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  1. 1. october 2009 technology Windows 7 Worldwide software release 22 October 2009 • Microsoft publicity blitz The best new operating system since Windows 95 • Stock available 1 October Windows 7 For Dummies Andy Rathbone The Windows operating system is used on nearly 90 per cent of the world’s PCs. Windows For Dummies is the all-time best-selling guide to the Windows operating system. Windows 7 For Dummies answers all your questions about the interface adjustments and all the new tools in Windows 7. Whether you’re new to computers or just eager to start using the newest version of Windows, expert author Andy Rathbone will walk you step by step through the most common Windows 7 tasks, including managing files, applications, media and internet access. If you’ve never used Windows before, This book shows you the things most books assume you already know, such as how to navigate the interface, customise the desktop and work with the file system. Then it helps you get comfortable using all aspects of Windows 7. Operating Systems • PB • 432pp • Wiley US • AU$39.95 • NZ$44.99 Wiley Dumpbin + Windows 7 For Dummies x 12 • AU$479.42 • NZ$539.99 1
  2. 2. WINDOWS 7 WINDOWS 7 WINDOWS 7 Windows 7 For Seniors For Dummies Windows 7 All-in-One For Dummies Mark Justice Hinton Woody Leonhard • Introductory level guide. • Comprehensive intermediate level guide. • The perfect companion for anyone new to computers. • Eight minibooks in one. • Large font type and bigger screen shots. • Covers Windows 7 basics, security, customising, the internet, searching and sharing, hardware, multimedia, Windows media centre and wired and wireless networking. PB • 408pp • Wiley US PB • 840pp • Wiley US AU$39.95 • NZ$44.99 AU$57.95 • NZ$64.99 Windows 7 Just the Steps For Dummies Windows 7 For Dummies Quick Reference Nancy C Muir Greg Harvey PhD • Basic level guide. • Basic level guide. • Easy step-by-step instructions. • Small trim size. • Wide landscape size. • Plastic comb binding. PB • 240pp • Wiley US PB • 240pp • Wiley US AU$27.95 • NZ$32.99 AU$27.95 • NZ$32.99 2
  3. 3. WINDOWS 7 WINDOWS 7 WINDOWS 7 Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 7 Simplified Windows 7 Bible Windows 7 Paul McFedries Jim Boyce Paul McFedries • Basic level guide. • Intermediate to advanced level guide. • Introductory level guide. • Designed for visual learners. • Packed full of information. • Designed for visual learners. • Assumes no prior computing experience. • Everything you need to know about • Full colour. • Full colour. Windows 7. PB • 352pp • Wiley US • AU$44.95 • NZ$50.99 PB • 272pp • Wiley US • AU$42.95 • NZ$47.99 PB • 1272pp • Wiley US • AU$64.95 • NZ$72.99 Forthcoming titles Windows 7 Secrets Paul Thurrott, PB + 1080pp Wiley US AU$82.95 NZ$92.99 Rafael Rivera WS Windows 7 Visual Quick Tips Paul McFedries PB 304pp Wiley US AU$29.95 NZ$33.99 Windows 7 Tweaks: A Comprehensive Guide on Steve Sinchak PB 408pp Wiley US AU$49.95 NZ$54.99 Customizing, Increasing Performance, and Securing Microsoft Windows 7 Windows Live Essentials and Services: Using Free Bradley L Jones PB 312pp Wiley US AU$57.95 NZ$64.99 Microsoft Applications for Windows 7 Recommended titles and quantities OPTION ONE FOUR x Windows 7 For Dummies (9780470497432) Small store THREE x Windows 7 Visual Quick Tips (9780470521175) TWO x Windows 7 for Seniors For Dummies (9780470509463) and Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 7 (9780470503867) ONE x Windows 7 Bible (9780470509098) OPTION TWO FIVE x Windows 7 For Dummies (9780470497432) Medium store FOUR x Windows 7 Visual Quick Tips (9780470521175) THREE x Windows 7 for Seniors For Dummies (9780470509463), Windows 7 For Dummies Quick Reference (9780470489611), Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 7 (9780470503867) and Windows 7 Simplified (9780470503874) TWO x Windows 7 Bible (9780470509098) OPTION THREE FIVE x Windows 7 For Dummies (9780470497432) Large store FOUR x Windows 7 Visual Quick Tips (9780470521175), Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 7 (9780470503867), Windows 7 Simplified (9780470503874) and Windows 7 Just the Steps (9780470499818) THREE x Windows 7 for Seniors For Dummies (9780470509463) and Windows 7 For Dummies Quick Reference (9780470489611) TWO x Windows 7 Bible (9780470509098), Windows 7 All-in-One For Dummies (9780470487631) and Windows 7 Secrets (9780470508411) To order : phone 1800 777 474 fax 1800 802 258 email aus-custservice@wiley.com 3
  4. 4. iMovie ’09 & iDVD Portable Genius Guy Hart-Davis Genius tips and tricks to help you get the most from Apple’s video applications. Your Mac’s iMovie and iDVD applications are a key part of the iLife ’09 suite and Apple’s cool digital lifestyle. iMovie ’09 & iDVD Portable Genius is packed with tips and techniques to help you get all the benefits these applications have to offer. • Written by a Certified Apple Trainer and illustrated in full colour. • Makes iMovie and iDVD easy to use right from the start. • Offers essential coverage of the key skills, tools, and shortcuts that will help you start making movies with confidence. • Explores editing techniques and how to post your movies online. • Provides the advanced tips and tricks that allow you to create professional-quality movies and DVDs with your Mac. Mac Software • PB • 320pp • Wiley US • AU$42.95 • NZ$47.99 Apple “iBook Touch” Portable Genius Brad Miser Apple Bringing the same revolutionary technology that saw iPhones and iPod Touch sales of the soar, comes the first Mac ultra-portable touch- “iBook Touch” screen computer. Our technology publishers have been working side-by-side with the Mac developers behind closed doors, to ensure Portable Genius that when this new netbook ships, users will be able to read and learn about it’s amazing features in their preferred guidebook form — the Apple Portable Genius series. • Full colour. • Smaller trim size makes it handy for carry around with you. N.B. Cover image unavailable Mac Hardware • PB • 368pp • Wiley US • AU$32.95 • NZ$37.99 iPhone 3G & 3G S Portable Genius Paul McFedries Just announced, the new iPhone 3G S will be the third release in Apple’s incredibly successful entry into the mobile phone arena. Available to buy from 8am on the 26th of June, the new iPhone 3G S (the S stands for speed) will be at least 2 times faster at opening apps, downloading attachments and general use. A new 3 megapixel camera will also allow you to shoot, edit and share video footage. There is voice recording and improved voice controls, a digital compass and a landscape keyboard. It will be available in both 16GB and 32GB models. All these features and more will be presented in the favourite series of the Apple devotee, the Portable Genius. • Full colour. • Smaller trim size makes it handy for carry around with you. Mac Hardware • PB • 304pp • Wiley US • AU$39.95 • NZ$44.99 N.B. Draft cover only iPhone For Dummies, 3rd ed Edward C Baig, Bob LeVitus iPhone For Dummies covers a range of topics such as getting started with your iPhone, mastering the multitouch interface, synchronising your data, making and receiving phone calls, texting, working with the calendar, setting up iTunes and your iPhone, finding and watching videos, taking great pictures with your iPhone, browsing the internet, sending and receiving e-mail, finding a person, place or thing with GPS maps, organising and managing your photos, buying music and videos from the iTunes store, browsing and downloading applications from the App Store, protecting your information, troubleshooting and more. • This new edition has approximately 20 to 30 per cent new content, covering the new features and enhancements made in the latest iPhone and iPhone 3.0 software. • Information presented in the straightforward but fun language that has defined the Dummies series for more than 18 years. Previous ed: 9780470423424 N.B. Draft cover only Mac Hardware • PB • 256pp • Wiley US • AU$37.95 • NZ$42.99 Teach Yourself VISUALLY iLife ’09 Mike Wooldridge Every Mac computer comes preloaded with iLife, which consists of iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand. With iLife, you can turn a home movie into an Oscar-worthy film, compose and record original music, create websites and blogs and do so much more. Full colour throughout, this book captures the essence of iLife and gets you up to speed on all the new features of the latest release. • iLife allows you to do more with your movies, music and photos than ever before, and this introduction walks you through all the essentials of this digital lifestyle suite. • Enhance, edit and present images using iPhoto; create and update a website in no time with iWeb; record, edit and arrange songs with GarageBand. • Full-colour screen shots, easy-to-follow instructions and helpful examples enable you to start using each application immediately. Mac Software • PB • 416pp • Wiley US • AU$57.95 • NZ$64.99 4
  5. 5. Office 2008 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Required Geetesh Bajaj, Jim Gordon Thom Tremblay The perfect companion for those taking the Microsoft If you want to get up and running quickly on the industry- Office suite to the Mac! As the leading suite of productivity leading 3D mechanical design software, Autodesk software for Macs, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Inventor 2010: No Experience Required is your perfect PowerPoint and Entourage) helps users to be efficient resource. It quickly teaches the essential skills and and productive while performing common business tasks. demonstrates the software using a continuous, real-world This book provides in-depth, straightforward, expert tutorial project. Once you understand the interface and advice on topics such as sharing files with Windows users, how to use Inventor conventions, you’ll begin to actually integrating Office 2008 with iLife and Mac applications, design and model a project from start to finish. Along the and working with Office and Web 2.0. way, you’ll learn the ‘why’ behind each step. Mac Software • PB • 840pp • Wiley US Graphics & Design • PB + WS • 450pp • Sybex AU$57.95 • NZ$64.99 AU$64.95 • NZ$72.99 Quicken “X” For Dummies Windows PowerShell 2 For Dummies Stephen L Nelson, MBA, CPA Steve Seguis This classic bestseller has been thoroughly updated for Windows PowerShell is a scripting language designed the newest version of Quicken. Stephen Nelson translates for Windows system administrators to automate the his years of expertise as a CPA and tax expert into this Windows operating system. Bypassing the use of jargon plain-English guide that shows you how to manage and complex syntax, this book incorporates many your finances with the world’s leading personal finance real-world elements that demonstrate how Windows software, Quicken. Trying to keep track of your credit PowerShell 2 can be leveraged to make administrative card expenditures? Managing your household expenses? tasks considerably easier. Covers all the new features Steve’s straightforward advice shows you how to take introduced with PowerShell 2, including the script control of your money, without being an accounting wizard. debugging improvements and the new user interface. Accounting Software • PB • 384pp • Wiley US Programming & Software Development • PB AU$42.95 • NZ$47.99 384pp • Wiley US • AU$49.95 • NZ$54.99 Facebook Marketing For Dummies Objective-C For Dummies Paul Dunay, Richard Krueger Objective-C Neal Goldstein Discover how to leverage the power of the Facebook For Dummies This book on Objective-C assumes no prior knowledge community to achieve your business-marketing goals. of programming. The book explains complex topics of Packed with vital real-world case studies, this book serves object-oriented programming with Objective-C without as a must-have guide for the most reliable, responsible unnecessary complexity or being condescending to the and ethical business and marketing practices with reader, and it is clear and entertaining. This book provides Facebook. This book examines setting up a business a lifeline to people venturing into iPhone and Mac OS X profile page, hosting an event on Facebook and tracking development for the first time, and it is compliant with the your return-on-investment, and also shares strategies for N.B. Cover image unavailable latest standards for Objective-C and Apple programming. successful Facebook advertising campaigns. Internet • PB + WS • 360pp • Wiley US Programming & Software Development • PB + CD AU$42.95 • NZ$47.99 456pp • Wiley US • AU$49.95 • NZ$54.99 Professional Twitter Development JavaScript Programmer’s Reference Daniel Crenna Alexei White RESTful services, the backbone of Twitter and many Learn everything about utilising the JavaScript language social data APIs, are covered in sufficient depth for the with the next generation of rich internet applications from developer to know how to structure their queries, handle the accessible information in JavaScript Programmer’s asynchronous operations, utilise headers and post binary Reference, both a tutorial and reference guide for data. Continuing from an understanding of RESTful web web developers. Master methods for using Java with communication, the developer learns how to request and applications such as Ajax, Flex, Flash and AIR with hands- retrieve responses from Twitter’s API, with forays into data on examples and practical, usable code. Employ this processing with XML and JSON (for REST API data), and complete reference to understand JavaScript data types, RSS and Atom (for Search API data). variables, operators, expressions and statements. Internet • PB + WS • 300pp • Wrox Website Development • PB + WS• 1056pp • Wrox AU$64.95 • NZ$72.99 AU$72.95 • NZ$82.99 Studio and Location Lighting Secrets ASP.NET 3.5 Website Programming: Rick Sammon, Vered Koshlano Problem - Design - Solution Chris Love, Marco Bellinaso This new full-colour resource is aimed at skilled amateur photographers who are interested in learning the basics of This current edition is the most popular and discussed studio lighting as well as learning how and when to apply book in the p2p.wrox.com reader discussion forums. This certain lighting effects, or intermediate photographers book uses the popular Problem - Design - Solution format who are looking for some fresh new ideas or inspiration. to help readers, especially those who know how to code It’s packed with more than 200 top studio lighting tips specific ASP.NET features, learn to ‘put it all together’ and secrets for planning and taking the most impressive into a complete web application. Covers registration and digital images in studio. It also compares available camera membership systems, content management systems, equipment, accessories, software and printing options. mailing lists, forums, shopping carts and much more. Digital Photography • PB + DVD • 272pp Website Development • PB + WS • 700pp • Wrox Wiley US • AU$64.95 • NZ$72.99 AU$72.95 • NZ$82.99 To order : phone 1800 777 474 fax 1800 802 258 email aus-custservice@wiley.com 5
  6. 6. Data Warehousing Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Roland Bouman, PB + 576pp Wiley US AU$82.95 NZ$92.99 Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL Jos van Dongen WS Graphics & Design Introducing AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD LT 2010 George Omura PB + 450pp Sybex AU$64.95 NZ$72.99 WS Hardware SQL Server 2008 Administration Instant Reference Michael Lee PB 600pp Sybex AU$49.95 NZ$54.99 Networking The CSSLP Prep Guide: Mastering the Certified Ronald L Krutz, PB + 696pp Wiley US AU$97.95 NZ$110.00 Secure Software Lifecycle Professional Alexander Fry CD Operating Systems Mastering VMware vSphere 4 Scott Lowe PB + 696pp Sybex AU$97.95 NZ$110.00 WS Programming & Software Development C++ All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies, 2nd ed Jeffrey M Cogswell PB + 864pp Wiley US AU$64.95 NZ$72.99 Previous ed: 9780764517952 CD Professional JavaScript Frameworks: Prototype,YUI, Leslie M Orchard, PB + 894pp Wrox AU$82.95 NZ$92.99 ExtJS, Dojo and MooTools Ara Pehlivanian, WS Scott Koon, Harley Jones Professional Oracle WebLogic Server Robert Patrick PB + 792pp Wrox AU$82.95 NZ$92.99 WS Where Code and Content Meet: Design Patterns Andreas Rueping HB 224pp Wiley UK AU$84.95 NZ$94.99 for Web Content Management and Delivery, Personalisation and User Participation Project Management PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Kim Heldman, PB + 1440pp Wiley US AU$180.00 NZ$205.00 Certification Kit Terri Wagner, CD Linda Kretz Zaval Website Development Beginning Drupal Jacob Redding PB 432pp Wrox AU$82.95 NZ$92.99 Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls Paul T Kimmel PB + 400pp Wrox AU$64.95 NZ$72.99 CD + WS Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Reporting Coskun Cavusoglu, PB + 456pp Wrox AU$97.95 NZ$110.00 with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Jacob J Sanford, WS Reza Alirezaei CUSTOMER Toll-free Tel: 1800 777 474 SERVICE Toll-free Fax: 1800 802 258 Email: aus-custservice@wiley.com To guarantee timely delivery of stock, order must be received by 21/08/09. Account no.: Order no.: Account name: Date: Address: Special instructions: Wiley, the Wiley logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man logo, A Reference for the Rest of Us!, An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet, the Happy Healthy Pet logo, Cassell’s, CliffsNotes, CliffsAP, CliffsComplete, CliffsQuickReview, CliffsTestPrep, The Fun and Easy Way, Cracking the Code, End to End, Hanging Out, How to Cook Everything, Howell Book House, the Howell Book House logo, Irreverent Guide, Master VISUALLY, Secrets, Simplified, Studio Secrets, Unofficial Guide, Visual, the Visual logo, Visual Blueprint, Teach Yourself Visually, Webster’s New World, the Webster’s New World logo and Weekend Crash Course are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wiley. Wiley, J.K. lasser’s, The Professional Chef’s and McGuffey’s are trademarks or registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Frommer’s is a trademark of Arthur Frommer, used under exclusive license. Betty Crocker’s and Bisquick are trademarks of General Mills, Inc. John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. ABN 67 009 673 081 All prices are GST inclusive and subject to change without notice. www.wiley.com 6