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Apegga power point


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Aoegga had an interesting Mentoring conference in 2010 in Galcary Canada

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Apegga power point

  1. 1. Mentoring: A Global PerspectiveThe APEGGA International Mentoring Conference Delta Calgary Airport Hotel 7.- 8.10.2010 Many faces of Mentoring Tuulikki Juusela, Finland
  2. 2. Canada - FinlandThe XV Olympic Winter Games in 1988, were a winter multi- sport event, which was celebrated in Calgary, AlbertaMatti Nykänen from Finland dominated ski jumping events, winning 3 gold medals Finland got silver medal in Ice hockey Womens 5 km classical gold winner was Marjo Matikainen, she also got bronze in 10 km classical Women´s relay 4x5 Finland got bronze Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2010 Finland 11.10.2010Stephen Elop, Ancaster, Ontario is the president and chief executive officer of Nokia Corporation
  3. 3. Some figures about Finland Around 5.4 million people reside in FinlandIt is the eight largest country in Europe in terms of area and the most sparsely populated country in the EU Finland has built an extensive welfare state and balance between the East and the West in global economics and politics Finland ranks the best country in the world in the 2010 Newsweek survey based on health, economic dynamism, education, political environment and quality of life
  4. 4. What mentoring actually is?“Give a man a fish, and the man will eat for a day Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”
  5. 5. Roots in mythology of Greek’s Odyseus, king of Ithaka, did hand over his son Thelemakhos to goddess Athene, when he left to the war of Troja.Athene took the form of Odyseus’s friend called Mentor, the role was to help, guide and train youngster to his task - kingshipGreeks had very strong belief to this kind of relationship between senior and junior, key to civilization survival: young will learn skills, customs and values directly from such person, which he/she respects
  6. 6. More history18th century French priest Fénelon puts to to his pupil, the Duc de Bourgogne, against the day, when he will have to take over the royal power: ”Do you understand the constitution of kingship?Have you acquainted yourself with the moral obligations of Kings?Have you sought means of bringing comfort to the people? The evils that are engendered by absolute power, by incompetent administration, by war, how will you shield your subjects from them?”
  7. 7. Exercise Think of someone who helped you to develop (or someone who mentored you in special way)What were your initial expectations of the person and the relationship? Did your expectations start out positive or grow as the relationship started to succeed? What were your behaviors that influenced the positive responses of your partner?What did this person seem to expect of you? How did you react to these expectations?
  8. 8. MENTORING NOWADAYSMentoring involves primarily listening with empathy, sharing experience (usually mutually), professional friendship, developing insight through reflection, being a sounding board, encouraging. - David Clutterbuck Mentoring is a long term relationship that meets a development need, helps develop full potential, and benefits all partners, mentor, mentee and the organisation. - Suzanne Faure
  9. 9. MENTORING NOWADAYSMentoring is a mutual relationship with an intentional agenda designed to convey specific content along with life wisdom from one individual to another. Mentoring does not happen by accident, nor do its benefits come quickly. - Thomas Addington and Stephen Graves Mentoring is a one-to-one, non-judgemental relationship in which an individual voluntarily gives time to support and encourage another. This is typically developed at a time of transition in the mentees life and lasts for a significant and sustained period of time. - Active Community Unit
  10. 10. Fe ll s el ki in S & dg e At & gs ti tu wle de K no sMIND HEARTBODY SOUL Im e sW ag lu el & e a V & fs l -b lie ei e ng B
  11. 11. EU Definition Mentoring is activity outside of line organization, which will help otherperson to notable develop his/her skills, work performance and thinking
  12. 12. TYPES OF MENTORING, 1The perception of mentoring can vary; thus, several types of mentoring can be distinguished: Adults and children mentoring - adults voluntarily help children and act like a godfather/godmother. This type of mentoring is popular especially in the USA, in Finland senior citizens demonstrate hobbies to elementary students Mentoring in enterprises - the older/more experienced employees of the enterprise help their younger colleagues. This is popular in Scandinavian countries. In Sweden and Finland, enterprises engage also the pensioned employees in giving advises and sharing experience, encouraging the participation of pensioners and making them feel needed.
  13. 13. TYPES OF MENTORING, 2 Career mentoring - a high level pofessional or an experienced entrepreneur helps a perspective young careerist or a young entrepreneur to develop his/her career or business. This type of mentoring is popular in Europe.Mentoring in NGOs - on a voluntary basis, participants share their experience with the members of their own as well as other organisations, and help other interested persons from various fields; thus, encouraging the development of professional skills and life experience. This type of mentoring is popular in Europe.
  14. 14. What Mentors do others Set high targets, offer challengesSupport self confidence, encourage professional like activity Offer a hand of friend Help to avoid negative attitude and behaviour Listen in personal problems, offer opportunities for growthPush to work harder, tell how organization is working Coach and train, support in difficult situations Help with wise advice, encourage in self-knowledge improvement Inspirit, help with own experience
  15. 15. Tools of Mentor Sharing knowledge and experience Sharing observationsProviding (when needed/asked) suggestions and advice Giving the big picture Sharing messages Mentoring with questions, asking for plans Asking for decisions and recommendations Giving challenging assignments
  16. 16. Good mentor... will not give instructions will not give bad criticism will not rescue from crisisis not only information transport is willing to share knowledge is eager to learn, is influencing is appreciated is able to make room for others is a real person What else?
  17. 17. Thoughts of an anonymous aborigin woman from Australia. "If you have come to help me, you are vasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together"Women executives assist other women to break the "glass ceiling"
  18. 18. Women and the mentoring relationshipit has been said that women in mentoring relationships have greater job satisfaction than women whitout mentorsa mentor can significantly accelerate a woman’s professional development compared to that of women whitout mentors mentors are important in introducing women to the organization’s power structure, formal and informal. women may face different problems to men in mentoring relationships
  19. 19. Women and the mentoring relationship women mentors are in short supply at very senior level. the gender of the mentor is less important to success than their quality as mentors.the mentor should be aware of their own style and behaviour and those of the mentees.participants need to be prepared to counter office gossip and jealousies.
  20. 20. Academic ”world” Older students help younger students cope with peer pressureUniversity alumni provide guidance to students seeking business careers Experienced faculty members assist their newer colleagues, mentoring has given them a very positive attitude to the university Peer mentoring - two colleagues mentor each other
  21. 21. Business Mentor ProgramThe mentors are experienced and successful senior business managers. Many of them are retired from their full-time work. The mentors are willing to offer their own professional experience and know-how for the benefit of small local companies and help new entrepreneurs starting.
  22. 22. Florence Awasom, CameroonTo help others walk along a path that they (mentors) have already cleared. But, it is easier if you can begin your journey on a cleared path!"
  23. 23. Base of mentoring in a big finnish company”Guiding Individuals Through Right Kind of Learning Experiences that Supports the Strategy of the Company and that Supports the Development Plans of an Individual”
  24. 24. Objectives of mentoring in that company Support the transfer of experimental knowledge in the organization and in the growth strategyAcquaint new employees to organization, customers and way of working Improve competence in the customer front line Enhance cooperation and networkingHelp individuals to perceive their own potential and capabilities and encourage to develop those
  25. 25. Mentoring PrinciplesMentor can undertake max. 6 months long work period in project, optimally 3 months long If period is longer person will be involved in such responsibilities that he/she can not get rid of those -> diminishing possibilities to learn and transfer knowledge to other projects Mentor manages his/her own time and schedule
  26. 26. Mentoring Principles Mentor’s superior and Technology Director should be aware of reservations to projects.The goal to Mentor is transfer knowledge, it will also be measured. Each mentor must produce at least one internal satisfaction query result/year. Query results should be sent to Technology Director.Internal satisfaction query results can also be one part of persons incentive agreement
  27. 27. Individual benefits for menteesSharing knowledge with somebody else: you get information that you would not reach in a formal training A learning opportunity which will provide exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking Possibility to get support to own work and to discuss confidentially work related matters with somebody Creating a personal development plan according to own strengths Personal growth and support in achieving goals Develop networking and communication skills with colleagues Increase clarity in personal occupational direction and development ideas
  28. 28. Individual benefits for mentorsPossibility to share own knowledge and experiences and to discuss confidentially work related matters with a leader potential of the future An learning opportunity to develop management, leadership and communication skills and provide exposure to new ideas and ways of thinkingNetworking with colleagues from different organizational functions Personal satisfaction in making a contribution through guiding and sharing own ideas
  29. 29. Some results, 1“We have been using the SWOT-analysis during mentoring meetings, trying to apply the analysis into real tasks and situations at work, finding how to use strengths and how to be aware of the weaknesses and turn them to opportunities or strengths (mentor). Maybe a bit too much talking instead of questioning and listing. But on the other hand, sometimes the best ideas occur during talking and it is sometimes enough to have someone just to listen (actor).
  30. 30. Some results, 2Two thingsare needed: What is the job description of the actor and what are the career plans the company has with the actor. What are the actor´s career expectations within the company. Both are needed in order to anticipate to the learning / mentoring process (both parties). For my personal career the program is great tool. I hope for other company-employees those in coming years this program will be continued! (actor) Program as itself is very good. Shows the company´s willingness to educate its workers. During the program you get to know people around you. Joint meetings are important (both parties).
  31. 31. Youth mentoringThe process of matchingmentors with young people who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their lives. Adult mentors are usually unrelated to the child or teen and work as volunteers through a community-, school-, or church- based social service program. In Finland, some companies are involved in these as well some voluntary organizations. Volunteers partner with students at risk of dropping out of school
  32. 32. Reverse Mentoring The more junior person is the mentor It is usually used when elder employees need to understand operations or technology that can be shared by shop floor, front-line or tech-savvy employeesIt needs ability to create and maintain an attitude ofopenness to the experience and dissolve the barriers of status, power and position.
  33. 33.  GROUP MENTORINGGroup mentoring - one mentor meets with several mentees Group-group peer mentoringCan be efficient, promotes diversity  ono a vibrant culture
  34. 34. Reasons for failures bad chemistry not able to create relationshipunclear goals and working principles over and under management wrong attitude (both parties) no time, long distance problems caused by third parties no confidence More....
  35. 35. Some tips for mentoring process Purpose of the mentoring for the organization should be made clear Length of the co-operation should be discussed beforehandTalks should also be regarding the termination of the process Important question should be asked why somebody wants to be a mentor. What is her motivation ortargets? The mentoring relationship will not work if the mentor is looking for admiration or other personal benefit.
  36. 36. Some tips for mentoring process Purpose of the mentoring for the organization should be made clear Length of the co-operation should be discussed beforehandTalks should also be regarding the termination of the process Important question should be asked why somebody wants to be a mentor. What is her motivation ortargets? The mentoring relationship will not work if the mentor is looking for admiration or other personal benefit.
  37. 37. More tips... Responsibilities for both should be clearly outlined The goals for both should be similar.Mentor and actor will derive different types of benefit. The mentor usually feels satisfaction from being able to help and sharing his/her experience. The actor’s benefits could be seen in improvement in decision – making skills. The actor’s self-esteem and confidence might increase too. Every case is different and benefits vary too.
  38. 38. Diversity of MentoringIn a cross-cultural or cross-gender mentoring relationship, it is critical to understand how different the partners’ assumptions may be about human behaviorDifferences not only include race, culture, and gender but also such key differences as learning and communication styles, life experiences, and personal interests Learning about another’s life, outlook, goals and challenges drives a lasting appreciation of differences as a value, not a deficiency
  39. 39. Networking is a prime component In the future, information is power The larger your Network, the better your chance of finding out exactly what you need to knowKnowing whom to call is almost as good as knowing! Networkers can accumulate influence or power by control of information and, of course, by learning
  40. 40. Give and get information Networking is a two-way street A network is not a collection of business cards, but of people.Take the time to understand the business of those in your network Be careful never to burn bridges
  41. 41. Listen and giveListen to the people you meet to see how you might assist them in what they doGiving first and giving more than receiving is a very important rule of networkingIf one party does all the giving, then the relationship will not last and the networking endsNetworking relationships takes work and cooperation by all parties involved
  42. 42. What do you get from learning to networkYoull save money on advertising, since youll get more business from referrals. Youll get more leads, and close deals faster. Youll develop an "In" with people that can help you get to the profitable "hard to reach" clients.Youll develop strong and long lasting business relationships, quickly and effectively.Youll build a network of loyal contacts, who will look for ways to send you new business. Youll hear about profitable opportunities before they become common knowledge. (Thats an unbeatable edge!)
  43. 43. Internet-world is part of reality. The people you correspond with on the network are real people with lives and careers and habits and feelings of their ownThings you say on the net can make you friends or enemies, famous or notorious, included or ostracized You need to take the electronic part of your life seriouslyElectronic communication is wasted unless we use it to seek out, cultivate, and nurture relationships with other human beings
  44. 44. So, mentoring has very many faces!Thank you for your attention -"the future is one minute from now"!