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  1. 1. RichFacesFuture This page is deprecated. Please vote for jira RFC's filled. Or create new one if you think some one is missed. We will take into consideration votes added to this page for sure. But all further voting should happens in jira only in order to review and plan them more easily. Overview of the Features required by RichFaces' users All the layout features marked as planned to 3.3.1 will be revised. Component which will provide page layout with split panel capabilities are under planning. This document is created basing on the forum post about features request Feel free to add your +1 or/and add a new item to this wiki article directly. (Do not add +5 , be correct!) note: the version might set by RichFaces team member only according to the actual plans. Do not edit it by yourself. New Components Name Votes Version Notes Support for jQuery +1 done http:// JavaScript Library 3.1.2 Context Menu +8 3.1.3 done ListShuttle +13 3.1.3 done jira/browse/RF-337 Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 1
  2. 2. RichFacesFuture Ordering List(aka +3 3.1.3 done selectOrderShuttle) jira/browse/RF-1182 Editable Combo box +25 3.2.0 done (dd box + suggestion) jira/browse/RF-904 fileUpload with +41 3.2.0 done progress bar jira/browse/RF-238 Inplace editor +27 3.2.0 done Example: http:// demos or, more likely http:// scriptaculous/show/ Ajax.InPlaceEditor or http:// jira/browse/RF-1224 Progress Bar (not +7 3.2.0 done only file Upload) jira/browse/RF-1686 Sortable Header +43 3.2.0 done Component that adds sortable to the rich:dataTable http:// browse/RF-279 xHTML Editor +33 3.3.0 rich editor with text formating features done http:// index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=1364 Color Chooser +5 done 3.3.1 http:// technology/products/ adf/adffaces/11/ doc/adf-richclient- Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 2
  3. 3. RichFacesFuture api/tagdoc/ af_chooseColor.html Layout components +41 planned to 3.3.1 including split pane jira/browse/RF-467/ Don't know if it is the same: The possibility to slidly change the size of different page areas per drag & drop. See http:// dev/examples/layout/ complex.html for an example. Confirmation Dialog +26 treeTable +26 jira/browse/RF-1053 Client-side Validation +25 Components that Components can do validation for required fields, datatype checks, etc. dockPanel +23 with collapsible panel on it. Similar to portal dash Board. similarTo Breadcrumbs +22 Editable graphics, +13 see Flotr, Flot and specially charts (bar JSFlot. charts, pie charts, Gantt?...) Time Picker +10 index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4114789#411 Range Selector (Date +9 for example) Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 3
  4. 4. RichFacesFuture Table Selection +9 extended Table now Parent component provides built-in selection to any dataTable support which allows to use selection. Must provide three modes of selection (none singlemulti). Must be a possibility to know the last selected row (focused). Simple realization: two hidden input fields and jQuery lib to select rows and update input fields. Interactive Charts, +6 SVG? Captcha +6 jira/browse/RF-1292 GWT-Voices +4 request equivalent?? Editable list +4 Example(Woodstock): http:// example/faces/ editablelist/ editableList.jsp Export-to-PDF +5 This feature should allow any screen and/or table to be exported to PDF. This can be done using iText libraries. Schedule Component +4 A component similar to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar Combo/Suggestion as +5 selects browse/RF-7637 Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 4
  5. 5. RichFacesFuture In place ImageEdit +3 This control should allow creation and editing including cropping and resizing of images while browsing. It should be a bit like the Inplace Editor - http:// demos - but for images. Resizable Text Box +3 modal panel light +2 version Dual input number slider +2 single slider for min and max vaues http:// index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4188 PanelGrid +2 javaee/ javaserverfaces/1.2/ docs/tlddocs/h/ panelGrid.html Field Set +2 Complete Page +2 planned to 3.3.1 This component Layout should allow the user to specify a layout for the entire web- page and then place other components on this. E.g. http:// Drag-and-drop file +2 This component upload should allow file upload using a simple drag and Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 5
  6. 6. RichFacesFuture drop. The uploaded file (or files) should be available using an arraylist of UploadedFile kind of objects Tristate Checkbox +2 A tristate checkbox, in order to be able to set the value of a checkbox to null. This is vital for filtering functionality. http:// index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4184 jira/browse/RF-6612 Carousel +1 Appearance +1 http:// component ASPxperienceDemos/ TitleIndex/ Appearance.aspx Vertical Sliding Menu +1 This feature should display vertical sliding menu. Ex. http:// products.php?me=7 Scrolling News Box +1 This feature should display news items in a scrolling manner. Ex. http:// www.allwebco- support/ S_script_IFrame- NewsScroll.htm Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 6
  7. 7. RichFacesFuture Flash video player +2 The component should play audio and video files, primarily flv. An example of such player can be found here. http:// item=JW_FLV_Media_Player Horizontal and +1 The component vertical dynamic dynamically resizes splitter view areas/panes in response to user's actions. Masked Edit +2 AJAX/ AjaxControlToolkit/ Samples/ MaskedEdit/ MaskedEdit.aspx Styled messages +1 The existing rich:message and rich:messages should be moved to a4j:message and a4j:messages, respectively, since they provide no rich look & feel. Then, a rich:messages component should be added that has a look & feel that fits the skin (perhaps with a leading image). Time zone selector +1 A visual component to select a time zone from a map. Presumably would tie into Google Maps or equivalent service. See concept here: http:// Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 7
  8. 8. RichFacesFuture Improvements for Components and Framework in General Name Votes Version Notes calendar. show, +11 3.1.3 done remark1 http:// select time, not only date jira/browse/ RF-1192 calendar. select +9 3.2.0 http:// year by drop down box and/or jira/browse/ manual input RF-1719 dataTable +12 3.2.0 done http:// dynamic columns jira/browse/ RF-1197 dataTable +25 3.2.0 done http:// Filtering jira/browse/ RF-1736 suggestionBox. +10 3.2.0 done http:// enables to select a suggested jira/browse/ object instead RF-1774 of a suggested String. See http:// index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4122869#4122869 for ajax solution Component +29 done contribution, CDK Doc 3.3.0 Performance +36 Keyboard +23 navigation (mouseless) Advanced +18 tutorials Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 8
  9. 9. RichFacesFuture Use of Ext js, +11 maybe some http://gwt- components? lilya/ http:// Dev +9 Documentation Wiki (cookbook) +8 Enter key +8 http:// support on forms jira/browse/ RF-1657 Predefined +6 effects for existing components calendar. +6 show, select index.html? seconds (and module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=132537 another formats additions)! https:// browse/RF-5364 Portal Support +5 Now, the separated project. See Clickable error +4 http:// messages index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4122450#4122450 more +4 possibilities for js interaction, maybe give more flexibility to <a4j:jsScript..> Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 9
  10. 10. RichFacesFuture Debugging +3 facility Asymmetric +3 Columns in the Shuttle List two lists do not have to be the same New skins +3 partially done: Please post http:// examples of darkX amazing skins yui/examples/ here! [http:// button/ glassX btn_example01.html] yui/examples/ laguna button/ btn_example01.html Add +3 like features (ghosting, cursor position/style) to DnD More powerfull +2 http:// and easy to use skinability index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=131633 http:// index.html? module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=130331 Trinidad skinning +2 Page Scope +2 Not clear, what it Support is Stable Safari +1 Support Clickable +1 forum thread columns for orderingList Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 10
  11. 11. RichFacesFuture Support for +1 http:// groups in pickList browse/RF-4493 ListShuttle with +1 It would be nice if model the components data are managed in a model, so that writing converters for complex items is not necessery. keepAlive +1 keepAlive is a terrible name for a component that stores a value in the UI component tree. For one, it is the name of an HTTP header, so it is misleading. Consider renaming to a4j:propogate and deprecate the existing name. rich:gmap +1 See GMaps4JSF. components to make it easier to add markers and information windows without having to write JavaScript real ajax push like +1 See ICEfaces. icefaces InplaceSelect +1 should support jira/browse/RF-7692 selectItemGroup elements Accessibility +1 At least a documentation indicating : • which components are accessible without customisation. • which components Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 11
  12. 12. RichFacesFuture are accessible but need a special configuration. • which components are not accessible. Better would be to make all classic components accessible (such as rich:dataTable and rich:column). Microsoft Web Forms shows some work on accessibility for .Net components (see http:// en-us/library/ ms227996.aspx and http:// en-us/library/ ms228004.aspx). Also some older documentation from .Net : http:// en-us/library/ aa479043.aspx YUI has accessibility consideration : http:// Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 12
  13. 13. RichFacesFuture yui/datatable/ #accessibility Icefaces also began some modest work on it : http:// secure/ attachment/11270/ WAI %2BGuidelines %2Bfor %2BICEfaces-1.7.2.xls. New Features for existing Components dataTable • HOWTO: How to show a row of a dataTable on a modal panel (+12) (DONE 3.3.0 demosite, 3.2.2 FAQ) • HOWTO: How to highlight rows in a dataTable when the mouse is over (+10) (DONE 3.0.0 demosite and added to FAQ in 3.2.0) HOWTO: How to select one row of a dataTable by clicking on it, even if clicked in an inputText of this row. (+8) (DONE in FAQ in 3.20) • Possibly similar to Trinidad's rowSelection attribute (single, multiple, none) to render a radio button or check box • better renderkits/skins that support customizable corners on components like panels, tabs etc. (CSS3 will have the ability to define border-images for divs but until then, RichFaces needs to produce a markup that allows richer skinning. Currently, a tab is rendered as a single div) • make SubTables collapsible (+4) • Create onRowRightClick event that would be triggered when the user right clicks a row (ex: show a context menu when user right clicks a row) (+4) (DONE 3.3.0) • Add rowStyle and rowStyleClass attributes to allow a row's style to be determined using an EL expression, similar to Tomahawk's t:dataTable. (+1) Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 13
  14. 14. RichFacesFuture • Calendar • Further Localisation support - for example the "today" string in the bottom of the calendar (+6) (DONE 3.2.2) • Option to turn off display of week number (+4) (DONE 3.2.0) • The next(> / >>) and previous(< / <<) controls in the header should have a fix position so that clicking through years / months is easier. (Rejected. Could be implemented with size options) Currently the controls are changing their position depending on how big the month name is, so u have to refocus every time with mouse (+5) • To make organizer component as separate component with own look'n'feel (+1) • Possibility to specify minimum and maximum range of selected dates (+1) (Could be done using dataModel client side handlers) • Messages • Addition of "for" attribute to display messages only owned by the given component, to get the ability of using rich:messages more than once in same view on different places(+1) Suggestion Box • provides JS API to make suggestion calls from event handlers(+2) (DONE 3.2.2) • add autopositioning feature(+1) • Able to set headers so that you can have titles on each columns(+2) TabPanel Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 14
  15. 15. RichFacesFuture •Switching by JavaScript API call(+9) •Different positions ex vertical tabs, several lines (+7) • scrolling tabs if there is no enough place for them (+7) proto • Customizable tab buttons(+2) (Not clear,which customization. how about just CSS?) PanelBar • Switching by javascript API call(+3) Push • HowTo Tutorial. (+4) (DONE 3.2.2 at demo.) ListShuttle • Copy mode (+1) • multiple or just single selection for copy and remove (+1) RichFaces tree • Display a tree vertically.(+2)[ module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4120081#4120081| index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4120081#4120081] Scrollable Data Table • SubTable - E.g. A scrollable data table that displays all countries and for every country their main cities SubTable Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 15
  16. 16. RichFacesFuture • Allow the content to be collapsed; only showing the header with a marker. Perhapsed a collapsed and collapsable attributes both defaulting to false. This would be awesome for creating master/detail pages! (+3) rich:comboBox • In the moment comboBox only shows entries which startsWith my input. Would be nice to define if it should use startsWith or indexOf. (+1) Generated by Clearspace on 2009-12-01-05:00 16