprises what I discovered: o Out of 6 stores two were totally white (from the ceiling to the floor) and the light was rather bright, kind of sterile and the costumer was behaving like that. In these shops I didn’t feel comfortable, I personally didn’t feel that I need to touch the products just did the quick circle to observe what they had. I noticed that most of the costumers did the same thing (quick circle, no touching, out!). They were not a place where you could spend hours rather place to `visit fast`.
  2. 2. o The opposite was in the stores were the environment colors were beige/brown/creamy (2 shops) and the light was soft. The customers were spending time there (not a lot, BUT!). They were touching and trying products costumers and didn’t rush out. The atmosphere was cozy even somehow a bit homey. I personally felt good in these shops. Thought the stores environment was different the amount of people purchase products was the same. Different needs need a different output.o For a first time I noticed, felt and saw the importance of a salesperson. How it affects the costumer behavior and how it adds that extra factor for the shop.o How much the sign font talks about the store imagine and what they offer and what kind of costumer are the target group.
  3. 3. Insights: o Thought I have known for a long time that pay attention to the little things (and big things) might show you whole new perspective, it was the first time when I actually understood the meaning of it. For sure one of my discovered hidden opportunities was/is just to open my eyes and observe, notice, be there and feel, understand and new angles will shine out. o I should go to the same shops and observe more. I am sure that more interesting details would appear. o Progress continues…The exercise was harder than I thought it would be but for sure it broadened the mind!Thank you for reading!October 2012