Presentation on mobile and tablet design


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Designing your website for mobile/tablet users.

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Presentation on mobile and tablet design

  1. 1. Why Your Company Website ShouldWhy Your Company Website Shouldbe designed with a Mobile Phonebe designed with a Mobile Phone& Tablet PC in Mind& Tablet PC in MindFor: Lazarus & NoblemanFor: Lazarus & Noblemanby: Shawn Lazarusby: Shawn Lazarus
  2. 2. * eCommerce Website’s need to stay updated with currents trends in web designfor Mobile Phones & Tablets* We have to keep up with the technology changes to compete in the market placePresenter’s Notes: This website is dedicated to selling used and new books and gifts. This site utilizes Facebook andTwitter for social activity but to keep up with our market we must incorporate mobile phone and tablets into the design ofour updated website to optimize our online success.
  3. 3. * A Local Search is Doneon Google Every 2-5seconds* Over 6 Billion MobilePhone & TabletSubscribers (Now) !* People Are MoreConnected to their MobileDevices than TheirDesktop ComputersImage: www.e-commercefacts.comPresenter’s Note: This example shows how much mobile use is done on a regular basis and how this technology can helpbusinesses achieve success in their market.Known Research in the Mobile Market
  4. 4. How Can This Be Done For Us?Content that is necessary to the userImage resizingA complete site redesignRethink the original design to matchthe mobile and tablet designRestructure linksPresenter’s Note: Redesigning our site for mobile will reduce our content to about 50%. We will need to keep the majority ofour original features in the site like the colors, our used and new book collection, our specials and discounted inventory. Scalingdown the site to to accommodate the mobile/tablet market will make our site accessible to all users.
  5. 5. Images: www.timsstrategy.comDo Not Get Left OutIn The ColdOur Business Needsto Get MobileMany Potential CustomersUse Their Mobile DevicesWhile on the Go Searchingfor:* Goods* Services
  6. 6. Images: www.marketingprofs.comPresenter’s Note: This chart shows how mobile phones and tablet use has grown in different areas of activity. Tabletsare surpassing mobile phone users by leaps and bounds setting trends for the coming mobility users of the future.
  7. 7. Image:* It is estimated that every 6 out of 10people own a mobile phone or tablet.* And sales of these devices will increase more than 70%in the next 4 years. Are you getting the picture?
  8. 8. Mobile Phones and Tabletusage has impacted web designin more ways than oneImages: www.business2community.comPresenter’s Note: The majority of web designers today design websites with mobile compatibility in mind. This has allowed manycompanies to move to this trending growth. Focused content and media with faster load time, leads to a great user experience. Agreat user experience translates into a potential client or buyer for your business.
  9. 9. Bad Example Turned Good for Mobile/Tablet DesignPresenter’s Note: In this illustration to the left we have a site that is not mobile and is used for your desktop computer, notice thesmall lettering on the site. To the right we have the same site updated and ready for mobile viewing with large text and easy navigation.
  10. 10. A Good Example of a Website UsingMobile/Tablet DesignPresenter’s Note: In this example Adelainde Alfresco Blinds is using the mobile design and it looks fabulous. It carved out only thedetailed information that the user will be most interested in and created larger fonts for the reader.
  11. 11. Image:* Its Time For Us To Get SeriousAbout This Business And Get Mobile
  12. 12. ResourcesResources* Ward, Cody. (February 18, 2013). Why Your Business Should Go Mobile.* Ward, Cody. (February 18, 2013). Why Your Business Should Go Mobile.USSCOSpeaks.USSCOSpeaks.** Published by seo site checkup.Published by seo site checkup. (August 12, 2011). Why Making Your Website Mobile(August 12, 2011). Why Making Your Website Mobileand Tablet Friendly Should Be a Top Priority.and Tablet Friendly Should Be a Top Priority.* Turnbull, Conno* Turnbull, Connor. (March 11, 2011). How the iPad (r. (March 11, 2011). How the iPad (and Tablets) Are Driving Newand Tablets) Are Driving NewWeb Design Trends.Web Design Trends. webdesign tuts.webdesign tuts.* Spencer, Ben. (February 10, 2013) (Last updated, February 11, 2013). Mobile Users Can’* Spencer, Ben. (February 10, 2013) (Last updated, February 11, 2013). Mobile Users Can’t Leave Their Phone Alone for Six Minutes and Check It Up 150 Times a Day.t Leave Their Phone Alone for Six Minutes and Check It Up 150 Times a Day. MailMailOnline.Online.